Cross Country Varsity

What is Cross Country?

The Cross Country team is one big family. Our team ranges from freshmen to seniors. Everyone on the team practices hard everyday to prepare themselves for the five kilometer meets while having fun. Practices include running on our track, to the beach, to Golden Gate Park, around the reservoir and occasionally around Lake Merced.

Runners join our team because they want to stay fit, have fun running, hang out with friends, make more friends, and some join because it looks good on college applications. Running long distance boosts self-esteem, self-motivation and endurance. Long distance runners learn to run for an amount of time without stopping and learning how to pace.

Joining Cross Country is definitely a great way to make more friends since no one will reject another due to how fast or slow they can run, but instead give each other words of encouragement. Runners on the team are high spirited and have great sense of humor. Many find a sense of belonging, so come join and give it a try.

P.S. The team is always on the look out for student managers, so if you don’t want to run, but instead want to cheer, become a manager and join the family!

Cross Country Schedule

Cross Country Schedule