Advice to Sophomore Class

Counselor's Advice to Sophomore Class

Join your counselor's google classroom! We announce important information regarding A-G requirements, college, ACT/SAT, volunteer opportunities, summer internships and jobs, credit recovery, and more!

Mrs. Brumbach - Class code: c9w2pdx

Mr. Campos - Class code (coming soon!)

Ms. Doyle - Class code (coming soon!)

Ms. Thieu (college and career counselor) - Class code (coming soon!)

  • Review your transcript and make up any D or F grades in summer/night school
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities: sports, clubs, organizations, student government, etc.  *It’s the quality of extracurricular activities that matters to colleges, not the quantity. Pick activities that are meaningful and interesting to you and continue to participate in them until the end of high school.
  • Start researching majors or career choices that interest you.  Go visit college campuses, attend college fairs, meet with college admission counselors who visit our campus
  • Get good grades! If you are struggling in a class don't be afraid to ask for help. Talk to your teacher or counselor and attend the after school program in the cafeteria to get free tutoring support.
  • Do something meaningful this summer, colleges want to see more than just good grades, they want to see a well rounded individual with leadership experience!