Technology & Equipment Use Policy & Contract

What is it?

Download the Abraham Lincoln High School Technology & Equipment Use Contract HERE.

Abraham Lincoln High School Technology & Equipment Use Contract

Reasoning for the Contract: Over the past several years there has been an increase in the purposeful damage, inappropriate use, and vandalism to computers and other technology at Abraham Lincoln High School by students. Students who knowingly damage expensive computer equipment and technology will not have the privilege of using it. Also, there is limited money for technological resources at our school and a damaged (or stolen) computer (or other pieces of technology) cannot be used by others, therefore the damage affects hundreds of other students and faculty/staff at Lincoln.

I, ______________________________, agree to respect the computers and other technology (such

as, but not limited to,: laptops, digital video cameras, digital still cameras, tablets,  iPads, etc.) I come in contact with at Abraham Lincoln High School. I promise not to purposefully damage them in any way. I also agree not to steal or remove any computers or other technology from Abraham Lincoln High School. I understand that if I damage or steal any technology, I will lose the privilege of using any technology for the rest of my time here at Lincoln High and will be required to pay the cost of the damaged or stolen items immediately. I also understand that I am responsible for appropriate behavior when using the Internet. All school rules for behavior and communication shall also apply to use of school computers, networks, and the Internet.  Online behavior that is obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, disrespectful, threatening, or inflammatory language will not be tolerated. I understand that I may also face suspension, expulsion, and/or loss of other school privileges if I violate any of the above rules.