Class of 2020 Announcements

Class of 2020 Announcements

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Please see Ms. Tesorero (rm. 147) and Ms. Roque (rm. 202) if you have any ideas and suggestions for the Class of 2020!!

Introducing....the Class of 2020 junior Class Officers!

President : Sherry Deng

Vice President: Matthew Holland

Secretary: Jenna Chui!

Treasurer: Sydney Tom


General Managers:

Steven Hum

Matthew Kong

Jane Kim

Sydney Tom

Sophia Zhu


Go Mighty Mustangs!

Join ASB (Associated Student Body)!

Interested in becoming a sophomore class president, sophomore class vice president, sophomore class secretary, or sophomore class treasurer next year?  What about Director of Spirit, Director of Clubs, Historian or SAC (Student Advisory Council) Representative?


Pick up an application from Ms. Roque (202), Ms. Tesorero (147), Ms. Eng (NB17) or outside of the cage!  Due date is Monday, April 17, by the end of lunch (NB17), if you're interested in sophomore class positions.  Applications for Director of Spirit, Director of Clubs, Historian or SAC  Representative are due  April 3, by the end of lunch (NB17).


Speeches for sophomore class officers will be made during the advisory meeting on Wednesday, April 26. Speeches for Director of Spirit, Director of Clubs, Historian or SAC Representative will be made during advisory meetings on April 12, April 19 and April 26.


Questions?  See Ms. Roque, Ms. Tesorero or Ms. Eng!


NOTE: General Manager applications will be made available after elections.

Save the date!

The Last On Campus Dance will be on Friday, May 19, from 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.  This will be sponsored by the freshman and sophomore classes.  


If you have any ideas or would like to be a part of the planning, please see Ms. Tesorero (147) or Ms. Roque (202) and join the Freshman Club meetings!