Counseling Overview

The counseling office consists of the school counselors, the college counselor, the parent liaisons, the registrar, and the assistant principal of student support services. The counseling department’s services are available to parents, guardians, and students. The main goal of the counseling department is to assist students with their educational, academic, career, personal and social needs. 

School Office hours are Mondays through Fridays, room 149, from 8am to 4pm. The office number is: (415) 759-2713.

Counselors are available by appointments ONLY. 

What should I see my School Counselor for? What can they help with?

We can help with many things including:

  • Discussing your class schedule
  • Developing your 4-year plan towards graduation, as well as your post-secondary plans, whether it's 4-year college, community college, exploring trade or job-readiness programs, or developing a plan for a gap-year
  • Exploring a variety of career paths and figuring out possible interests
  • Enrollment in credit recovery classes to make up Ds or Fs as well as enrollment in City College classes for those who are interested in Dual Enrollment to earn both high school and college credits
  • Problem-solving around challenging classes
  • Getting support in challenging classes, including connecting you with the After School program or helping you meet with the teacher for support
  • Providing support with any social-emotional concerns
  • Discussing scholarship opportunities
  • Finding jobs and internship opportunities

Counseling Contact Information:

How do the Family Liaisons/Advocates assist Families?


Please visit the Family Liaison/Advocates Page for more INFO at:


We will provide:

  • Translation services
  • Assistance with setting up conferences with teachers/counselor
  • Tools to establish relationships and communication with the school
  • Access to both on and off campus services
  • Family events and workshops series

We are here to serve you!





为家长, 学生与学校合作而服务