Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment

If a student is interested in taking City College of San Francisco courses while concurrently enrolled at Lincoln High, they may be able to do so if they have a GPA of 2.0 and 120 Credits (Junior Standing).  The courses are free, but students will need to pay for textbooks. 

Please see your counselor for more information on how to sign up. Note that some courses require a placement test.

How to apply:

Step 1 - Meet with your counselor to discuss a potential course and review the course catalog on the college website. Make sure the course is UC/CSU transferable

Step 2 - Apply online (make sure to apply as a high school student)

Step 3 - Take a placement test, if required 

Step 4 - Once you receive your placement test results, meet with a counselor at the community college and bring a copy of your high school transcript to show proof that you have completed 120 credits and have at least a 2.0 GPA

Step 5 - Receive your registration date and time, make sure to go online during your registration window to sign up for your course (CCSF - sign in to your WEB4 account)

Other important information:

  • Students can take up to 6 college units per semester/summer
  • 1 college unit =3.33 high school credits
  • You receive both high school and college credit for the course
  • You are beginning your official college transcript - so please take it seriously!
  • College courses offer a weighted GPA boost when they are added to your high school transcript (similar to an AP course)
  • If you would like the course to be added to your high school transcript then you must bring your counselor a copy of your college transcript. Please note that Senior year it is VERY important that you request your official high school transcript AND your official college transcript to be sent to the college you choose to attend. Your high school transcript alone with the community college courses added is not enough, colleges want to see the official community college transcript. If you fail to do so the college can rescind your admissions