About This Website

About This Website

This purpose of Abraham Lincoln's Website is to provide current and relevant information to it's students, parents/guardians, staff, alumni, and the community at large.  It is also to highlight and publicly acknowledge the amazing work done by its students.


Most of the content has been put up by it's Faculty Webmaster and his Student Webmasters, as well as being updated periodically by them.  Certain sections of the website, such as the Club pages, ASB, BSA, and sport team pages are updated by various staff members or their student designees (who submit content for staff approval).  Staff webpages and their specific class webpages are maintained by them alone.


Images and Videos of Students:

We want to acknowledge the work of our students and exhibit the amazing and interesting activities here at Lincoln, and a way to do that is through an image/video that includes them and their work, skill, participation, or athleticism. Since Lincoln has such a large student population, it is nearly impossible to get approval from all individuals in an image/video that is taken at a school-wide event.  To help protect students, full names of students will not be listed next to their image in such a way as to allow someone to match the student's image with their name.  Since this is such a large website, at times mistakes get made and names get listed, so it is important that individuals contact the Webmaster immediately with the webpage location of the error and the student name.


If parents/guardians or students DO NOT wish the student’s image to show up on the school website, then they should contact the Webmaster and their images will be removed.