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Application for Fall opens on Aug. 1st and  Application Deadline is November 30th.

University of California Application

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Please Note: 

The last SAT or ACT Test that UC's will accept is December.  Applicants must indicate their two highest SAT or ACT scores on their application for test in Junior year and/or indicate test date of a test they plan to take or have taken, but scores are not available.  In addition, official score reports must be requested to be sent to one UC from Collegeboard and ACT student accounts, it is not enough to simply indicate scores on the applications.  In sending official score reports to one UC Campus, ONE campus is enough, there is no need to send to each campus, since the campuses will share the this official score report.  It is highly suggested that an applicant requests to send scores when they are registering to take an SAT or ACT test to avoid forgetting to send official scores later on.  With each registration fee an applicant can send four score reports for free.  Waiting for scores to be released will delay colleges receiving the scores on time and if not sent a week after they are released, then applicants will have have to pay a fee. 


Applicants are highly recommended to have their application reviewed before submitting by a College & Career Center Staff Member.  The way we recommend for this to occur is a student can make an appointment, stop by at lunchtime or after school, and/or attend one of our college assistance application workshops every Tuesday at lunchtime in the Library.


Application for Fall opens on Oct. 1st and Application Deadline is November 30th.

California State University Application

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Students will only need to complete one application for all the campuses. Please have staff review before submitting.  


Community Colleges

109 in CA in 72 Districts


  • Career/Job Entry Majors
  • Preparation for transfer to a 4 yr. institutions
  • AA/AS Degrees
  • Vocational Certificates


Open Enrollment (any student may enroll regardless of GPA)

To apply students should have any of the following:

  • High School Diploma
  • GED
  • Be 18yrs Old

If plan to transfer visit the following website to assist you:

Testing Requirements

No Testing Required for Admission, but FREE Placement Test in Math and English required before registering for classes.

Letters of Recommendation

None Required

Application Essay

None Required

Application Deadlines

  • No application Fee
  • Apply at least 3 months before the beginning of the new semester or quarter

Financial Aid


The following steps are REQUIRED to complete the enrollment process to a Community College. Complete these steps as soon as possible in order to receive an earlier registration date, which will give you an advantage in scheduling and course preference.

Step 1:   Admissions Application

  • Fill out a free application ONLINE, available in paper)
  • After submission-

o        Online: print a confirmation page of your submission with further steps to take.

o        In person: you will receive a matriculation card explaining the steps to follow.

o        Mail: you will then receive a letter explaining steps to take to complete your registration.

Step 2:   Placement Test

            These tests are required for all students to enroll. The results of these tests determine the courses of Mathematics and English you may enroll.  Test dates & locations available online on each college’s website.

Step 3:   College Orientation

            College orientation programs can be done online or in person at the college. It is required and provides you with information about registration procedures, college policies, and student services.

Step 4:   Counseling

            Meet with a counselor at the college to create an educational plan for your career goals and review placement test results. Depending on the campus, make an appointment or drop-in to meet with a counselor.

Step 5:   Register for Classes

            After meeting with the counselor, you will be assigned a registration date and time. It is recommended that before this date, you should have chosen your schedule with at least two back up coursesto register for. Registration should be done ONLINE, but can also be done on paper or in person at the college.

Reminders/Additional Suggestions:

  • The sooner you begin and complete these steps, the better your chances to get classes you need before they fill up!
  • Bring a form of picture identification (i.e. CA ID or Passport) when completing steps #1-4.
  • Bring high school transcript for step #4.
  • Must complete a FAFSA and Cal Grant GPA Verification form to be considered for financial aid (January 1st through March 2nd)




·         Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) March 2nd)

·        Cal (by March 2nd)

·        Board of Governors (BOG) Fee Waiver – Enrollment fees waived for eligible students

·        Scholarships(online and in College/Career Center – deadlines vary!)

**IMPORTANT NOTE:Once you have completed both the Enrollment process and your Financial Aid applications (FAFSA, Cal Grant, etc.), you MUST inform the Financial Aid Office at the college and request that they process your financial aid. You can do so in person by visiting the campus or over the phone. Make sure you have a picture ID and your college student identification number accessible.


·        Admissions & Records

·        Career/Employment Center

·        Counseling/Advising Office

·        Disabled Students Program & Services

·        EOP&S (Extended Opportunity Programs & Services)

·        Financial Aid Office

·        HealthCenter

·        Learning Resources (tutoring, writing center, etc.)

·        Student Affairs/Government

·        Student Union (activities, clubs, organizations, support)

·        TransferCenter

·        Etc.

OTHER RESOURCES – Online student transferinformation for California Colleges – California Community College applications, financial aid, etc.  - California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office – College and Career planning in California – Community College Financial Aid information


For students applying to Private/Out-Of-State Colleges  

Common Application

Common Application Essay Prompts


(Most Private Universities and Out of State accept this application in place of their individual one located on their webpage)


Information about Independent California Universities can be found by visiting

Application Deadlines vary depending on the Independent University and whether the applicant would like to apply for Early Decision, Early Action or Regular Decision.


Private/Common App