Mandatory Reporting Policy

How It Works

(As presented in the SFUSD “Student Handbook” 9/2009)



The following offenses require school personnel, by law, to file a report to the police or a legal agency:

1. Prior to suspending or expelling a student for assault on another person with a firearm, a deadly weapon or instrument other than a firearm, or by any means of force likely to produce great bodily injury;

2. Within 1 school day after suspending or expelling a student for unlawful possession, use, sale, furnishing, or being under the influence of narcotics, a controlled substance or alcoholic beverage or intoxicant; or unlawful sale or negotiation to sell a look-alike substance purported to be a controlled substance, alcoholic beverage or intoxicant;

3. Possession of a firearm in a school zone, which includes inside school, on school grounds, or within 1,000 feet of school;

4. Possession of a dirk, dagger, ice pick, knife with a blade longer than 2 ½ inches, folding knife with blade that locks in place, razor with unguarded blade, tazer/stun gun, bb or pellet gun, spot marker gun in school or on grounds;

5. If an employee is attacked, assaulted or physically threatened by any pupil, it is the duty of the employee and the supervisor who has knowledge of the incident to report it to the police;

6. Notify police regarding a sexual assault, in addition to filing a CPS report as discussed below.





School personnel are mandated reporters, and are therefore required to file a report with Child Protective Services (CPS) if they have knowledge of or observe a child whom the reporter knows or reasonably suspects has been the victim of child abuse or neglect. The report must be made immediately or as soon as is practicably possible by telephone, and the reporter must prepare and fax or electronically transmit a written report of the incident within 36 hours of receiving the information about the incident. CPS Hotline:

(415) 558-2650 or (800) 856-5553.

Child abuse and neglect includes (1) physical injury inflicted upon a child by other than accidental means; (2) sexual abuse or assault; (3) neglect (negligent treatment or maltreatment of a child by person responsible for their welfare indicating harm or threatened harm to the child’s health or welfare), (4) willful harming or

injuring of a child or the endangering of the person or health of a child, and (5) unlawful corporal punishment or injury. 

Child abuse or neglect does not include a mutual affray between minors; an injury caused by reasonable and necessary force used by a peace officer acting within the course and scope of his or her employment as a peace officer; or reasonable and necessary force used by a school employee to quell a disturbance threatening physical injury to another person or damage to property, for purposes of self defense, or to obtain possession of weapons or other dangerous objects within the control of the pupil.