09-10 Year Archive

09-10 Year Archive

Round 10 News


Entering the final round, reigning Health Idol Ian Enriquez is starting off with about a 3 point lead from alumni Steven Flynn. Almost exactly in between them is junior Andrei Khartchenko. The first of the final two challenges that the three faced, was the rock wall and it was a close finish. Flynn reached the top in 17.7 seconds. Khartchenko finished 2 seconds later and Enriquez a second after him. It was exactly what they needed to close in the gap for the final challenge. Now only one point separates Enriquez in first from Flynn in third and it is anyone’s game.


In the last challenge, the contestants had to tie a tube around the other two contestants through which the other two must navigate a marble from one end to the other. The longer it takes the duo to accomplish the task, the better the score for the contestant who tied them up. Having had no previous experience in this challenge, Khartchenko was given the opportunity to determine the order of contestants. 


Enriquez went first. Perhaps overconfident with his lead, he kept most of the tubes behind both of his competitors with minimal knotting. They were able to twist themselves around to get behind them and move the marble through the tubes in just under a minute.


Flynn went next. He spent a great deal of time creating complicated knots behind both of his competitors and it paid off. The knots were tight enough that it was a little hard to turn around and follow the ball through the tubes. The two took 2 minutes and 15 seconds to get the marble through the tubes. What nobody realized at the time was that this was enough to drop Enriquez below Flynn and a new Health Idol was about to take the title.


Khartchenko learned from the other two and tied complicated knots behind the two.   His competitors had already realized their mistakes in the knots they created and hoped that Khartchenko would not make the realization that they failed to make. Unfortunately for them, he did not. Khartchenko immobilized Enriquez by fastening his left hand behind his head. This left the puzzle solving entirely in Flynn’s hands. What Khartchenko had going against him was that his two competitors were probably the best puzzle solvers in the competition and both are agile enough to bend over backwards while holding their balance with enough ease to execute this challenge. However, what he did was enough. His competitors completed the challenge in 2 minutes 50 seconds and Andrei Khartchenko became the fifth Health Idol!


Congratulations to Andrei Khartchenko! He will be defending his title in 2011, but be warned that the three people ranked below him will be very determined to take it from him if they are given the opportunity to compete in the next year!

Round 9 News


Six contestants remain to fight for the final three spots. Reigning Health Idol, counselor Ian Enriquez has made it to first place with a much needed comfortable lead. In this round, the contestants face the mile run and an interview from previous contestants. Both challenges have not been a strong suit for the adults in previous years. However, it is not possible for 3 contestants to surpass his current score, so he will be in the final three for a third year in a row.


Starting off in second place this round, junior Andrei Khartchenko is in his third year of the competition and is yet to compete in the final 3. Fortunately for him, the mile run is his strong suit. He completed the mile in 5 minutes and 28 seconds, beating his previous record and securing his spot in the final three. Alumni Steven Flynn finished the mile in just over 6 minutes and with the bonus given to the females, junior Jenny Lam and sophomore Cathy Cai beat him by a second as they pushed each other in a very competitive race to the finish. The tight finish between the three resulted in the certain elimination of sophomore Taylor Nakayama in 6th place.


Starting off in 3rd place in this round, junior Jenny Lam is looking to best pick for the last spot in the finals, especially considering her long run in the top spot. With a full point advantage over Flynn and Cai, the two would need to score in first place in the interview and even with that Lam would have to not finish in the top 3 interviews in order for them to steal that final spot away from her.


The last eliminated contestant gets to ask the question, so alumni John Flynn asked the contestants about what makes them who they are and how they see that playing into their future. What played into the final decision of the ranking was who successfully explain how their qualities would affect their future, and the contestant that gave the best examples to illustrate his point was Steven Flynn, which establishes Cathy Cai into 5th place. This is the worst case scenario for Lam who must now finish in the top 3 for the interview to prevent Flynn from taking her spot. The second place interview went to counselor Enriquez and third place went to junior Khartchenko! Lam finishes in 4th and is eliminated from the competition.


Two years ago, Steven Flynn created quite an upset when he jumped unexpectedly into the third spot of the final three and nearly took first place from Enriquez with only seconds to spare. Once again, Flynn has beaten the odds and taken that third spot to face off with Enriquez one more time. Both then and now, he started off with a score significantly below the two other title contenders. He has proven before that this is not going to slow him down, so Khartchenko and Enriquez will definitely be in for a big final fight for the this year’s title of Health Idol.

Round 8 News


In Round 8, the contestants were rated on how they supported their teammate in the competition. Many contestants did not make an effort to make sure their partner did well in the challenges and it cost them in this round. Two teams made it intact into round 8 and scoring the highest were sophomores Taylor Nakayama and Cathy Cai who truly pushed each other to do well in this years competition. Close behind them were Wellness counselor Ian Enriquez and alumni John Flynn.


Lung capacity served as the physical challenge for this round. Having consistently done well in this challenge in past years, alumni Steven Flynn won the challenge as he had done in his senior year. This year he scored 762. In second place was counselor Ian Enriquez with a score of about 754. In third place was junior Jenny Lam with a score of approximately 647.


In the Danger Zone this round were alumni twins John Steven Flynn and teacher Mario Gini. Scoring just below average in both challenges were Gini, alumni Loni Nguyen, and junior Andrei Khartchenko. This resulted in Gini’s elimination. Nguyen also slipped below the line into the Danger Zone and found herself eliminated this round. Fortunately for Khartchenko, his score was high enough that he was not in any danger of elimination. In fact his score was good enough that he ended up in second place at the end of the round!


The final spot in the top 6 would be decided between the twin brothers. One who scored the best in the lung capacity challenge and the other who scored the best in the support challenge. In the end, Steven managed to stay above the average in both challenges which allowed him to take the final spot and be the only alumni left in the competition. Along with him in the Danger Zone are sophomores Taylor Nakayama and Cathy Cai. Will any of them rise to the occasion and be among the final 3? No sophomore has ever won this competition before. Steven Flynn has come very close to winning this competition in the past, only to be beaten by Ian Enriquez by a matter of seconds. Will he get a second chance? The mile run and a final interview will determine this year’s final three!

Round 7 News


In Round 7, the contestants looked to the past and looked to make some changes. The first challenge was mathematical as contestants looked at the statistics from the previous rounds and tried to judge which players made significant impacts in previous rounds and looking to see how the scores would have been different if they had not been in the competition. The resulting changes are then used to adjust the remaining players scores to determine impact. By far, the contestants who benefited the most were junior Andrei Khartchenko and John Flynn. Khartchenko made the best move by taking senior Enhao Cheung out of the jump rope challenge which significantly aided both players, especially when teacher Mario Gini made the same move. The second best move was made by alumni Lee Fieber who chose the cultural challenge. By taking himself out of the pulse pressure challenge, John Flynn made the strongest negative impact on another player against senior Enhao Cheung.


For the second part of the round, players selected a challenge they believed they could improve on with the goal of improving their own score. The biggest mistake of the round fell on the players who attempted to improve on their coordination with the jump rope challenge. This move cost sophomore Taylor Nakayama her spot in the top 3 and prevented junior Andrei Khartchenko from taking the first place spot this round! Repeating the dexterity challenge also left too much to chance, hurting senior Enhao Cheung, alumni Steven Flynn, and counselor Ian Enriquez. What proved to be the best challenges to repeat were balance and flexibility. The contestants that topped the challenge were junior Jenny Lam, alumni Loni Nguyen, and teacher Morgan Wallace.


In the Danger Zone, John Flynn and Morgan Wallace had the most points to make up. Enhao Cheung was at the cusp with a score very close to Mario Gini and Lee Fieber, so there would be no question that these 5 guys would be fighting for 2 spots in the final 9. Cheung fell hard in this round and is the first to be eliminated. Flynn and Fieber did very well in the first challenge and Wallace did very well in the second challenge. However, it was the players who did well in both challenges who survived the round and they were Gini and Flynn.


Gini and Flynn remain in the Danger Zone in the next round. Joining them is Flynn’s twin brother Steven Flynn. All three are within half a point of each other. 2 points above them are sophomore Cathy Cai and alumni Loni Nguyen. Can they make up the difference? Cai and Gini are new to Health Idol and there is no telling what they well accomplish. Lung capacity has been Nguyen’s downfall in the past and a challenge where Steven Flynn has excelled in the past. The other half of the challenge depends on the rank of each player’s partner in the competition and of the remaining contestants, John Flynn’s partner has the highest rank and Cai’s partner is next in line. The three alumni are all top runners and could do a lot of damage if they can only survive one more round. Stay tuned to find out who will make the final 6!

Round 6 News


Round 6 is the time to make it or break it as the contestants make one last effort to be in the top 12 where the genders will be finally competing against each other in the challenges. Making into the final twelve will be a special challenge for the four starting off in the Danger Zone this round. The top 12 have held those positions for several rounds and have shown little sign of weakening.  Among the bottom four are faculty members Mario Gini, Morgan Wallace, Claire DeLeon and junior Shirley Wei.

The round started off with an easy level sudoku that both teacher Mario Gini, alumni Loni Nguyen, and sophomore Cathy Cai finished in 3 minutes- tying the competition record. Unfortunately, Cai made a careless mistake and was penalized an additional minute. Counselor Ian Enriquez and alumni Steven Flynn completed the puzzle in 4 minutes, and this time it was Enriquez with the careless mistake and 1 minute penalty. The two of them were the final two in 2008 and may be headed for a rematch if they continue to perform well in these competitions, but getting into the final 3 may be a challenge since the top 3 have held their ground for several round now.


The second challenge was a dexterity challenge where the contesants were given 12 shots to get a ball into a basket. With a 58.3% accuracy, it was Gini Cai that once again prevailed in this challenge. This was exactly what Gini needed to break into the top 12, moving him from 14th to 9th place! This also allowed Cai to break into the top 5 which had also been consistent for a long period of time in this competition. Congratulations to the both of them.


With a 41.7% accuracy were teacher Morgan Wallace, alumni Lee Fieber, and sophomore Taylor Nakayama. Having completed the sudoku challenge in 5 minutes, Wallace also made his way out of the danger zone and moved from 15th to 11th place. Wei and DeLeon, on the other hand, did not perform strong enough to break into the top 12 and have been eliminated from the competition.


Two new faces have entered the top 12, which means two others have lost their ground and have been eliminated. In 14th place is the final freshman in the competition, Jimmy Zhu. He put up quite a fight, but sudoku proved to be his downfall. And surprisingly, senior Deanna Wong is also eliminated after having been the highest ranked student in last year’s competition last year. This leaves only one senior in the competition- Enhao Cheung. 


With three females eliminated, only 4 remain but they are all in the top 6! There will only be 3 eliminations from this point forward and the guys in the bottom half will really have to fight for their spot in the top 9. In the danger zone this round are alumni John Flynn, Peer Resource teacher Morgan Wallace, and final senior Enhao Cheung. Alumni Lee Fieber and teacher Mario Gini are only a fraction of a point away from Cheung so those spots are not far from reach!

Round 5 News

In round 5, the contestants’ diet was put to test with the pulse pressure challenge. Contestants’ blood pressures were measured. The difference between the systolic and diastolic numbers result in the pulse pressure, which is an indication on how hard the heart is working. People with larger builds are expected to have higher results in this challenge, so it is no surprise that the males averaged over 10 points higher than the females. The three contestants that scored in the 30s were junior Jenny Lam (32), alumni Steven Flynn (34), and senior Deanna Wong (38). One of the biggest surprises was that the highest result came from Steven’s twin brother, John!

US History teacher Valerie Ziegler prepared a cultural awareness test with 16 images of famous place and people. It is no surprise that Morgan Wallace of the social studies department scored the best with 14 out of 16. Scoring 11 were junior Andrei Khartchenko and alumni Lee Fieber. The image most commonly mistaken was Graceland, which only wellness counselor Ian Enriquez got correct. Senior Enhao Cheung was also the only contestant to correctly name the final image which was of Chief Joseph (another contestant was able to describe his accomplishments without coming up with his name).  Other challenging images that only Wallace and Khartchenko were able to identify were Peral Harbor and the Sears Tower (a couple of contestants were able to identify the cityscape as Chicago).


Jenny Lam takes the lead back after this round and also wins the free prom ticket! Big surprises came once again at the eliminations. Two people in the Danger Zone were eliminated- sophomore Angelica Cabral and freshman Kaley Selor (leaving only one freshman left in the competition). The two faculty members at risk both did well in this round and jumped out of danger which quite shockingly resulted in the eliminations of alumni Winfield Ye and sophomore Dylan Chow. Ye looked like a sure contender for the top 12 while Dylan Chow had been rising in ranks and looked to be the dark horse of the competition. Ye left his parting thoughts about how valuable it is to test your health and not just assume you are doing great. A thought many contestants left with after getting their blood pressure checked in this round!


Facing the most dangerous Danger Zone yet are faculty members Claire DeLeon, Morgan Wallace, Mario Gini, and junior Shirley Wei. The top 12 have held their spots steadily through out the competition and this will be the last shot the four in the Danger Zone will have to cause an upset and bump someone out of these coveted spots. The game is set to change very soon and the genders will no longer be competing separately. The battle will be fierce. The top 5 have held their spots for several rounds now and show no signs of weakening, but there is no telling what will happen next.

Round 4 News


Round 4 was designed to separate the serious candidates from those just hoping to sail through, as both challenges required preparation. The mental challenge is a tricky IQ test that would be difficult to explain on the spot in which more than 12% of the contestants scored a 0. The physical challenge is pull-ups or a flexed arm hang, neither are things the human body naturally performs without practice. More than 16% of the contestants performed below the standards.


The Mensa Award winning game of Set started the fourth round of competition. Having strong visual and spatial acuity aids in a person’s abilities in science and technology, which could be beneficial to societal advancement. Crystal Chang held the record with 13 sets in 5 minutes, and this year faculty member Ian Enriquez tied the record. Others who did well in this challenge are alumni Lee Fieber with 8, faculty member Mario Gini, alumni Winfield Ye, and sophomore Cathy Cai who all scored 7. 


The physical challenge for the female contestants this round was a flexed arm hang. Things were called into question after three contestants held on at a minimal flex, but after deliberations with other experts, their scores were counted and nobody had to repeat the challenge. The top 3 scorers who held on for over 50 seconds were junior Jenny Lam, sophomore Taylor Nakayama, and alumni Loni Nguyen.


The male contestants were asked to perform pull-ups. The top scorer for this round was Enhao Cheung who nearly completed 38! Junior Andrei Khartchenko completed 26 and alumni Steven Flynn almost did the same.


The four contestants who performed the poorest this round were also the four that were eliminated. English teacher Max Van Engers and junior Ricardo Mejia did not survive the Danger Zone and were taken out. Following them was another junior, Uchechi Amaechi. The final elimination was a shocker as senior Calvin Graber was eliminated over freshman Kaley Selor by .02 of a point! 


Selor survives another round in the Danger Zone along with after school coordinator Claire DeLeon after a good showing on Set. Joining them in the Danger Zone for this round are sophomore Angelica Cabral who is no stranger to the Danger Zone and peer resource teacher Morgan Wallace. If Wallace pulls off a strong showing in the next round, we might have an all female elimination in the next round!

Round 3 News

Round 3 began with a text twist challenge. Contestants were given a 9-letter word (Halloween) from which they had to make as many words as possible in 5 minutes. Contestants got 1 point for every letter used in a word with a minimum of 3 letters. Record holder Ian Enriquez scored on top once again with 150 points. In second place is sophomore Dylan Chow with 138 followed by special education teacher Mario Gini at 129. Other contestants to break 100 were Peer Resource teacher Morgan Wallace, alumni Loni Nguyen, sophomore Taylor Nakayama, senior Calvin Graber, and sophomore Cathy Cai.


The guys did very well in both challenges this round, averaging a 92 versus 76 in the word challenge. For the balance challenge, the guys averaged 22 seconds versus 12.9 for the female contestants. Two students broke the competition record for the Stork Balance Test. Freshman Jimmy Zhu lasted 1 minute and 21.9 seconds and junior Andrei Khartchenko 1 minute and 8.6 seconds. In third place, at just under 30 seconds was senior Devon Marman. Other contestants to break the 20 second mark included the alumni twins John Steven Flynn, counselor Ian Enriquez, Taylor Nakayama, and Loni Nguyen.


In a way, this was a great round for underclassman. Good scores propelled Nakayama to 1st place and Zhu into the top 10. Unfortunately, freshmen Natalie Chong and Kamia Langley were eliminated this round leaving Zhu with only one other freshman competitor left in the group, Kaley Selor, who is currently in the danger zone in the next round.


The seniors were hit hard in the last round after 3 more of them were eliminated. This round continues the bad news for the class of 2010 as Devon Marman is eliminated despite his good balance score. Seniors Enhao Cheung and Deanna Wong dropped down in rank from the top 5 to 10th and 11th place respectively. While the only other remaining senior, Calvin Graber, holds hast at 16th. 


The last of this round eliminations was sophomore Alejandro Hernandez. At this point, none of the 10 faculty or alumni contestants have been eliminated from the competition. The alumni are continuing to hold strong in the top 13. The faculty members face greater risks as two of them (teacher Max Van Engers and afterschool coordinator Claire DeLeon) join Selor in the danger zone. With them is junior Ricardo Mejia, who along with Selor have continued to dodge elimination with each passing round. Will they do it one more time?

Round 2 News

The physical challenge for round 2 was the sit reach test. Muscle flexibility increases range of motion and helps to prevent injury. It was no surprise that gymnast Taylor Nakayama and super-athlete Enhao Cheung pushed themselves to the limit and more! The other contestants that showed above average flexibility were crew rower Deanna Wong, alumni Steven Flynn, freshman Jimmy Zhu, and Wellness counselor Ian Enriquez.


The memory test returns and counselor Ian Enriquez tied his previous record of 75% recall. Memory is a key element in learning and something that diminishes with age if not exercised properly. In this challenge, contestants had a minute to look over 36 images and remember as much as they can and the only other contestants who remembered more than half of the images were junior Jenny Lam, sophomore Cathy Cai, senior Deanna Wong, and alumni Winfield Ye.


After all the scores were tabulated, Jenny Lam took away the first place spot from alumni John Flynn, and the two hold strong in the top two spots of the competition. Enhao Cheung crept up to 3rd place while Ian Enriquez makes a huge jump from 25th place to 4th! Junior Andrei Khartchenko slips slightly into 5th place. It should also be noted that Deanna Wong’s performance in these challenges moved her from 20th to 6th.


In last week’s Danger Zone, we had sophomore Angelica Cabral, freshman Kaley Selor, senior Nancy Mendez, and junior Ricardo Mejia. Three of them survived round 2. In fact, Mejia barely pulled himself out of the Danger Zone for this round as he moved from 29th place to 24th. Cabral and Selor remain in the Danger Zone, while Mendez gets eliminated. Joining her in the eliminations for are fellow seniors Annabel Hertz and Ilya Lederman, and freshman Barrett Courtney. New to the Danger Zone in the third round are senior Devon Marman and teacher Max Van Engers. 


The competition is only getting tougher and the underclassmen are yet to breach the top 5. It is looking like Taylor Nakayama and Jimmy Zhu hold the hope for their class to be the first underclassman winner of Health Idol, but it is not going to be easy.

Round 1 News

Round 1 began with the jump rope competition and this year’s contestants have really upped their game. Senior Enhao Cheung broke the record with 815 jumps! Now that we are using the bell curve, Enhao’s score places him better than 99.9% of people in this challenge. Other top scorers in this challenge were alumni John Flynn at 416, junior Jenny Lam at 405, alumni Loni Nguyen at 398, and junior Andrei Khartchenko at 363. The contestants that broke 200 were freshman Jimmy Zhu, senior Deanna Wong, junior Shirley Wei, and teacher Mario Gini.

The second half of the challenge was a nutrition quiz that ended up weighing heavily on the contestants’ overall scores. The top score for the quiz was a 90.9% by alumni John Flynn. His high performance in both challenges put him in first place overall! Right behind him was alumni and physical trainer Lee Fieber with an 86.3%. Junior Andrei Khartchenko came in third with an 81.8%. The contestants learned a lot from this challenging quiz. Some of the most enlightening information learned included that fat free also means more sugar or salt to compensate for flavor and that a vinaigrette has 9x as many calories as vinegar due to its oil content.


The jump rope scores seemed to help our top contenders as our top 5 in that challenge also placed top 5 over all. Following John Flynn in order are Jenny Lam, Loni Nguyen, Andrei Khartchenko, and Enhao Cheung. The 5 are starting out with a large lead over their competitors. Rounding out the top 10 in order are freshman Kamia Langley, alumni Lee Fieber, sophomore Taylor Nakayama, alumni Steven Flynn, and teacher Morgan Wallace.


The eliminations came as a big surprise as the first two to go were contestants that were projected to go very far. These were junior Devon Wong and senior Hannah Yan. Low placement on the nutrition quiz sealed their fate. Also out of the competition are freshman Armando Corral and sophomore Hector Perez. So the round ends with one person from each class getting eliminated. The four contestants in the danger zone also represent each class. It will be an uphill battle in round 2 for sophomore Angelica Cabral, freshman Kaley Selor, senior Nancy Mendez, and junior Ricardo Mejia. Who will prevail and who will be the next to go. Check out round 2 and find out!


Contestants Selected!

            Health Idol is on for the 7th year and with each year there are new twists in the game. This year, alumni will be returning for the first time to see if they can take the title that has eluded them. From the class of 2007, Loni Nguyen and Winfield Ye will be returning. Both have been in the final 4 and participated for a couple of years in the competition with great determination and learned a lot about themselves in the process. Also returning from the class of 2008 are twins John and Steven Flynn. Both had also competed separately in two different years and finally together in their senior year. After making it to the penultimate round, only Steven moved forward to be the first student to ever take second place despite a strong final round finish. Joining the returning alumni is another member of the class of 2008- Lee Fieber. This is his first shot at the title, but has already been working hard alongside the Flynns and is a definite contender.

            Returning contestants are an important part of the competition. They give everyone someone to look up to and out for in the challenges. Returning to defend his title of two years is Wellness counselor Ian Enriquez, and he is very aware that many of the contestants do not want to see him take it for a third year in a row. Also returning are senior Deanna Wong who has been one of the top students in the competition for the last two years. No current student has outlasted her in the competition yet. Her teammate from the Pacific Rowing Club, Andrei Khartchenko, is a returning junior who worked very hard to finish in 5th after an early elimination the year before. Also returning is sophomore gymnast Taylor Nakayama. She was a strong contender last year, but got eliminated too soon due only to a technicality on the team component. Senior softball player Annabel Hertz, who finished right after Taylor, will also be competing this year. Finally, returning in her senior year after a brief hiatus is Hannah Yan, a top ten finisher in previous years that is ready to leave her mark on the competition.

            The faculty dominated the competition last year and shut out the students from the final round. This year, there are 4 new faculty members who will be joining Ian for the first time- after school coordinator Claire De Leon, special ed teacher Mario Gini, English teacher Max Van Engers, and peer resource teacher Morgan Wallace.

            It is exciting to see younger siblings of former contestants entering the competition. This year, we have senior football star Devon Marman (who many see as the biggest threat in the competition) and junior Uchechi Amaechi who hope to outperform their older siblings. Devon is joined by other senior guys that promise to keep the competition quite intense. His batchmates include his teammate Calvin Graber (whose academic standing rivals his athletic endeavors), soccer star Enhao Cheung (whose coaches refer to him as one of Lincoln’s top athletes), and Ilya Lederman (whose numerous outdoor adventures include a life changing trip to Nicaragua with Calvin this past summer).

            Last year’s competition featured a rivalry between 4 crew rowers and 4 dragonboat paddlers, and the rowers dominated all their competition and took the top 3 student spots. This year there are only 2 from each team. Deanna and Andrei return to represent crew and this year we have juniors Ricardo Mejia and Devon Wong from dragonboat. Will they turn things around on the rowers? There are other competitors with an affinity to water! A couple of competitive swimmers have also entered the competition this year, sophomore Angelica Cabral and freshman Kamia Langley.

            Of course, we would be foolish to ignore the land sports. For the first time, we have large group of soccer players in the competition. Joining Enhao are senior Nancy Mendez, sophomore Hector Perez, and freshman Armando Corral. We also have a couple of sophomore baseball players who are ready to fight for recognition, Dylan Chow and Alejandro Hernandez. The most represented sport this year is track and it is without a doubt that junior PE department aide Jenny Lam and sophomore weightlifting champion Cathy Cai are not to be overlooked. Following in the footsteps of alumni Nguyen is another female wrestler junior Shirley Wei will also be competing this year.

            We have never seen a freshman win this competition and this year is not going to be easy with all the tough contestants already lined up. Joining Armando and Kamia from the freshman class are volleyball player Natalie Chong, basketball player Kaley Selor, aspiring rocker Barrett Courtney, and track star Jimmy Zhu.