Credit Recovery Options

Credit Recovery Options

Students can recover D or F grades by retaking the course during night school, summer school, or online through Edgnuity. If a student wants to retake a course through summer school or night school, please pay close attention to the announcements and make sure to register with your counselor. If a student would like to retake a course through Edgnuity online, they must attend an orientation in room 21C (held once per semester) and bring any necessary forms to their counselor for their counselor to sign off on.

Night School - Courses meet twice a week (either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) from 4pm-6:30 at various locations in San Francisco. Courses run the whole semester and each course is worth 5 credits. Students can take up to 2 courses per semester.

Summer School - Courses meet daily for 6 weeks at various locations in San Francisco. Students can take up to 2 courses per summer, which equals 10 credits.

Edgenuity - Online credit recovery option. Students must attend weekly lab hours. Not all courses are offered on Edgenuity.

Lab Hours are listed below. You must attend at LEAST twice a week.  Failure to attend could result in you being dropped.

  • Monday after school

  • Tuesday after school

  • Wednesday at lunch

  • Thursday 7am

  • Friday 7am and lunch

Lab and testing rules:

1. You must pass all quizzes with a 70%

2.  You cannot use any notes, electronic devices or have any websites open (other than Edgenuity) when taking a unit test

3.  If you miss three times you will be dropped

4. NO cell phone usage during lab time