ACE Pathway-Architecture, Construction and Engineering

ACE Website Update for 2020-2021 Submitted

WELCOME CLASS OF 2024! Change to Class of 2025


DELETE: They are also recommended to take Geometry and Algebra 1 concurrently.


ADD: They are also required to take Geometry and Algebra 1 concurrently.


"ACE Pathway Instructors"

Add Ms. Kathleen Lussier- West: AP 2D Studio Design ACE 3/4



ACE Pathway Instructors:

Albert Chu, Teacher

Bobby L. Crotwell, Teacher

Karen Melander, Teacher, (415) 759-2700 ex: 3024

Marilyn Ong, Teacher

Daniel Stingle, Teacher

Richard Sylvester, Teacher


California Institute of Technology:

Course Requirements upon Entry: Calculus, one year of physics, one year of chemistry

Subject Tests: Math II and one science

Recommendations: One math or science teacher, one humanities or social science teacher

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