Congratualtions class of 2020

Congrats Class of 2020!!!

The whole Lincoln High School Staff & Community congratulates the ALHS Class of 2020 for all their hard work over the past 4 years and receiving their high school diplomas on Tuesday, June 2, 2020! You did it! Now go out and continue to make us proud and do great things in the world!

Congratulations to ALHS' Jake Leon!


Lincoln High's Jake Leon from the Class of 2020 received one of only six awarded scholarships from the Superintendent for exemplifying the characteristics of the SFUSD Graduate Profile. Congrats!

Superintendent's 21st Century Award Winners' Info
Lincoln Log May 2020 Issue

Lincoln Log May 2020

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Lincoln Log May 2020

Congrats to Karen Situ!

Lincoln junior Karen Situ won the annual SFUSD Health Dept.'s "You Take My Breath Away" PSA Contest and prize money for the High School division for her original "Art" Category submission featured below. Congrats Karen!

Karen's PSA Artwork


Check out the Anti-Tobacco/Anti-Vaping PSA Contest Winning Videos:

Attention Mustang Community!

Check out these 2 contest winning PSA videos created by DMD Academy students for the annual “SFUSD Student Health Advisory Board’s 2020 Anti-Tobacco/Anti-Vaping PSA Contest”. Out of 100’s of entries they received this school year, these 2 Lincoln Teams tied for 1st place in the high school category! Congratulations!


“Bacco is Wacco!” PSA video created by DMD 10th Graders Jonas Abrams, Maxfield Benbow, Clint Kessler, Shane Tilton, and Vincent Xie. This team created the original music, lyrics, and also filmed, edited, and acted in this video. On Youtube: https://youtu.be/31jnl7q6Ry8 

Their original Spotify song: https://open.spotify.com/album/50mf9tnl9rR8SjeixxjmXi?highlight=spotify:track:7eYEjBRKfOfK8nLcq33dnX


Vaping Awareness” PSA video created by DMD 10th Graders Ava Duarte, Stephanie Pan, Nehemiah Setiawan, and Chelsea Sun. This team created original artwork, script, voice acting, and animation to create this informative and effective PSA video. Watch from Google Drive HERE.

This contest aims to educate the SF Community about the harms of tobacco and vaping. These teams each won $200 cash prizes for their professionally produced and informative videos! Their videos will be featured in SFUSD’s Health Dept.’s advertisements around the city and online this year to raise awareness on this issue.

Class of 2020 Senior Awards Video

Please check out all the Class of 2020 graduates who won awards, recognitions, and scholarships this school year for all that they did while students at Lincoln.

New Season of DMD Academy's Mustang TV Starts! Check it Out!

mustang tv season starts

Greetings Fellow Mustangs!

Lincoln's Digital Media Design (DMD) Academy's students have been busy all school year attending school events such as Mustang sports games, VAPA arts performances, and ASB events in order to capture videos and images to preserve a permanent record of this school year for years to come. Their captured images are posted, within a week of the event, to Lincoln's website Homepage and social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter) throughout the school year, as well as edited together with raw video footage to create highlight videos to post in the spring semester to the Mustang TV website. These dedicated DMD students have logged 100's of hours capturing footage and editing videos to serve the greater Lincoln Community, and for that we owe them a great debt of gratitude. Some Mustang TV teams have created special video series which they thought would benefit teenagers of similar interest and the Lincoln Community.

Please check out the newly posted videos from today, and for new videos posted over the next few weeks as well. FYI: The premiere of the Mustang TV season was delayed due to..., you guessed it, the pandemic.

The Mustang TV website: https://bit.ly/alhs-mtv


Thank you,

The DMD Academy Students

and Mr. Goncalves (DMD Lead Teacher)

Class of 2020 Icon

Current Senior Class of 2020 News/Info for Parents/Guardians & Students

Go to Google Doc of Latest Info!
Dean Balzer Image

ALHS' Deans Video PSA Messages for Our Community

Go to the Deans' PSA Page NOW
Video Screenshot

Staff Welcome Back Video for Students:

Lincoln Community Members, please check out the NEW ALHS Staff Welcome Back to School video!

Go to the "ALHS Staff Welcome Back Video" on the Mustang TV Website

Message to Students and Families from Principal Balisi On Distance Learning-April 9, 2020

Dear ALHS Students and Families:

I hope this email finds you and your families well and healthy,  I reach out to all of you especially the students with my warmest wishes for good health and wellness.  The ALHS community is amazingly strong and resilient. Teachers are working hard to provide the best curriculum and moving toward a digital format.  Students have come together and reached out to make plans for school spirit, to honor the Perfect Vision Class of 2020. As we are learning how to “do school” from home, we are aware of the need for flexibility.  Our teachers, students and parents have spoken about the challenges they have faced in the last few weeks; we are in a constant state of assessment to shape the way we can thrive in this “new normal.” Attached you have the ALHS DIstance Learning Schedule.

The ALHS Support Team consisting of counselors, deans, wellness staff, parent liaisons are available to you as we move through our Distance Learning days. Continue to check your counselor’s’ Google Classroom for updated information.  The Administrative Team is also available to assist in any way that we can. Students, if you are having a hard time with the classwork or instruction, please let us know so we can help you get back on track.

As we navigate the new world of digital learning, there are some best practices for parents to support their student’s success. The following suggestions are from a variety of sources and are considered to be best practices:

  • Help your child set regular bedtimes and wake-up times

  • Provide a quiet space to engage during their scheduled class time

  • Ensure child is dressed appropriately during the class time and scheduled meetings

  • Ensure that your child understands that classroom behavior expectations apply in virtual session and they must treat the teacher and their peers with consideration and respect

  • Please remind your child that they should not discuss personal information about themselves or their peers in the interactive classroom environment, to preserve the privacy of all participants

  • Ensure that your child is exercising and getting fresh air, while still practicing social distancing rules.

  • Encourage your teen to reach out to friends and classmates for some social connection.

  • Prepare yourself and your child for online ethical behavior by reviewing the Student Norms for Learning Online, located below, and the Digital Citizenship resources on the SFUSD Continuity of Learning

  • Reach out to the Support Team for assistance

Student Norms for Learning Online

  • Be respectful, responsible, and safe- The rules from your school apply to your online environments as well. Keep your language respectful. Treat your teacher and peers with respect and consideration.

  • Consider your Digital Footprint- Anything recorded or posted online is out there for anyone to find and use, positively or negatively. Make sure what you put out there shows you in a positive light.

  • Don’t share your personal or private information- Keep personal information off the internet that others can use like your full name, birthdate, address and phone number. Never share your username or password.

  • Dress appropriately during class time and any scheduled meetings with ALHS staff

  • Write and read postings carefully to avoid unnecessary confusion- Remember that your peers cannot see your body language or hear your tone of voice, so you need to keep your language direct and respectful.

  • Ask for help if you get lost- If you are having a hard time following what’s being talked about or don't understand a part of the conversation, please let others know so they can help you get back on track.

SFUSD Definition of Distance Learning

Students engage in learning and make academic progress when they are not physically present in schools. This is accomplished using a variety of digital and print resources, and differentiated modes of interaction with teachers (and peers, when possible). How teachers engage students in distance learning is informed by the student’s access to technology and the internet.

SFUSD’s Distance Learning Approach

  • Digital Distance Approach

    • Teachers engage students digitally when we have confirmation that a student has a device/ internet access at home. 

    • With this confirmation, the teacher interacts with the student using digital resources (Google Classroom, Zoom, etc.)

    • Students submit work electronically or as directed by their teachers.

  • Print-Based Distance Approach

    • If a student does not have a device or internet access, the teacher engages that student in print-based learning (text books, work packets, etc.)  

    • Teachers make group or individual calls (typically phone calls) to students to teach and check in on work. 

    • Students submit work at designated check-points or at the end of the closure as directed by their teachers

Synchronous Instruction/Learning

Synchronous learning refers to a learning event in which a group of students are engaging in learning at the same time.

Asynchronous Instruction/Learning

Asynchronous learning occurs when the teacher and the students interact in different places and during different times.

I thank you in advance for your support and for the support you will provide our staff and students.

-Principal Balisi

CTE Academy Sign-Ups for the 2020-2021 School Year

Lincoln's 4 CTE Career Academies (Teacher, Green, Business, & Digital Media Design) are still accepting applications for next school year!

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot!

Complete an Academy Application ONLINE

NOTE: Academy Applications will remain open until all spots are filled.

ALHS ACademies


Learn More About Lincoln's CTE Academies:

Click HERE to go to the CTE Academies' Webpages with More Info

2020 Yearbook Distribution Info:

A BIG thank you to all that pre-ordered the ALHS 2020 Yearbook!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, our yearbook publishing factory shut down for a month for the safety of its workers, which has delayed the printing of our yearbooks and also SFUSD has completely closed all school campuses through the end of this school year, so yearbook distribution has been postponed and will happen sometime in mid-August 2020. We are so sorry about this!

Keep an eye out for a SFUSD email that will list specific info on what date and how to receive your 2020 Yearbook.


Current and former ALHS students Haley Trinh, Kuinini Manumua, and Jenny Arthur lifting weights at the Olympic Qualifications!

Trinh - weightlift - alhsmanumua - weightlift - alhsArthur - weightlift - alhs


ALHS - ACe 2 Field Trip

ACE 2 De Young Trip

ACE 2 took a field trip to the de Young Museum on Feb. 26th, 2020!

"Lincoln Log" visited by SFUSD Commissoner

The "Lincoln Log" was honored by a visit from the SFUSD Commissioner, Alison Collins, who said she has been "blown away" by the student journalism in the newspaper, and that it "is better journalism than [she's] been reading in our local papers." Ms. Collins spoke to the class about her experience as an educator and advocate for education. She reminded them how powerful journalism is and encouraged students to continue using their voices.

Lincoln Log Visit


Varsity Football Team Honored

The ALHS Varsity Football Team is honored by Mayor London Breed at SF City Hall on February 12th for their State Championship Win!



American Mathematics Test students at Lincoln

American Math Test Students @ ALHS


Canned Food Drive Results

Lincoln collected a total of 1,734 cans to help the community! The top three donors included the JROTC, ACE, and AVID. Thank you for donating!

Canned Food driveCanned Food Drive


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