Health Idol

Health Idol

What makes it great?


  1. The program has been awarded by the California School Health Centers Association with the Outstanding Nutrition and Fitness Program Award in Los Angeles. The program also caught the attention of the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia where several students presented the program as the first ever youth presenters at their adolescent health conference.
  2. Returning contestants either experienced a significant improvement in their GPA or school involvement.
  3. Contestants often beat their personal physical records in consecutive years as they incorporate more exercise and better nutrition in their lives since initially joining the competition.
  4. Self-esteem is improved as contestants experience a level of celebrity and new modes of achievement outside the usual avenues in a school community. 
  5. Truant students who are accepted in the competition and survive the initial rounds begin to feel connected to the school and greatly improve attendance.
  6. There is a heightened sense of support in the school climate as students become invested in the success of their peers and faculty. Contestants also support each other in attempts to prepare for upcoming challenges.
  7. Students and staff develop become role models, not only within the school community, but also within their families.
  8. Since the program comes out of the school Wellness Center, students who normally do not seek adult support develop relationships with Wellness staff that connect them with caring adults on campus and job opportunities.
  9. Many returning contestants leave Lincoln with a continued connection to health and fitness. In many cases, even pursuing careers in the field.



The expansive duration of the competition has a lot of positive effects for the school community. There is an on-going discussion around health and wellness through out the Spring semester, which normally does not occur among teens beyond the completion of their Health classes. The competition brings opportunities for achievement beyond organized sports and academics. Most importantly, it gives contestants the opportunity for personal growth and direction to improve their personal well-being.

What is Health Idol?

 Health Idol is a competition, started here at Lincoln High School, where students and staff compete to prove who is the healthiest person on campus!  The competition has garnered national attention from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia to the California Health Centers Association award for Outstanding Nutrtion and Fitness Program. For 11 years, the upperclassmen have battled against the faculty for the title and we have never seen a freshman or sophomore triumph, but a few have come close.   


This year is the 12th year of the competition and the 30 contestants will face a new challenge: The Ten!  The Ten are 10 people who are playing on the side and waiting for their chance to steal a spot from one of the contestants.  Starting with round 2, there will be a showdown between one of the Ten and a current player.  They will fight for that spot and only one will continue forward.


Will there be a new Health Idol?  Join us for the next three months and find out!


First Place: Cash Prize, pass to home games 2017-2018, tickets for 2 to the Fall Play or Improv Show

Second Place: Cash Prize


Highest Ranked Students: Yearbook

Highest Ranked Junior/Senior at time of Prom sales: Prom Ticket