Electronic Device and Headcovering Policy

Please read the following rules

We respect the diversity of and desire safety and self-expression for our staff and students. Therefore, the following policies reflect the values of the

Lincoln community.

Electronic Devices: Cell Phones, IPods, MP3 Players, Headsets/Phones, Play Stations, Recorders, Etc.

State Education Code 48901.5 mandates that students may be suspended for possession and use of electronic devices at school. Therefore, to promote
community, students are advised not to bring cell phones, IPods, MP3 players, recorders, headphones or headsets, and the like to school. In addition to generally being a distraction to the educational environment, these items are misused for academic integrity violations and are frequently stolen. The school will not be held responsible for these items being stolen!

If a student is seen using or is in visible or auditory possession of one of these items without instructor permission during instructional time,* staff
may confiscate the item without warning. Multiple violations of this policy will result in parents needing to retrieve the item in conference. Continued
violations may result in suspension.

*except during lunch time

(Fall 2012)



Baseball caps, caps, hats, sweatbands and other headgear can be worn in the common areas of school buildings. Hoods are not permitted. No head covering may be worn in the classroom without permission of the teacher (exceptions include cultural head wraps as per SFUSD Board policy or in instances of religious affiliation as per education code, and/or with medically approved permission). Any adult may ask any student to remove their head covering in the interest of health, safety and mutual respect. These items may be confiscated without warning by staff. Multiple violations of this policy will result in parents needing to retrieve the item in conference.
Continued violations may result in suspension.


Disciplinary Protocols

 The Deans Office maintains a spreadsheet data base documenting every reported electronic device or headcovering violation.  The Deans Office documents home contact on second incidents and will hold electronic devices or headcoverings for conferences and parent retrival.


Electronic Device or Headcovering Violations in the Classroom:


Post the Policy, secure parent notification of the policy.


First Offense:  Warning/Reminder


Second Offense:  Confiscate Item for remainder of the class, or until the end of the day.  Notify the student’s parent of the infraction by phone.


Third Offense:  submit confiscated items to the Deans’ Office with a written referral documenting the circumstances of the infraction and when the parent was contacted.  A parent conference will need to be scheduled by the Deans Office.


Note:  Do not submit the item/s except in person.  The Deans’ Office does have a locked cabinet to hold the items, but Instructors will need to submit the object in person to Deans’ Office staff with written documentation of who owns the device, and when the parent was notified.

Electronic Device or Headcovering Violations in the hallways:

Warn the student of the violation.  If the student continues the behavior, ask them to surrender the object or face being sent to the Deans’ Office.  If the student is defiant or otherwise belligerent, summon Security or a Dean to escort the student to the Office.  Document the incident at your earliest convenience.