10-11 Year Archive

10-11 Year Archive

Health Idol Round 10


The final 3 include former Health Idol and wellness counselor Ian Enriquez who starts the round with a good lead, followed by junior weight lifter Cathy Cai who made it to round 9 last year and has now made it to the end, and junior gymnast Taylor Nakayama who is a three time Health Idol contestant and has proven to be a top competitor each year.  Their final challenges include the mile run and the tuba ruba challenge!  For the tuba ruba challenge, a tube is tied around each contestant who then has to navigate a marble from one end to the other.


The first person to endure the tuba ruba challenge was former Idol Enriquez.  Nakayama tied the tube around his chest with many knots in the back and it proved to be the toughest tuba ruba challenge he has had to resolve.  Constantly sending the marble back in the wrong direction, his finishing time was over 10 minutes.  Up next, Cai tied Nakayama up in a seated position.  This was the first year someone did that, but Taylor had no problems and completed the challenge in under 2 minutes!  Finally, Enriuqez got to tie up Cai who took nearly 7 minutes to complete the challenge.  This challenge was exactly what Nakayama needed to turn things around as she takes the lead going into the mile run with Enriquez in second and Cai in third.


Last year, all three had to run the mile and Cai came in first with Nakayama unable to complete the mile.  Enriquez and Cai both pushed Nakayama to push passed her fears and finish the mile this year.  Enriquez was off to a strong start and slowed down with each lap.  Cai and Nakayama kept pace for the first three laps until Nakayama charged forward on the final lap!  In the end, Enriquez came in first this time with Nakayama in second.  After the race, there was no doubt that Cathy Cai has finished the competition in third place this year.


So who is the next Health Idol?  It all came down to the math.  Taylor Nakayama scored the most points this round; however, Enriquez had the lead coming into the round.  Nakayama did strongly in the tuba ruba challenge to surpass Enriquez’ score, so was his mile run time significantly better enough to take the win back from Nakayama and become the first three time winner of Health Idol.  It was.


Congratulations to Ian Enriquez, Health Idol winner for 2011!


Health Idol Round 9

Round 9 included the improvement challenge where contestants tried to repeat a physical challenge from the past to see if they can improve on it and there was an interview where the last eliminated contestant asks a question and rates their responses.  The round starts off with the top 4 in very close proximity in score.  Junior Cathy Cai and former Health Idol are neck and neck in 1st & 2nd place respectively.  Not far behind them are junior Taylor Nakayama and nurse Rebecca Lam in 3rd & 4th respectively.  There is a good chance for an all female final 3 this year.  Health Idol has not seen a female title holder since 2006 when Phoebe Leong took the title for a second year in a row.  Further behind in 5th is the current Health Idol, Andrei Khartchenko.  It will be very tough for him to make it to the final round, but either way he will be the second student to compete in Health Idol for all 4 years of his high school career.  In 6th with near impossible odds to make it the final round is junior Dylan Chow.


Having done poorly in the pulse pressure challenge, both Khartchenko and Chow opted to retake this challenge.  Both proved to be most successful in this challenge with Khartchenko getting an above average score and a .57 improvement and Chow close behind him, getting a .56 improvement.  Cathy Cai decided to retry the flexibility challenge and also improved, getting an improvement score of .48.  This guarantees her spot in the final 3! 


Enriquez & Nakayama decide to make a second attempt at jump rope.  Enriquez had made a drastic improvement in jump rope this year and finally scored above average, but he was confident that he could do even better.  He was correct and gained an improvement score of .39.  Nakayama had performed below her past scores and also improved with an improvement score of .13.  Despite the success of the Khartchenko and Chow in this challenge, Nakayama’s improvement was enough to guarantee that both guys will not continue into the next round.


Lam had done well on her flexed-arm hang, but felt that was her best bet to improve on. Unfrotunately, that did not work out and she scored a -.72 on the improvement challenge.  This guarantees that Enriquez had made the final 3.  All the interview challenge would do at this point, would be determine whether the third spot will belong to Nakayama or Lam!


The interview question was simple this year and the most commonly asked over the years: “Why do you deserve to be the next Health Idol?”  The reviewer felt that his top two picks demonstrated the most humility in their response and gave the top two spots to Enriquez and Nakayama.  This put Taylor Nakayama as the third finalist for this year’s Health Idol.  Andrei Khartchenko came in third for the interview, but it was all too late.  Lam, Khartchenko, and Chow did not move in ranking after this round.


At the end of the round, Enriquez reclaims the #1 spot with Cai and Nakayama with only a 0.08 difference in score.  The three are contributing all their prize money towards this year’s Global Glimpse trip to Nicaragua, but still have one last round to complete to determine the new Health Idol!

Health Idol Round 8

Round 8 included the peer support challenge and the rock wall.  For the peer support challenge, each contestant was paired up with a friend and their score for this round is a reflection of the success of their partner.  As for the Rock Wall, the contestants raced up the same side of a 24 foot rock wall and their time is their score.  This year there was no practice climbs.


For the peer support challenge last year’s winning team succeeded yet again.  Juniors Taylor Nakayama and Cathy Cai were both in the top 4 at the start of the round which gives both of them a good boost in the competition.  Coming in third is former Health Idol counselor Ian Enriquez whose partner, Chris Avila finished in 11th place for his first shot at the competition.


In this round, the bottom 3 are seeking a way to break into the top 6.  Juniors Dylan Chow, Martin Arreola, and freshman Jessica Young need to do well in this round and hope that either the reigning Health Idol senior Andrei Khartchenko or Wellness counselor Carol Chao stumbles in this round and drop low enough for one of them to secure a spot in the next round.  In the peer support challenge, freshman Jessica Young came in 4th after her partner finished in 17th place.  Her junior rivals (with Dylan Chow coming in last) and the reigning Idol fell in the bottom 3 in this challenge so this may be just what she needs to survive. 


As for the Rock Wall, record holder Enriquez did not break his record, but still scored in first with an 18 second climb.  It is his best time since setting the record three years ago which he credits to channeling the adrenaline brought about by former rival John Flynn.  In second place with 23 seconds is junior Dylan Chow which could be his ticket into the next round!  Finishing in 3rd is junior Taylor Nakayama with 24.5 seconds.


Junior Cathy Cai’s success in the peer support challenge placed her in first despite not taking one of the top spots in the rock climbing challenge.  The combined success in both challenges for wellness counselor Ian Enriquez and junior Taylor Nakayama places them in 2nd and 3rd, while nurse Rebecca Lam slips into 4th.  However, the scores between the four them are still pretty tight so it will be a battle for the final three spots!


A couple of contestants exceeded a minute on the rock wall which led to their eliminations.  Finishing in 9th place is the last freshman in the competition, Jessica Young.  Coming in at 8th is wellness counselor Carol Chao!  This is just what the junior guys needed.  Chow finished in 9th and 2nd during the two challenges while Arreola finished in 7th and 5th.  With that, Arreola does not defy the odds for three straight rounds and finishes the competition in 7th place overall.


Reigning Idol Khartchenko joins Chow in rounding out the top 6, but the two of them may have insurmountable odds to break into the final three.  This certainly does not mean that they won’t try.  Four of the contestants are fighting for funding for the Nicaragua trip this summer!  Find out who will be the final three in the next round!

Health Idol, Round 7

This year, the top 12 performed better than usual in the dexterity challenge, averaging about 2 shots more than the previous average.  This year’s winner with 75% accuracy is junior Martin Arreola.  This bodes well for Arreola who fought to stay in the game in the last round and has to do so once again against the remaining sophomores Chris Avila and June Wu.  Only one of them will stay in the game and this is a good start for him.  Coming in second is junior Cathy Cai with 67% accuracy.  This continues her rise in the competition and will hopefully get her into the top 3 for the first time this year.  Coming in third with 50% accuracy is Wellness counselor Ian Enriquez.  This is a much needed boost for him after plummeting in the previous round and a bit of a surprise considering his usual 8% accuracy rate from previous years.

The cultural challenge included 20 fill in the blanks where state names were missing from popular culture references.  Of the 20, three were known to all the contestants: fast food joint KENTUCKY Fried Chicken, Katy Perry’s hit song CALIFORNIA Gurls, and MTV reality show NEW JERSEY Shore.  Topping the challenge with 18 out of 20 were the two oldest contestants, Wellness counselors Ian Enriquez and Carol Chao.  Of the students, the highest score went to junior Dylan Chow who got 15 out of 20.  There were four items on the task that only three contestants got correct: the Chevrolet pick-up truck COLORADO, Ray Charles’ hit song from the 60s GEORGIA on My Mind (which was featured prominently on this year’s American Idol auditions), surprisingly A Streetcar Named Desire playwright TENNESSEE Williams was unknown to most, and what proved to be the trick question of the year was popular ice tea ARIZONA (missed by both of the challenge winners).

Due to injuries, sophomore Kaley Selor had to leave the competition this round.  This left only two more elimination spots and as mentioned above the three contestants at the bottom would be fighting for the 9th spot in Round 8.  Once again, of the three were the remaining sophomores Avila and Wu and Arreola who fought for his spot in this round during the previous round.  Arreola’s dexterity win put him above his competitors while Wu fell right on average and Avila dropped below.  After the culture test, Avila fell just below average and finished in 11th place.  Wu fell well below average and finished in 10th place.  Arreola actually got 14 out of 20 and finished just below Chow and survived yet another round and finished in 8th place, just above sole freshman Jessica Young!

Coming into Round 8, the scores are somewhat spread apart.  It seems that the top 4 are secure and the bottom 5 will have to fight it out.  Joining Young & Arreola in the bottom three is junior Dylan Chow.  Due to the score differences, this will be a tough challenge for these three to survive.  In order to succeed, they must excel in this next round while one of the two contestants above them must fail and that is something Wellness counselor Carol Chao and current Health Idol Andrei Khartchenko are not about to do!

Health Idol, Round 6

Round 6 introduced the squats challenge for the first time in the history of Health Idol and the Set challenge.  Set is Mensa award winning IQ game that tests the brain in a visual association making capacity.

For two rounds in a row, junior Cathy Cai breaks a record.  This time in Set, Cathy set a new record of finding 16 sets in the 5 minute time limit.  Other notable performances are junior Martin Arreola who found 11 sets and tied at third are junior Dylan Chow and freshman Jessica Young who each found 10 sets.

Squats provided a new challenge for the contestants as nobody knew what the average amount of squats would be and what to prepare for.  As it turns out, the average number of non-stop squats were 252 and the first few contestants who started the challenge performed below that number.  Some of the later contestants had heard about how some of their competitora fared out and pushed themselves further.  It came to no surprise when senior and current Health Idol Andrei Khartchenko set the record with 1,000 squats (and with perfect form).  Junior Taylor Nakayama had done 400 squats and figured it was safe to stop at that, but she was wrong.  She was surpassed by Andrei and nurse Rebecca Lam who did 421 squats.

Of the top 15 contestants, 11 of them had a strong enough lead that it would have taken a very unfortunate turn for any of them to be eliminated.  With that said, the bottom four had their work cut out for them because it would be a battle between them to determine which one of them will continue in the competition.  The bottom four included coach Kevin Doherty, juniors Martin Arreola and Aaron Wang, and sophomore Jimmy Zhu (who was the top performing freshman in last year’s competition).

After the Set challenge, it was Arreola who came in first with Zhu right behind him.  Wang was in third and Doherty in fourth, which meant they would really have to make it up in squats in order to save themselves because the four of them were really close in score.  As it turns out, Doherty was last in squats as well and finishes in 15th place.  Wang was the first contestant to complete the squats and also fell in third place among the four, so he is eliminated in 14th place.  Zhu only did 5 more squats than Wang and also finished second of the four in both challenges and end the competition in 13th place.  So Arreola lives to see another round!

Round 7 finds the bottom four in the same position as this round with the top 8 holding a solid enough lead to stay safe while the bottom four fight it out for a single spot to continue forward.  In the bottom four along with Arreola and three sophomores: teammates Kaley Selor & June Wu, and Chris Avila.  Can Arreola pull it off one more time to survive another round?  Freshman Nick Kim had done it at the start of the competition and dodged elimination many times.  Meanwhile, nurse Rebecca Lam continues to dominate the competition, taking a larger lead from her competitors with juniors Taylor Nakayama & Cathy Cai pushing forward to take her down!

Health Idol, Round 5

Round 5 included a nutrition quiz and the Stork Balance Test.  The nutrition quiz consisted of 10 multiple choice questions put together by health teacher and former contestant, Morgan Wallace.  The Stork Balance Test has contestants standing on one foot, with their hands on their waist and the other foot against their leg, then raising up on their toes. 


What threw people off the most on the nutrition quiz were the calorie questions.  The only person to get everything correct was wellness counselor (and nutritionist), Carol Chao.  Freshman, Jessica Young was the only contestant to get one wrong answer which was about coffee drinks in particular.  Many contestants were frustrated by questions about things they would not include in their diets, but as a Health Idol the importance of knowledge about their choices are also important.  Seven contestants got only the two calorie questions wrong- Chris Avila (sophomore), Cathy Cai (junior), Dylan Chow (junior), Kevin Doherty (teacher), Rebecca Lam (nurse), Taylor Nakayama (junior), and Aaron Wang (junior).


Many contestants surpassed the one minute marker on the Stork Balance Test this year which is something that has rarely happened in the past.  Two contestants broke the record- Cathy Cai with 1:46.8 and Rebecca Lam with 1:30.5 minutes.  Also beating the one minute marker were Kaley Selor (sophomore), Andrei Khartchenko (senior), Chris Avila and Jessica Young.


Cathy Cai was the most successful contestant this round and brings her up into 5th place.  Rebecca Lam had the second best performance this round and takes the lead.  It is a tight race between the top 6 and anything can happen each round.  In second place is wellness counselor Ian Enriquez and junior Taylor Nakayama holds at 3rd.  Also included in the top 6 are Carol Chao (4th) and reigning Health Idol Andrei Khartchenko (6th).


Jessica Young had the third best showing this round and rises to 7th place with a chance to break into the top 6.  Sophomore June Wu in 8th place follows a bit behind her.  Then Chris Avila (9th) and Dylan Chow (10th) are neck and neck below June.


Of the previous bottom three, only one improved well enough to escape elimination.  Jimmy Zhu finishes in 15th and will be in the bottom 3 in the next round.  Senior Jenny Lam and freshman Gloria Jeung are elimated and slipping below them both is freshman Judy Zhu.


Jimmy has his work cut out for him in the next round, but with the bottom four being so close in score anything is possible.  Joining him in bottom three are juniors Aaron Wang and Martin Arreola.  Barely escaping the bottom three is Coach Kevin Doherty, but there is no question that these three guys will be doing everything they can to push past him and take him out of the competition.

Health Idol, Round 4

Round 4 included an IQ test and pulse pressure.  Pulse Pressure is the difference between the two numbers recorded by blood pressure and tells you how hard your heart is working.  This can be improved upon by a healthy diet.  The IQ Test was a series of 12 true/false questions that measured quickness of processing, and the score was determined by the number correct and the completion time.

Despite all the questions being simple, only two contestants got them all correct.  Of the two, junior Dylan Chow completed it the fastest, so counselor Ian Enriquez came in second.  The two fastest unassisted times were PE & French teacher Kevin Doherty (who finished the quickest) and freshman Nick Kim who both got only one question wrong.  As it was, Doherty thought he was faced with a trick question and incorrectly changed his mind on the question.  Both of these guys started this round in the bottom three and needed this victory to move forward.

The other contestants with only one mistake include freshman Judy Zhu, sophomore June Wu, counselor Carol Chao, then juniors Aaron Wang, Taylor Nakayama, Cathy Cai, and Martin Arreola.

For pulse pressure, counselor Carol Chao tied the record (26) and with an adjustment score of 24 (for men), Doherty set a new record and won this challenge.  Doherty’s success in both challenges guarantees that not only he stays in the competition, but he advances from the 19th spot to 11th place!  Chao was the second most successful competitor this round and moves from 7th to 4th place.  The third best pulse pressure and also the third most successful contestant this round is sophomore June Wu who moves from 12th place into 6th.

The other contestants who performed strongly this round (in order) were Ian Enriquez who holds on to the #1 position, and freshmen Nick Kim & Judy Zhu.  Unfortunately, senior Ricardo Mejia did not rise to the challenge and escape the bottom 3 and has been eliminated.  Slipping below Doherty & Kim into elimination is sophomore Brianna Caba.  And the final elimination falls on Kim, who despite a strong showing did not recover enough to save himself for a third time in a row.

The new bottom three comes as a surprise.  A lot of the contestants who have been holing at the bottom have triumphed in this round and turned things around.  Holding at 18th is freshman Gloria Jeung who has held steady in the middle and it has now caught up with her.  In a shocking slip, senior Jenny Lam falls dramatically into 17th place and sophomore Jimmy Zhu falls into 16th.  Jenny was the second highest ranked student from last year’s competition and Jimmy was last year’s last freshman standing.  These two will not take this slip lightly so nobody is safe in the coming round.

The competition is about to enter the halfway point and anything can happen.  Will there be another student shut out this year?  Will last year’s top students hold their ground?  Or will some of this year’s new faces surprise their competition?

Health Idol, Round 3

Round 3 included the jump rope and sudoku competitions.  This was also the round that would determine which junior or senior would win the free prom ticket.  What proved to be the determining factor was the jump rope… 


This year the contestants really pushed themselves in the jump rope competition even though the record was not broken.  The jump rope average moved up from last year’s 177 to 201!  Senior Jenny Lam (who won the prom ticket last year) came close to the 815 record that was set last year by doing 773 jumps.  This allowed her to move up significantly in rank this round, but not enough to reach student front runner Taylor Nakayama (junior).  Current Health Idol, senior Andrei Khartchenko also beat his personal record and did 684 jumps which combined with his sudoku score allowed him to pass Taylor and win the prom ticket this year.  Other notable accomplishments in this challenge include sophomore Jimmy Zhu with 350 jumps and junior Cathy Cai with 307 jumps.  Breaking 200 this year, were junior Ariana Wilson, counselor Ian Enriquez, and freshman Nick Kim.


The sudoku challenge separated the serious competitors from the pack.  When a contestant comes in and says “I haven’t done this in years” or ask “how do you do this again,” you know they are not pushing themselves to make it far in the competition.  This year, freshman Jessica Young beat the record by completing the puzzle in under 3 minutes.  Young has been dominating the mental challenges this year and must possess a genius level IQ.  Enriquez and Cai matched the former record and completed it in under 4 minutes.  And coming close to the previous record were, junior Aaron Wang and freshman Gloria Jeung completed the puzzle in under 5 minutes.


The top scorers for this round are current Idol Khartchenko who moved into the #2 slot, Cathy Cai who moves into #6, Jenny Lam who moves into #7, Jimmy Zhu who moves into #10, and Ian Enriquez who takes the top spot.  So far, a different person has taken the top spot every round.  The top 4 (Enriquez, Khartchenko, Nakayama, and nurse Rebecca Lam) have a sizable lead over their competition, but the road ahead is still long and anything can happen.


The three who had to fight for their spot this round did well.  Freshman Nick Kim did 219 jumps, Senior Ricardo Mejia did 197, and Spanish teacher Arturo Rovo did 115.  However, their sudokus did not go over as well.  However, 2 of them managed to save themselves this round.  Freshman Jovan Woods and Junior Ariana Wilson were unfamiliar with sudoku and found themselves eliminated this round along with teacher Rovo.  Kim & Wilson were only 0.01 of a point away from each other, the second time Kim has scraped by on such a small fraction! 


Kim & Mejia remain on the bottom as we enter round 4, and joining them in the struggle to stay in the game is Coach Kevin Doherty.  Cathy Cai and Jenny Lam are at a good spot to break into the top 4, but they will be relying on their opponents to drop the ball.  Who will make their move and who will be the next to go?

Health Idol, Round 2

Round 2 included the flexibility test and text twist.  Record holders Taylor Nakayama and Ian Enriquez are both in the competition this year to defend their titles. 


The contestants started with the sit and reach.  Taylor Nakayama surpassed her record significantly and well passed the end of the measure to approximately 60 centimeters!  Several contestants nearly reached 51 centimeter mark: nurse Rebecca Lam (49), freshman Judy Zhu (48.5), counselor Carol Chao (47), and sophomores Chris Avila (46.5) and Jimmy Zhu (46).  For this challenge, guys get a 2 centimeter bonus to their score so they respectively scored a 48.5 and 48.


For the text twist challenge, the starting word this year was VALENTINE.  This is the first year that Enriquez was beaten in the challenge, and he was beaten by 5 contestants!  Enriquez scored 111 points.  None of the contestants that beat him even used the 9-point word: valentine!  Very few contestants found 5 letter words.  Winner Rebecca Lam (170 points) used “alien”, “elite”, “linen”, “navel”, and “leave”.  None of the 2nd through 4th players found any, but freshman Jessica Young came in 2nd (129 points), counselor Chao in 3rd (127 points), and junior Dylan Chow in 4th (117 points).  In 5th is junior Cathy Cai who also used the word “linen” (the most commonly used 5 letter word in the challenge), “intel”, and “leant”. 


A change in leadership occurred after the round finished and last year’s dominance of the top two slots by counselor Ian Enriquez and senior Jenny Lam came to an end.  In first place is nurse Rebecca Lam with junior Taylor Nakayama right behind her.  Enriquez hangs on to the third place spot.  The three manage a solid lead, but trailing behind them from 4th through 8th are counselor Carol Chao, junior Dylan Chow, sophomore June Wu, reigning champion senior Andrei Khartchenko, and sophomore Kaley Selor.  Wrapping up the top 10 are freshman Jessica Young and sophomore Chris Avila.


The competition is off to a strong start.  Three contestants have set themselves apart in an early lead.  Senior Jenny Lam, counselor Ian Enriquez, and junior Taylor Nakayama hold the top 3 spots with strong performances in both challenges.  Five contestants follow behind them include Kaley Selor and her partner, first time contestant sophomore June Wu, and other returning contestants Dylan Chow, Andrei Khartchenko, and junior Cathy Cai.  Rounding out the top 10 are freshman Jessica Young (the only freshman in the top 10) and sophomore Chris Avila!


At the start of the round freshman Jonathan Xie, junior James Clark, and freshman Hans Oberschelp found themselves at the bottom of the pile and had to fight for their survival.  Unfortunately, they were not able to pull it off and are eliminated from the competition.  Xie came very close with only a 0.01 difference in score from opponent freshman Nick Kim.


In the next round the contestants face a test of their coordination and endurance with the jump rope.  Who will hold their spots and who will crack under the pressure?

Health Idol, Round 1

It is year 8 of the Health Idol competitions and 30 competitors are facing off for the title.  Returning contestants had the opportunity to invite a partner that they would like to work with.  Returning champion senior Andrei Khartchenko invited Spanish teacher Arturo Rovo as his partner.  Former champion Wellness counselor Ian Enriquez has teamed up with sophomore Chris Avila.  And last year’s favorite senior Jenny Lam has teamed up with Coach Kevin Doherty.


The first competition this year was the memory test.  The contestants looked at 36 images for one minute and tried to recall as many of them as possible.  Ian Enriquez broke the record once again and moved from a 75% recall to 77.8% (28 out of 36).  10 of the 13 female contestants recalled 20 or more.  Enriquez was the only male to recall over 20.  Sophomore June Wu came in second with 26 and freshman Jessica Young came in third with 25.


For the physical challenge, the men performed pull-ups.  Reigning champion Andrei Khartchenko took the lead with 21, followed by junior Dylan Chow with 20, with Enriquez and Avila in third with 13.  Coach Kevin Doherty was one of two contestants who performed dead hang pull-ups, so with the multiplier he also tied with Enriquez and Avila’s 13.


The females competed in a flexed arm hang and Jenny Lam held on the longest at 60.8 seconds.  Taylor Nakayama went all out and performed pull-ups and completed 15!  Sophomore Kaley Selor lasted 47.4 seconds and Nurse Rebecca Lam lasted 43.9 seconds.


The competition is off to a strong start.  Three contestants have set themselves apart in an early lead.  Senior Jenny Lam, counselor Ian Enriquez, and junior Taylor Nakayama hold the top 3 spots with strong performances in both challenges.  Five contestants follow behind them include Kaley Selor and her partner, first time contestant sophomore June Wu, and other returning contestants Dylan Chow, Andrei Khartchenko, and junior Cathy Cai.  Rounding out the top 10 are freshman Jessica Young (the only freshman in the top 10) and sophomore Chris Avila!


The guys heavily populate the bottom of the list.  A big surprise is the elimination of top 10 finalist from last year, Peer Resource teacher Morgan Wallace.  Along with him, we lost first time contestants sophomore Jacob Levy and freshman Maria Tiongson.  The competition is not about to get any easier on the guys as round two includes a flexibility test and the word jumble.


Will June Wu continue to hang on the top with the returning contestants?  Kaley Selor and Dylan Chow got eliminated halfway through the competition last year.  Are they ready to take on the challenges this year?  Jenny Lam and Ian Enriquez fought for the top spot every round last year until Andrei Khartchenko steadily crept up behind them and took the win.  Will history repeat itself or is there another dark horse in the competition waiting to take the title?