11-12 Year Archive

11-12 Year Archive

Health Idol 2012- Round 10

The final round starts with the reigning Health Idol, counselor Ian Enriquez, in a slight lead over second
place. Following very closely in second place is junior Chris Avila, who was Enriquez’ partner in last
year’s Health Idol! The competition had started out with Avila in the lead, however, he slipped from the
top and lingered within the top 6 spots for the entire competition. He re-entered the top 3, just at the
right time for it to matter! A couple of points behind in third place is senior Dylan Chow who has been
referred to as the dark horse in the last three years of the competition. He has been fluctuating around
the top half of the competition, but slowly began to improve at a steady pace by defying elimination and
claiming his position in the final 3. This is the first year Avila and Chow have made it to the final three
and it definitely anyone’s game. However, Chow would have to win both challenges in the final round in
order to win the competition.

In the final round, the contestants have to select a physical and mental challenge that they would like
to repeat. Their score is based on how well they improve along the bell curve. Up first was Enriquez
who decided to repeat the reaction time challenge in which he messed up. It was the only mental
challenge where he received a deduction in points and was in the bottom 3 for the challenge. This time
he completed the challenge with a score of 0.183 seconds which would have put him in second place!
His improvement score was 2.8 points!

Avila went next and repeated the Set challenge which was also his worst mental score and this time he
complete 8 sets (from 3 earlier in the competition) and earned an improvement score of exactly 1 point.
Finally, Dylan repeated the memory challenge (also his worst mental challenge) and he recalled 38.9%
(from 33.3%), improving by 0.53 points. This means that Chow is definitely out of the running for the
title and Enriquez increases his lead in the competition!

For the physical competition, both Enriquez and Avila choose to repeat the pull-ups. Enriquez was the
only contestant who chose not to repeat his worst challenge in the finals. His worst was the mile run,
but was not confident that he could make up enough ground by repeating it. With pull-ups Enriquez
went from 9 to 14! This is an improvement of 0.76 points. Avila went immediately after him and went
from 6 to 15! His improvement earned him 1.38 points! Chow’s score will determine the winner. He
chose to repeat the jump rope challenge where he tripped up at 94, so he knew he could take it farther.
This time he completed 218 jumps and was only thrown off by his loosening laces! His improvement
score was 0.92 points.

This is the first year that all the contestants improved on their scores from the competition. For the
most part, the improvements were actually quite significant! So once everything was tallied….

Chris Avila is the new HEALTH IDOL!

Health Idol 2012- Round 9

The top 3 contestants are still counselor Ian Enriquez, freshman Shannon Do, and senior Kendall Kearns.
This is very exciting as we have not had a freshman in the final three since year 2 of the competition.
However, the scores are all pretty close so it is anyone’s game at this point. The other contestants still
in the running are seniors Taylor Nakayama and Dylan Chow, and junior Chris Avila.

The first challenge is the dreaded mile run. This turned out to be a strong year for the mile run. The
fastest time this year goes to junior Chris Avila at 5 minutes and 57.2 seconds. Senior Dylan Chow
came in second with 6 minutes and 7.5 seconds. The four remaining contestants all get an adjustment
to their time due to either gender or age, but the adjustments did not impact their ranking. In third
was freshman Shannon Do with an adjusted time of 6 minutes and 29.2 seconds. These times keep
Do in second place and propels Avila into third place, which would eliminate all the seniors from the
competition! However, this was not the only challenge and it is still anyone’s game.

All the miles were completed in under 8 minutes which is a Health Idol first, and all the adjusted times
are under 7 minutes! Kendall Kearns had an adjusted time of 6 minutes and 38.3 seconds. Ian Enriquez
had an adjusted time of 6 minutes and 51.5 seconds. Taylor Nakayama beat her time from last year with
6 minutes and 53.8 seconds.

The second challenge is an opportunity for the last eliminated contestant to interview the final 6 with
one question. This year, the contestant is teacher John Hutchinson and he asked, “Knowing that I am an
upcoming father of two, do you think I should save your life if you were in a burning building?” It was
a brilliantly intense question and the most challenging that we have ever faced in the competition. It
comes to no surprise that the philosophical Avila came up with the best answer. In fact, it was the three
males who really examined the question the most thoroughly. This solidified a spot in the final three for
both Avila and Enriquez.

So this leaves one last spot. Did freshman Shannon Do maintain a good enough score to possibly be the
best freshmen in Health Idol history? Did Kendall Kearns do enough in her interview to retain her solid
placing throughout the competition? Did Taylor Nakayama manage to remain undefeated by anyone
else from the Class of 2012 for all 4 years? Or did Dylan Chow pull off the biggest upset in Health Idol
history and jump from 6th place into the final 3 without having ever been in the top 3 throughout the
entire competition?

Nakayama came in 6th place overall and for the first time fell behind other seniors in the competition.
She has been an amazing contender for all four years and it has been an honor to have her in the
competition. She is the third contestant to have competed for all four years she has been at Lincoln.
Kearns fell to fifth place after maintaining a spot in the top 3 for a majority of the competition. She was
new to this and quickly became the biggest threat.

This is the biggest upset in Health Idol history. With a difference of only 0.03 points, Dylan Chow makes
it to the next round over freshman Shannon Do! This all came down to 1 second in the mile run and
prevented the possibility of the first freshman win in the competition!

Health Idol 2012- Round 8

The top 3 contestants (counselor Ian Enriquez, freshman Shannon Do, and senior Kendall Kearns) start
off the round in complete safety. Their total scores are high enough to keep them into the next round.
It is the middle three that will have to fend off the other contestants from taking their spots. They are
teacher John Hutchinson, junior Chris Avila, and senior Lupita Loeza.

The first challenge is the rock wall. This is a unique challenge to the competition because there is no
way to make it up if you don’t show up for the challenge. This is the first year where a contestant failed
to show and it was senior Loeza who forfeited the competition. This bumps senior Taylor Nakayama
into the top 6 for now with four guys fighting to steal a spot in the next round. These include teacher
Chad Chiparo and seniors Dylan Chow, Aaron Wang, and Manny Rato (a Secret Society member who
earns a spot due to the forfeit).

A lot of contestants conquered their fears on the rock wall, which is always an exciting thing to see!
This year the challenge took place on the intermediate wall and new contestant Manny Rato set a new
record with 16.3 seconds. Right behind him were two other seniors, Dylan Chow with 21.3 and Taylor
Nakayama with 21.8 seconds.

The cultural challenge tested the contestants’ knowledge of their local environment. The tested looked
at how familiar contestants were with local bus routes and popular locales. The most unfamiliar to the
contestants was Cayuga Park, where one can find many wooden sculptures on display. Scoring 92% was
senior Aaron Wang. Tied behind him are senior Dylan Chow and freshman Shannon Do with 88%.

After all is said and done, the top three remain in their same positions. So whose journey ends here?
Despite Rato’s rock wall success and Wang’s knowledge of the local environment, their performance in
the other challenge was not so successful. This kept both of them from progressing forward. Chiparo
performed just above average in both challenges, but that was not enough to propel him into the next
round either. Dylan Chow performed the best overall this round which keeps him in the competition!
Taylor Nakayama had the second best performance in this round, which also further improves her
ranking. In third was Aaron Wang, but it was not enough to keep him in the game. So either Hutchinson
or the last junior Avila will be eliminated. Both of them performed well on the rock wall and not so well
on the environment quiz, but it was Avila who did a little better on both of those challenges. Avila stays
and Hutchinson is eliminated.

Manny Rato finishes in 10th. Chad Chiparo finishes in 9th. Aaron Wang finishes in 8th. Due to the
Shannon Do’s entrance into the competition, a fourth person must be eliminated and it is John
Hutchinson that finishes in 7th place. However, Hutchinson has one more role to play. Being the most
recent eliminated player, he will ask each of the remaining contestants a single question. He will then
rank their answers to affect their scores in the next round.

Only 6 people remain with 2 more rounds to go. Who will be in the final three, battling it out for the
title of Health Idol? We will find out soon enough!

Health Idol 2012- Round 7

As we determine who will be in the top 10, four contestants start in a precarious position: junior
Nero Shao, freshman Daniel Fielding, senior Dylan Chow, and a senior in the Secret Society. They will
definitely have to fight for their spots in the competition as they compete in a dexterity and Mensa
visual/spatial IQ test.

The first challenge tested dexterity. You get 12 shots to shoot a wiffle ball into a small recycling bin from
about 10 feet away. This year’s top scorers were junior Chris Avila with 75% accuracy and teacher John
Hutchinson with 66.7% accuracy. Coach Chad Chiparo, counselor Ian Enriquez, and senior Dylan Chow
all came in third with a 50% accuracy rate. This year’s average is 34.5%, and five contestants scored
below 20% including Fielding and Shao which could really hurt their chances of survival in this round.
The other three who will slip down for this are seniors Aaron Wang, Taylor Nakayama, and junior David

The Mensa challenge, called Set, has contestants seeking complex sets of three based on compatibilities
of images in regards to shape, color, quantity, and shading. This year, Secret Society member Shannon
Do tied the record and put together 13 sets in 5 minutes. Ian Enriquez found 11 sets and senior Kendall
Kearns came in third with 10 sets. In fourth with 9 sets was freshman Daniel Fielding, but will that be
enough to make up for the dexterity challenge and keep him in the game?

As it turns out, the last two Secret Society members successfully dodged elimination this round so
one of them will be officially entering the competition and that is freshman Shannon Do. She will be
entering the competition in the 2nd place position, underneath Enriquez by 0.01 points! It has been a
long time since we have seen a freshman in such a high rank. Could this be the year a freshman wins
the competition? The last Secret Society member barely missed elimination this round and will have to
topple four contestants in order to enter the competition in the next round.

So who are the three contestants that are out of the game? As it turns out, Shao did not perform to the
best of her abilities and finished with the competition. After her is junior David Dinh, whose elimination
will save at least one of the guys who started the round in danger. And the final elimination is Daniel
Fielding who’s strong Set performance was not enough to keep him in the game.

So the top 10 is set. The top three have a strong lead on the competition so they are definitely going
to survive round 8 and could very well stay to the end. These are counselor Enriquez, freshman Do,
and senior Kearns. The four contestants in the middle will definitely be fighting to stay in the game as
there is not enough room for all of them. These are teacher Hutchinson, junior Avila, and seniors Lupita
Loeza and Taylor Nakayama. The bottom three have some points to make up and will need to be very
successful in the next round if they have any hopes to survive. These are seniors Dylan Chow, Aaron
Wang, and coach Chiparo. As we have seen in the competition before, anything can happen. Especially
with challenges like the mile run and the rock wall climb still up ahead these contestants will have to
push themselves to take the title!

Health Idol 2012- Round 6

With 20 contestants remaining, the battle for the top 10 is heating up! A new member of the Secret
Society, Lupita Loeza, has just entered the competition so a fourth contestant will have to be eliminated
this round. Meanwhile, two members of the Secret Society who have entered the competition are now
at great risk of elimination. They are freshman Quinnton Barringer and junior Reginald Tanega. Joining
them at the bottom are freshman Daniel Fielding and junior Nero Shao. There is very little they can do
at the last minute to improve their pulse pressure, so hopefully they have been practicing their Sudoku
or they are sure to be eliminated.

Round 6 took place as a part of this year’s Food & Fitness Fair. Contestants completed a Sudoku puzzle
and had their pulse pressure measured amidst the hustle and bustle of other fair activities. Pulse
pressure measures how hard the heart is working and is affected by lifestyle choices around diet and
exercise, although hereditary factors may also have an impact. This year’s top scores went to new
contestant senior Lupita Loeza, reigning Health Idol Ian Enriquez, and a freshman in the Secret Society
who is yet to enter the competition. Pulse pressure numbers at Lincoln tended to be lower due to age,
size, and hereditary genetics. The nurse had suggested to many of the contestants to make hydration a
priority because this is a factor that does help improve the health of people with both high or low blood
pressure readings.

Sudoku is a test of the contestants’ logical ability, and the top score this year went to the current
frontrunner in the competition, senior Kendall Kearns. She completed the easy level Sudoku in 3
minutes and 29 seconds. In second place was Ian Enriquez who completed the puzzle in 3 minutes and
50 seconds. In third place was the freshman in the Secret Society who is becoming a growing threat in
the competition. She finished the puzzle in 4 minutes and 10 seconds.

Sudoku has proven to be one of the more serious challenges in the competition because it is something
that requires some practice. It has historically weeded out the contestants who have not been fighting
as hard since more serious contestants learn Sudoku to compete while others enter the challenge
saying they’ve never really done it. Sure enough, the four who struggled the most with Sudoku found
themselves in the bottom 4 this round. Unfortunately, this marked the end for two Secret Society
members who were competing to earn money for their trip to Nicaragua with Global Glimpse. This also
marks the end for juniors Reginald Tanega and Paul Nguyen. Since the Secret Society members don’t
count towards the quota, there are two other contestants who also get eliminated. Freshman Quinn
Barringer is eliminated and being replaced by Loeza is junior Kaley Selor.

Two secret players are still in the game and ready to cause an upset. One is currently sitting between
2nd and 3rd place after Kearns and Enriquez. Rounding out the top 5 are Loeza, senior Taylor Nakayama,
and junior Chris Avila, who is also battling for Nicaragua money.

Fielding and Shao survive to see another round and must battle from the bottom for another round.
They will be faced with a dexterity and Mensa IQ challenge. Along with them is senior Dylan Chow, who
is hoping to at least make it into the top 10. Fortunately, PE coach Chad Chiparo and junior David Dinh
are just within range. So who makes it to the next round?

Health Idol 2012- Round 5

The 23 remaining contestants are joined by their friends in the next round! It is time for the social
support challenge and pull-ups or flexed arm hang. Three guys at the bottom of the list must show their
determination to stay in the game, and they are the final sophomore Sean Thach, senior Jose Arebalo,
and the formerly secret society member junior Reginald Tanega.

This is the first year that the social support challenge goes on-line. Contestants had to send their friends
to my.yowhoo.org to vote in an on-line poll to select the next Health Idol. Social support is arguably
the most important factor in mental health, but the on-line poll also allowed for continued voting which
means a contestant determination is tested as well. The top three vote getters were all among the
Secret Society. In fact the top two each had more votes than all their competitors put together! The
contestants had over a week to gather votes and a secret freshman got 1045 votes and two secret
seniors got 845 and 356 votes. The official contestant with the most votes was freshman Daniel Fielding
with 189 followed very closely by a secret junior with 185. All other contestants scored below 100

The guys competed against each other in a pull-ups competition. Senior Taylor Nakayama preferred
to compete against the guys and did fairly well. However, the top contestants for pull-ups were senior
Aaron Wang and PE coach Chad Chiparo who scored 20.8 for doing dead-hang pull-ups. Very close
behind them are senior Dylan Chow and junior Paul Nguyen who did 20 regular pull-ups.

The girls competed in a flexed arm hang challenge. This year the top time goes to junior Kaley Selor
with 55 seconds. The secret senior got 44.3 seconds and current frontrunner Kendall Kearns got 42.4

Once all the scores were tallied up, nobody from the Secret Society was eliminated this round which
means a new competitor is entering the competition. So thanks to scoring in second place in both
challenges this round, senior Lupita Loeza is in the game and appears in third place overall! Right above
her in first and second are two other senior girls, Kendall Kearns and Taylor Nakayama! So while the
senior girls dominate the competition, the contestants hanging in the bottom better beware because
there will be at least four people eliminated in the next round!

As for the three guys who started in the bottom three, Sean Thach was eliminated, making the
sophomore class the first to be completely taken out of the competition. Senior Jose Arebalo is also
eliminated, but junior Reginald Tanega does just enough to survive another round. Falling out of
the competition in his place is senior Andrea Maldonado. Tanega may have survived another round,
but he has a large gap to overcome between himself and the other contestants- especially with four
eliminations going down in the next round.

We have now passed the midpoint of the competition and 16 contestants remain with 4 Secret Society
members still trying to break in and steal a spot. Considering two of them are in the top 10, there is
a good chance that another one might make it in. The next round is pulse pressure and Sudoku, so
anything can happen. Plus, the battle for the prom ticket will be determined in the next two rounds!

Health Idol 2012 - Round 4

27 contestants remain, and the bottom three have a lot of work ahead of them.  Senior Andrea Maldonado, and sophomores Sean Thach and Lance Jackson have a significant point difference to make up and will have to work hard to stay in the game.  The challenges this round include the Sit & Reach Test and a Text Twist game where the contestants have to use the given letters to make up words with at least 3 letters.

To score the Text Twist challenge, each word’s point value is equal to its amount of letters.  The letters this year were MICROSOFT.  Although current Health Idol, Ian Enriquez has not always won this challenge, his record has been untouched for years.  This year he scored 159 points and finished in 3rd place.  In 2nd place with 168 points is senior Andrea Maldonado who found the most amazing and high scoring words like “Comfort” and “Osmotic”.  She also was the only one who found the 8-letter word “Comforts”, but forgot to write down the “s”, accidentally writing “Comfort” twice.  In 1st place, breaking the four-year record, is senior Kendall Kearns with 268 points!  She did not stop writing at go and used many small words and carefully pluralized each one that she could.  This achievement propels her into the top 3!

Sit & Reach record holder, senior Taylor Nakayama is unchallenged by this year’s contestants and scored 10 centimeters beyond everyone else.  Her top challengers turned out to be teacher John Hutchinson whose adjusted (for gender and age) score is 44.6 and a secret freshman who scored 44.5.

The top contestants for this round are seniors Kendall Kearns & Taylor Nakayama, followed by counselor Ian Enriquez, and the last freshman in the Secret Society.  Unfortunately, she does not get to enter the competition just yet because the last sophomore member of the Secret Society has been eliminated this round.  Only 5 secret members remain and the odds are that only one of them will get a chance to enter the competition.  At this point, the two seniors and the last freshman in the group are fighting for that spot, as they currently would occupy the 8th through 10th spots in the ranking.

Once everything is added up, Kendall Kearns jumps into first place and is the first to displace the guys who have held on to the top for the last few rounds!  Junior Chris Avila slips into second and counselor Ian Enriquez rises back into third place after junior David Dinh and freshman Daniel Fielding slip down to 7th & 8th places.  Taylor Nakayama moves up to 4th place with only 0.01 of a point away from 3rd!  Teacher John Hutchinson and senior Aaron Wang hold on to the 5th & 6th spots.

Of the three students at risk at the start of the round, two of them successfully dodged the bullet.  Andrea Maldonado’s brilliant word use helps her make a significant move to safety.  Sean Thach also just barely avoids elimination and is the last sophomore in the competition.  Sophomore Lance Jackson is eliminated along with freshman Carlos Francia and Chelcea Guzman.

It is getting tougher and tougher to stay in the competition and we are about to see contestants who have been in the top 10 start to get eliminated.  There is no doubt that it will be a fight to the finish!  In the next round, participation is open to everyone as the community votes for their next Health Idol.  Make your opinion count and go to http://my.yowhoo.org/schools/lincoln.html

Health Idol 2012 - Round 3

33 contestants remain and this time there will be at least four eliminations once again after junior Reginald Tanega officially entered the competition from the Secret Society.  They are faced with the reaction time and jump rope challenges.  Freshman Tommy Thompson and junior Paul Nguyen survived elimination from the bottom last week and must do it again in this round.

This is the first time reaction time is being tested in Health Idol.  The contestants sit in front of the computer and have five tries responding to circle that changes color from red to yellow.  Several contestants scored under 0.2 seconds.  Setting the record is freshman Daniel Fielding, followed by freshman Carlos Francia, junior Paul Nguyen, teacher John Hutchinson and sophomore Lance Jackson.  This may be exactly what Nguyen and Jackson needed to progress to the next round.  The very last color change also included a size change that was meant to startle contestants to respond faster.  Unfortunately, this had the opposite effect on some of the contestants and completely hurt several contestants, including sophomores Ian Rose & Ezra De Asis, current leader Ian Enriquez, senior Kristie Chan, and a junior in the Secret Society.

The jump rope challenge helped turn the competition around for some of the faculty.  Winning the challenge is teacher John Hutchinson with 551 jumps.  His performance in both challenges propelled him into 5th place overall and is new to the top 10.  At 475 jumps is teacher Chad Chiparo who also enters the top 10 in the 10th position after performing 3rd overall in this round.  Our third place jumper is senior Aaron Wang with 419.  After placing 2nd overall this round, he returns to the top 10 in 6th place!

Freshman Daniel Fielding finishes in 4th for the round and moves up to 3rd place overall.  In fact, he rises past Ian Enriquez who was in 1st for the first two rounds and now drops into 4th place behind juniors Chris Avila & David Dinh in 1st and 2nd places respectively.  This is the highest rank a freshman has held in the competition in years.  In fact, no freshman has made it to 2nd place ever!

Junior Paul Nguyen finished in 5th overall in this round and saved himself from elimination yet again!  The reaction time challenge proves to be the killer in this round because those who had a delayed startle response at the end are paying the price, ending the survival streak of all the men in the competition.  Sophomores Ian Rose & Ezra De Asis are eliminated.  The junior in the Secret Society mentioned earlier is also taken out of the competition.  Freshman Tommy Thompson does not dodge the bullet for a third time and is also eliminated from the competition.  Finally, due to Reginald Tanega officially entering the competition this round, senior Kristie Chan is eliminated along with a sophomore girl in the Secret Society (completely eliminating all the sophomore females from the competition).

Two members of the Secret Society have finally lost their chance of entering the game.  As a result, there will be no members entering this competition and there will only be three contestants eliminated in round 4.  The players in the most danger are the remaining sophomores Lance Jackson & Sean Thach (including the last sophomore in the Secret Society) and senior Andrea Maldonado.  There are gaps in between the contestants scores that will make it nearly impossible for all of them to make it, so best of luck to all of you.

Health Idol 2012- Round 2

37 contestants remain and this time there will be at least four eliminations after freshman Quinn Barringer officially entered the competition from the Secret Society.  They are faced with the memory and balance challenges for this round and it is still early in the competition so the ranking can dramatically change.  The bottom 4 include freshman Tommy Thompson and 3 members of the Secret Society.

The memory challenge comes first and the reigning Health Idol Ian Enriquez holds the record at 78% recall.  The contestants have a minute to memorize 36 images which for the first time included several pop culture icons like Kung-fu Panda, Spider-Man, and Mario.  Enriquez does win the challenge again this year with 69%, though not quite up to his record.  Three seniors followed him closely in score with Kendall Kearns at 64%, Taylor Nakayama at 61%, and Jose Arebalo at 58%.

The balance challenge has always been a surprise to most contestants as the Stork Balance Test is more difficult than one would think.  Many of the contestants could barely make it to the 20 second mark, however this year the record was broken by junior Chris Avila who stayed balanced on the ball of his foot for 1 minute and 54 seconds!  The other contestants who broke the one minute mark include junior Nero Shao and a couple of juniors in the Secret Society.

This proved to be a strong round for the Secret Society.  The three who were at the bottom at the start of this round excelled so much that two of them scored 2nd and 6th overall in this round.  The top contender this round was junior Chris Avila, followed by two of the juniors in the Secret Society.  Since nobody in the Secret Society will be eliminated this round, junior Reginald Tanega is now entering the competition and there will be four people eliminated in round 3.  Ian Enriquez came in 4th followed by two more members of the Secret Society.  Seniors Kendall Kearns and Taylor Nakayama came in 7th and 8th which improves their overall ranking.

After all is said and done, Enriquez barely holds on to the lead with Avila right at his tail.  Nakayama moves up to third, just above junior David Dinh.  Appearing in 5th place is the new contestant Reginald Tanega who beat out another Secret Society member by just 0.06 points to get into the competition.  Kearns moves up to 6th, bumping down freshman Daniel Fielding to 7th.  New to the top 10 are senior Jose Arebalo and junior Nero Shao, with senior Dylan Chow dropping down to 10th.  So far no sophomore has entered the top 10 in the competition and it is not looking good.

As it turns out, none of the bottom four at the start of the round are getting eliminated.  They all boosted their scores just enough to stay afloat.  Unfortunately it is four more female contestants that have been taken out, so no males have yet been eliminated.  This round we say good bye to freshman Gwynette Oller, English teacher Caitlin Morris, junior Julia Wong, and an untimely injury took out freshman Aliyah Rosario who would have still been in the game if it was not for the Secret Society.

Once again, freshman Tommy Thompson finds himself fighting for his life at the bottom of the pack with another member of the Secret Society forcing out an extra competitor.  33 contestants remain in this year’s Health Idol.

Health Idol 2012 - Round 1

This year is the biggest Health Idol yet!  40 contestants are involved in the competition.  Aside from the 30 regular contestants, there is a Secret Society of 10 students who are trying to get into the game.  If all member of the Secret Society score higher than the eliminated contestants, one of them will get in the game and cause 4 eliminations in the following round!

The first challenge this year was a nutrition quiz that was put together by last year’s nurse (and former Health Idol contestant) Rebecca Lam.  Most contestants got 7-8 answers correct out of the 12 multiple choice questions.  The three that more than half of the contestants got wrong include the following: a person’s ideal BMI range is about 19-25, the bell pepper is one of the best sources of vitamin C, and low-fat or non-fat foods typically add more salt for flavor!  The three contestants that scored 10 or higher for this challenge are the reigning Health Idol/Wellness counselor Ian Enriquez and juniors David Dinh and Julia Wong.

This is the first year that the competition included a running agility challenge!  Many have feared the mile run at the end of the competition so having a run at the beginning made many a little more nervous.  You could feel the tension of the competition in the gym as each contestant ran a total of 114 feet, making one sharp right turn and a full u-turn.  Sophomore Lance Jackson becomes the first record holder for this new challenge with a time of 5.9 seconds!  Other notable runners were Dylan Chow (6.3) and a freshman in the Secret Society (6.5).  Of the girls, three ran below 7 seconds- a junior in the Secret Society (6.7), senior Taylor Nakayama (6.8), and a freshman in the Secret Society (6.9).

Three members of the Secret Society scored below one of the bottom 3!  It was a huge shock to have 3 of the 10 eliminated so soon.  However, sophomore contestant Jennifer Martinez did not feel like she wanted to compete in the agility challenge and quit the competition- inadvertently saving one of the bottom 3 from elimination as well as all of the 3 Secret Society members immediately below him.  Because of this, one of the Secret Society members will enter the competition and 4 people will be eliminated in round 2!  The new contestant joining the competition is freshman Quinnton Barringer!

Two people still have to be eliminated and sadly we are losing sophomore Pei Lei Wu and assistant principal Susan Akram!  Three members of the Secret Society are right at the bottom of the pack, but the known contestants who will need to hustle to save themselves in the next round are freshmen Tommy Thompson and Gwynette Oller , junior Paul Nguyen, and Social Studies teacher John Hutchinson.

So the top 5 are Wellness counselor Ian Enriquez, senior Dylan Chow, juniors David Dinh and Chris Avila and senior Taylor Nakayama.  The freshman are off to a good start this year.  Last year only one freshman ever made it to the top 10 and this year we are starting with three!  They are Daniel Fielding in 6th, Quinnton Barringer in 7th, and another who would be 9th if she was already in the competition.

Note:  Two other contestants were not able to complete the agility test due to absence and injury.  Their nutrition score and projected run time will keep them in for the next round, but if they fail to do well in the agility test later, eliminated contestants will be returned to the competition.

Health Idol 2012

Health Idol begins on January 24! Who is the Secret Society? Will someone from the Secret Society break into the competition and triumph over the contestants?

Who will be the next Health Idol?