Brotherhood/Sisterhood Assembly (BSA)

Brotherhood/Sisterhood Assembly (BSA)


Brotherhood/Sisterhood Assembly (BSA) is an annual Lincoln High event and tradition that emphasizes and celebrates the diversity around the school. Each year we have a theme based on the issues around school and in our society. The assembly is composed of Lincoln students and teachers from over 25 clubs uniting as one.  


Best Practices for BSA Videos

Audio Required Specifications

In order to provide the best possible viewing & listening experience for

the audience members of our annual BSA, the ASB & ALHS Tech Crew request

that all clubs/student groups follow these guidelines for submitted media for

the BSA. Thank you.


For Videos to be played during the BSA:

 Video should be taken (captured) using a video camera (or smart phone)

that can shoot High Definition (HD) quality video so the image is not

pixelated & looks poor on a large screen.


 Video should be captured holding the video camera so that it captures

widescreen video (a wide shot with a horizontal frame), NOT a tall

skinny video with large black boxes on the sides (this is very



 Video should have credits at the end which include: names of the

individuals in the video (first names only are fine), who the video was

shot by, edited by ; citing the source of any music used in the video

with the following 3 things:

1. Artist/singer/band/DJ

2. Official name of the song in quotes

3. The name of the official album that the music is from


Do not shoot video of people/objects in front of a very sunny/bright

window/glass door or else the people/objects will be dark-lit & hard to

see in the video (move away from bright windows to avoid this).


 A Video’s Audio:

o If you have background music in your video, make sure that it is

NOT too loud & therefore makes it difficult to hear the voices of the

people in your video.


o Make sure you capture video where there is NOT loud &/or

distracting background noise happening or we won’t be able to

hear the voices of the people in your video.


 Turn in your video as a HD video file format (these formats are

acceptable: .mov (Quicktime), .mp4 (H.264 Format), or .avi video (NOTE:

no BluRay video formats will be accepted).


 Please test your video BEFORE submitting it for the BSA by playing in

a VLC Video Media Player ( ) on

a computer PRIOR to turning it in by the deadline. Be sure to watch your

whole completed video, from start to finish, & make sure the audio & the

video quality are good & if not, fix it in your original video editing

software & re-export it.


Submitting your video (ONLY 2 ways):

1. Each video must be saved as an individual digital video file onto a

CD or DVD that is playable on a computer’s Media Player (i.e.: VLC

Player) (NOTE: No BluRay Discs will be accepted). Please label the

CD/DVD (using a Sharpie) with the name of the club, duration of the

video & the name of the contact person for the club.




2. Each video must be saved as an individual digital video file that is

playable on a computer’s Media Player (i.e.: VLC Player) and

uploaded to Google Drive and share with an open link to a BSA

coordinator. Please NAME the video file with the name of the club &

duration of the video.


For Audio (Music) to be Played during a BSA Performance:

 Make sure that you have a high quality audio file to turn in, which is

created using iTunes and formatted as a music CD which works in a



 Please label your CD (using a Sharpie) with name of club, the contact

person and duration/length of the music.


 Please test your Audio/Music BEFORE submitting it for the BSA by

playing in a CD Player PRIOR to turning it in by the deadline.

Past Brotherhood/Sisterhood Themes

1993- First Annual Brotherhood/Sisterhood Assembly

1994- Welcome to Mustang Air

1995- Common Threads

1996- Hand-in-Hand

1997- Imagine a World Full of Love

1998- Peace'n It Together

1999- Peace'n it Together

2000- Uniting Voices

2001- Unleash the Heart

2002- A Decade of Uniting Voices

2003- Imagine a World...

2004- Give a Little Love

2005- Got Heart?

2006- Perfect Harmony

2007- We're All in This Together

2008- Where is the Love?

2009- Change Begins With Us

2010- The Power of One

2011- Take a Stand

2012- Love Yourself, Love Your People

2013- Dream Big, Make It Work

2014- Building Bridges

2015- Positivity is Key, Lead by Example

2016- Disconnect to Reconnect

2017- Tear Down Walls: BSA-- Creating Community for 25 Years

BSA Club Representative Responsibilities:

  • To be the link between club and ASB – get info to participants and back to ASB
  • To attend 2 lunchtime meetings per month
  • To check the BSA webpage daily for important information.
  • To help sponsor organize club’s 3 minute performance.
  • To meet deadlines and provide information to