12- 13 Year Archive

12-13 Year Archive

Health Idol Round 10

For one of the final challenges, the three contestants have to improve on a previous challenge they have already completed. Each of them had to select three options that the other two would then narrow down.  Former title holder Ian Enriquez opted for the reaction time challenge where he performed below average, the focus challenge where despite doing ok he recalled being distracted and Jump Rope where he expected to be able to push himself more.  New challenger Nathan Seidman selected push-ups where he knew he was ready to exceed his former score, Sudoku which he was new to at the time of the challenge and Set where he felt he could practice enough to improve on his score.  Current Idol Chris Avila selected three mental challenges- Sudoku, Set, and memory.  He fell right at average for Memory and below on the other two, but he believes that with a little more focus he can do better on all three.

Enriquez was quick to cross Sudoku off of both of his opponents’ lists as that is where they both had the most room for improvement.  Enriquez had the most room for growth in his reaction time, but Avila crossed that off his list.  Seidman claimed that he was most ready to surpass his push-ups score, so Avila crossed that off his list and left him to face Set.  Seidman crossed off the remaining challenges where his opponents had the most potential for gain, leaving Enriquez to repeat the focus challenge and Avila to repeat the memory challenge.

Seidman started it off by repeating Set.  He had found 7 sets previously, but this time he only hit 6 which gave him an improvement score of -0.21.  Enriquez went next and had previously made 1 mistake in the focus challenge and this time he made no mistakes and earned 0.81 for improvement.  Avila went last having earned a 16 for memory earlier in the competition and this time he scored 15, earning -0.28 points for the improvement challenge.  This keeps the ranking as is with Enriquez making a strong gain while the other two reduce the gap between them.

For the Tuba Ruba, each contestant was wrapped in a tube in which a marble had to be moved from one end to the other.  Avila won the challenge by completing it in 1 minute and 42 seconds.  Seidman did 3 minutes 2 seconds and Enriquez did 3 minutes 6 seconds after both of them sent the ball back to the starting end.

Seidman finished in 2nd for both challenges while Avila and Enriquez placed 1st and 3rd for the two challenges.  Since Seidman’s scores for both challenges were much closer to 3rd than 1st, he actually receives a further deduction in score and puts him in 3rd place.  He accomplished many astounding feats during this year, but what you did not see in the synopsis were the rounds where he stumbled.  That is what allowed the other two to catch up, especially in these last two rounds.  Enriquez started the round with a quarter of a point lead on Avila and they both earned the same amount of points for the challenges they won.  It all comes down to the deductions they received for the challenge they each lost.  Enriquez lost -0.61 points while Avila lost -0.63.  Enriquez wins back his title from Avila by 0.27 points!

Health Idol Round 9

There is a significant gap in points between the top 3 and the bottom 3. It is highly unlikelythat there will be an upset because 2 sets of circumstances must come into play. Firstly, one of the top 3 will need to come in last for both challenges. Ideally it would be the person in third place, reigning Idol Chris Avila since the other two have higher scores to begin with and may already be sure shots for the final 3. Secondly, someone in the bottom 3 would have to win both challenges. Ideally it would be between teacher Morgan Wallace and senior Jimmy Zhu whose scores are very close together in 4th and 5th place. Senior Patrick Warren’s score in 6th place may be too far down to cause an upset.

This is the first year that Zorbs were brought in as a challenge. These are inflatable balls that the contestants had to enter. They then raced down a track and had to return to their starting point. The racers went in order of their rank, starting with junior Nathan Seidman. As it turns out, the scores ended up faster with each racer, with Patrick Warren setting the record at 19 seconds and a tie in second place between Wallace and Zhu at 20 seconds. This may have already sealed the fates of all the contestants. The top three drop down in points with Seidman slipping into 2nd place while the bottom three all improve with Warren closing the gap between him and the other two without passing either of them.

For the interview question this year, sophomore Quinnton Barringer decided to analyze the contestants’ feelings about the death penalty. His winning response came from senior Patrick Warren who clearly delineated the ethical differences between matters of civil justice and revenge. His second favored response came from senior Chris Avila who spoke about the cycle of loss and grief for the families involved.

Although Wellness Counselor Ian Enriquez slipped in both challenges, the round ends with him in first place thanks to his previous score. Avila’s interview score allowed him to gain points this round, but falls just below Enriquez. This is a much smaller gap between then than last year when he triumphed against Enriquez in the final round and won the title.

Meanwhile, Patrick Warren was the winner of both challenges and is by far the biggest mover for this round, Morgan Wallace was in the top 3 for both challenges and is the second biggest mover this round, and Nathan Seidman almost fell to 6th place for both challenges and suffered a bigger loss in points than Warren’s gain. Could this be enough for an upset?

In 6th place, we find senior Jimmy Zhu. In 5th place, we find Patrick Warren whose score still failed to pass Wallace, who finished in 4th place. Therefore Seidman is the 3rd finalist for this year’s Health Idol and will compete in the final round!The remaining contestants will select three challenges in which they want to try and improve.Their opponents will each take out one of those options to determine what they will do. They will also face the Tuba Ruba!

Health Idol Round 8


With only 9 players remaining, the top 3 have a stronger enough lead to be guaranteed intothe next round. They are junior Nathan Seidman, senior and reigning title holder Chris Avila, and counselor and former title holder Ian Enriquez. The other 6 will be battling for the three remaining spots in the next round. In the most danger are senior Patrick Warren and the two remaining women in the competition, sophomore Shannon Do and math teacher Jenny Arietta. The first challenge was the often dreaded mile run. For this, all 9 contestants deserve congratulations for all running faster than the adjusted average of the competition which stands at 7 minutes and 25 seconds. Two runners even beat the current record of 5 minutes and 20 seconds held by alumni John Flynn. The two were senior Patrick Warren with 5 minutes 13 seconds and junior Nathan Seidman with 4 minutes 57 seconds. This score does take Warren out of the bottom 3, but there is still another challenge for him to face.

The next two top times are seniors Jimmy Zhu with 5 minutes 52 seconds and Chris Avila with 5 minutes 54 seconds. However, there are adjustments in time that are made for women (1 minute) and anyone over the age of 20 (3 seconds per year). This is the first year that the adjustments have made an impact in the ranking. Math teacher Jenny Arietta ran the mile in 7 minutes and earns an adjusted score of 5 minutes and 39 seconds. Counselor Ian Enriquez ran the mile in 6 minutes and 47 seconds (over a minute faster than his time last year) and earns an adjusted score of 5 minutes 50 seconds. This year’s average is 5 minutes 48 seconds.

For the social challenge, it was a test of bullying awareness. A majority of the contestants witnessed a student being bullied by getting their books slapped out of their hands. Contestant Morgan Wallace displayed amazing awareness by making sure the student was okay, asking if the student wanted to talk about whom the bully was, and even checking up on the student later when the student insisted that they were fine. Jimmy Zhu was the most aware student by checking up on the student and making sure that they were going to be okay.

Nathan Seidman’s record breaking run keeps him on top of the competition with counselor Ian Enriquez creeping up behind him into second place. Despite a strong performance, senior Chris Avila slips into third with a comfortable lead over the rest of the competition. Peer Resource teacher Morgan Wallace and senior Jimmy Zhu’s excellent response in the social challenge, boosted their ranking into 4th and 5th respectively. As for sophomore Shannon Do andmath teacher Jenny Arietta, they did not get the boost they needed to make it to the next round. Patrick Warren’s record breaking run managed to help him make it to 6th place, edging out sophomore Quinn Barringer from the competition. So no sophomores and no women remain as we enter the last two rounds. With only one round left to make the final three, can anyone break the hold that the current trio on top have held on to for so many rounds? We shall see as the final 6 face the Zorb and an interview by Quinn Barringer.

Health Idol Round 7

The competition begins to determine the top 10.  Only 12 contestants remain and the three in the bottom who must now try to save themselves are English teacher Danny Kim, last freshman standing Kaitlin Li, and senior Kaley Selor.  The challenges for this round are sit-ups and the Mensa Award winning Set.

There was no doubt about how the sit-ups challenge was about to end.  Crew members can go infinitely on this challenge so junior Nathan Seidman decided to break the record and did 1,300 sit-ups.  He certainly could have gone much longer, if he wanted to.  Now the next highest amount of sit-ups was completed by Peer Resource teacher Morgan Wallace at 188.  For this challenge, 3rd to 5th place went to 3 seniors: Chris Avila did 165, Jimmy Zhu did 159, and Kaley Selor did 130.

Due to the large gap between Nathan and all the other contestants, the points earned by the 11 other contestants ended up being so close that it would barely impact the final results for this round.  In fact, there was only less than half a point difference between the 11 of them when normally the spread would be closer to 3 points.

For the Set challenge, contestants had to match sets of 3 based on complicated patterns.  Sophomore Quinn Barringer tied the record of 13 sets in 5 minutes that was held by alumni Crystal Chang and fellow sophomore Shannon Do.  This year, Do completed 10 sets as did Morgan Wallace.  In first place, however, is Wellness Counselor Ian Enriquez who beat the Set record and completed 17 sets in the allotted time.

The record setters this round made the most significant gains.  Seidman rises to the top of the list once again with Enriquez right behind him in second.  Reigning Idol Christopher Avila slips into 3rd place.  Sophomore Quinn Barringer finished in third for this round which moves him into 4th place with teacher Morgan Wallace in 5th.

The bottom three for this round include English teacher Danny Kim, freshman Kaitlin Li, and senior Jimmy Zhu.  This does seal the fate for both Kim and Li who finish in 12th and 11th places respectively.  Zhu would have ranked 6th in this round (instead of 10th) if it were not for the unusual performance gap in the sit-ups challenge, so he falls to 6th place overall after these challenges. 

So who finishes in 10th?  This result was decided completely by the anomalous sit-ups challenge.  Math teacher Jenny Arietta should have finished in 10th place, but due to lessened impact of the sit-ups challenge she was able to survive this round at 9th and eliminated senior Kaley Selor!

Next up is the mile run and a mystery social challenge!  All the freshmen are gone, the last junior is safe at the top, and the last two women are in the bottom three.  Who will survive another round and face the giant hamster ball?

Health Idol Round 6

Unfortunately, due to health reasons, Derek Morrell was not able to complete round 6 and Patrick Warren has been reinstated in the competition.

The first challenge for the round was Sudoku.  Counselor Ian Enriquez finished the puzzle in 2 minutes 30 seconds with sophomore Shannon Do right behind him with 2 minutes and 35 seconds.  Following behind them were sophomore Quinn Barringer with 3 minutes and 23 seconds and senior Patrick Warren with 3 minutes and 29 seconds.

For the balance portion of the round, reigning champion Chris Avila set out to beat his record on the Stork Balance Test.  Last year, he came close to the 2 minute mark with 1 minute and 54 seconds.  This year, he tripled the record with 6 minutes and 3 seconds. Only a few others broke the minute mark, including freshman Raymond Liu (1 minute 59 seconds), senior Jimmy Zhu (1 minute 34 seconds), counselor Ian Enriquez (1 minute 33 seconds), senior Kaley Selor (1 minute 26 seconds), and junior Nathan Seidman (1 minute 5 seconds).  This adjusted the average from 30 second to 1 minute and 7 seconds.  This was good timing for Liu and Selor who started this round in the bottom 3.  Hopefully, their Sudoku scores will help propel them into the safe zone.

The big mover for this round was reigning champion Chris Avila who jumps into first place after Seidman’s long stay at the top.  This was perfect timing as this round ended up determining who wins the prom ticket for the year.  Enriquez is the second biggest mover, but he actually falls into 3rd place because of Avila’s big jump.  Meanwhile, Seidman slipped to second place for now.  The three of them have a comfortable lead while senior Jimmy Zhu waits in 4th place for an opportunity to strike.

The third biggest movers were sophomore Quinn Barringer and senior Kaley Selor.  Barringer moves up to 5th and Selor earns her safety in 10th place.  Settling between them are teacher Morgan Wallace (6th), senior Patrick Warren (7th), sophomore Shannon Do (8th), and teacher Jenny Arietta (9th).

So who goes next?  Unfortunately, Raymond Liu’s Sudoku scores did not save him from elimination and he is out of the game.  Sophomore Elton Wu’s score drops him into the bottom 3 and is also out.  Freshman Connie Chou started the round at the bottom of the pack, but she performed fairly well this round, but not enough to save herself.  With Liu and Chou out of the running, only one freshman remains, Kaitlin Li.  Li starts the next round in 11th place and will have to fight for a spot in the top 10.  She is not too far from Selor and Arietta.

Who will make the top 10?  We will find out in April when they compete in sit-ups and the Set Game!  If you have never done Set before, it is available to play for free on-line at http://www.setgame.com/set/puzzle_frame.htm.  It is not easy to learn, so contestants try it out and be ready if you plan to make it any further!

Health Idol Round 5

The final showdown for Health Idol 10 is between seniors Patrick Warren and Derek Morrell.  Both contestants are currently right next to each other in rank in the top 10 so this will be the biggest upset in the competition no matter which way it goes.  They started with the flexibility challenge and with both of them performing below average, Morrell takes the lead.  For the second challenge, they both completed a nutrition quiz and Warren came up on top.  After tabulating their overall scores, it is Derek Morrell that will be moving forward and Warren has been eliminated from the competition.

Overall, the cheerleaders triumphed in the flexibility challenge.  Freshmen Kaitlin Li averaged 49 centimeters in the sit & reach test while Connie Chou did 48.5.  Sophomore Shannon Do tied Connie in 2nd while Wellness counselor Ian Enriquez reached 47.6.  The other contestants who passed 40 centimeters were senior Jimmy Zhu (45.3), math teacher Jenny Arietta (44.4), and senior Chris Avila (41.3).

For the nutrition quiz, the top scores went to Arietta and current front runner junior Nathan Seidman.  Half a point behind them is Peer Resource teacher Morgan Wallace.  In third, only half a point behind him, are Enriquez, Avila, senior Kaley Selor and sophomore Elton Wu.  The two questions that stumped them the most involved which fruit had the best source of vitamin C.  The answer was strawberry, but many were thrown off by persimmon.  The other question asked which chemical tells the brain to keep eating even when it is full and many mistakenly answered MSG.  The correct answer was fructose.  Jimmy Zhu and Shannon Do may have tied them for 3rd, but they both skipped the first question and never answered it.

The big movers for this round were staff members Jenny Arietta and Ian Enriquez.  This moved Enriquez into 2nd place over Avila despite having been the third biggest mover this round.  Seidman still maintains a strong lead despite the slowly diminishing gap.  Jimmy Zhu moves up firmly into 4th place.  Behind him in order are teachers Wallace (5th) and Arietta (6th), sophomore Quinnton Barringer (7th), showdown winner Morrell (8th), Do (9th), and teacher Danny Kim (10th).  Despite the top scores by the freshman cheerleaders in the flexibility, they received the lowest scores on the nutrition test which kept them from moving up in the ranks.

Unfortunately, the next person to go this round is previous showdown winner freshman Richard Amaechi.  Next to go is freshman Lauren Marquez whose scores this round did not get her out of the bottom 3 spots.  The other two who started in the bottom 3 were Arietta and Selor whose scores did elevate them into safety, so the final elimination this round falls on senior June Wu (our first showdown winner).

We are now at the halfway mark of the competition with only 15 contenders remaining.  The three in danger in the next round are freshmen Connie Chou and Raymond Liu, along with senior Kaley Selor.  Will their balance save them for another round?  There will also be a challenge change as Sudoku is bumped up for round 6.  Good luck to all of you!

Health Idol Round 4

The Round 4 showdown is between freshmen Ricardo De Leon and Richard Amaechi.  After taking the memory test, Ricardo scored a 13 and Richard got 14 out of 25.  They entered the pulse pressure challenge really close, but Richard ended up with the second best result this round and became the first member of The Ten to successfully steal a spot from one of our contestants! 

This year, there were only 25 images used for the memory test.  The contestants had one minute to look at them all before trying to write down as many as possible.  Only 3 contestants scored over 80% and they were freshman Kaitlin Li, sophomore Quinn Barringer, and senior June Wu.  Counselor Ian Enriquez and sophomore Shannon Do were right at the 80% mark.  This was a much needed result for Li who was dangerously close to the bottom 3 at the start of this round.

The pulse pressure challenge is a good measure for general nutrition and heart health.  The person who beat Amaechi’s result was sophomore Elton Wu.  There was a four way tie for third between Wellness counselors Enriquez and Michael Ceely (a member of “The Ten”), senior Jimmy Zhu, and sophomore Daniel Fielding.  This proved to be a generally good round for many of the sophomores.

The big movers for this round were Kaitlin Li, Ian Enriquez, Elton Wu.  However, this was still not enough to make a dent in the top two.  Junior Nathan Seidman still has a comfortable lead in 1st with senior and defending idol Chris Avila in 2nd.  Enriquez does enter the third place spot closing in to Avila.  The men are keeping a strong grasp of the competition right now with sophomore Quinn Barringer in 4th, senior Jimmy Zhu in 5th, English teacher Danny Kim in 6th, senior Patrick Warren in 7th, Peer Resource teacher Morgan Wallace in 8th, and sophomore Elton Wu in 9th.  Freshman Kaitlin Li’s performance makes her the only female in the top 10, but with the flexibility around the corner this could all change for the men!

Other than De Leon, it was sophomores Daniel Fielding and Chelly Guzman that started this round in the bottom 3.  Guzman did not succeed to raise her score and does get eliminated.  Dropping in score is Social Studies teacher John Hutchinson who also gets eliminated this round.  Fielding does manage to improve his score, but not enough to stay in the game.

There are three other members of The Ten to reckon with, however, two of them ended up scoring below Fielding.  As a result, both freshman Odiana Ciofalo and Wellness counselor Michael Ceely have been eliminated.  This only leaves one person left, so he will be doing the final showdown next round.

The last showdown will be seniors Patrick Warren defending against Derek Morrell.  The two are currently extremely close in score with Morrell leading Warren by 0.03 of a point. With 5 women holding the bottom spots, will flexibility be the right challenge to turn things around and create an upset?  Stay tuned as the contestant battle their way past the halfway point.

Health Idol Round 3

Round 3 begins with the showdown between sophomores Daniel Fielding and Erik Lamp.  The two of them are starting the round almost neck and neck, and after some computer glitches that affected Fielding’s focus challenge it was hard to determine a winner!  Arguably, they were tied so the winner went to the player with the highest overall score and that was Fielding, so no luck for “The Ten” this round either as Lamp is taken out of the game. 

For focus challenge is new this year and we did not know how it would go.  The contestants watched a group of rectangles to try and observe if specific one rotated in a flash.  Many contestants got a perfect score: freshmen Lauren Marquez & Raymond Liu, sophomores Shannon Do & Chelly Guzman, juniors Nathan Seidman & Nick Hu, and seniors Chris Avila, Patrick Warren, June Wu, Jimmy Zhu & Derek Morrell (a member of “The Ten”).  None of the adults scored perfectly!  This is exactly what June Wu, Nick Hu, and Chelly Guzman need to get out of the bottom 3.

The physical challenge this round was dexterity.  Contestants had 12 shots to toss a ball into a basket.  The average over the years has been a little above 3 out of 12.  This year, it was nearly 5!  This is definitely proving to be one of the toughest groups yet. Scoring an 8 this year are reigning Idol Chris Avila and sophomore Quinn Barringer.  Five more guys scored 7, including teacher Morgan Wallace, senior Patrick Warren, sophomore Elton Wu, and freshmen Raymond Liu & Richard Amaechi (a member of “The Ten”).

The big movers for this round were seniors Avila & Warren and freshman Liu.  Unfortunately, this was still not enough to unseat junior Nathan Seidman from his dramatic lead from round 2.  Avila is now in second overall and closing in.  Teacher Danny Kim creeps into 3rd in the overall ranking with freshman Liu only 0.03 of a point behind him.  Senior Jimmy Zhu drops into 5th and for the first time, Derek Morrell, a member of “The Ten” is secretly lingering in the top 10 standings.  Senior Patrick Warren re-enters the top 10 in 6th place with counselor Ian Enriquez only 0.01 of a point behind.  Senior Kaley Selor slips to 8th as freshman Lauren Marquez slips to 9th, and sophomore Quinn Barringer rounds out the top 10 after round 3.

So who else leaves the competition this round?  June Wu’s strong performance this round not only took her out of the bottom 3, but she is not starting out in the bottom 3 in the next round!  This is bad news for someone else and unfortunately we are losing assistant principal Susan Akram and junior Nick Hu did not rise in score to get him out of danger, leaving Nathan Seidman as the last junior standing.  Slipping down in score was sophomore Chelcea Guzman whose twin sister started off in danger this round and was the last to complete the challenges, so it was known that only one of them would be continuing to round 4 and the final elimination is Chelcea Guzman.

So who will compete in the next showdown?  It will be between freshmen boys Richard de Leon who will be defending his spot against Richard Amaechi!

Health Idol Round 2

Round 2 begins with the first showdown in Health Idol history between seniors June Wu and Brianna Caba. June must outscore Brianna or she will be replaced in the competition which is a bit intimidating since Brianna did score higher in both challenges last round. The challenges this time were jump rope and reaction time and June successfully beat Brianna in both challenges and will stay in the competition! However, will it be enough to stay in the competition since she is starting from the bottom 3 with math teacher Jenny Arietta and junior Virgina Mac.

For reaction time, the contestants went online and had to stare at a stop light and respond as soon as it goes green. The scores came out very close, but highest reaction time went to one of the upcoming challengers from The Ten, sophomore Erik Lamp! He is followed by teachers Danny Kim & Jenny Arietta and freshman Connie Chou. The adults did very well as right behind Connie are two more staff members, teacher Morgan Wallace and Wellness counselor Michael Ceely.


This year’s contestants killed the jump rope challenge by averaging over 200 jumps! In fact, junior Nathan Seidman set a new jump rope record with 1,081 which should guarantee him the first place spot for at least the next 2 rounds! The contestants that passed the 400 mark include senior Jimmy Zhu with 610, sophomore Elton Wu with 470, and reigning Health Idol Chris Avila with 409.


Jenny Arietta and June Wu performed well enough to jump out of the bottom 3 spots for this round and avoid elimination. They both jumped over the 3 contestants directly above them who are all eliminated this round: freshman Alex Bondoc, junior Virginia Mac, and senior Bora Yoon.


With Caba’s defeat “The Ten” has now become “The Nine”. Technically, now that all the junior girls have been eliminated, junior Jessica Young qualifies to enter the competition in their place. Unfortunately, her score falls below Yoon so she has been eliminated as well. In fact there are a total of 5 members of “The Ten” who fell directly below Yoon and will all be taken out of the competition. Other than Caba and Young, we are also losing junior Justin Esguerra, Wellness counselor Sheening Lin, and sophomore Aliyah Rosario. After this stunning 8 person elimination, the two contestants now facing the showdown for round 3 are sophomores Daniel Fielding and Erik Lamp.


The top performers for this round were Nathan Seidman, Jimmy Zhu, Jenny Arietta, Connie Chou and Danny Kim. However, since the scores are cumulative, our current top 10 are Nathan Seidman, Jimmy Zhu, Chris Avila, senior Kaley Selor, Danny Kim, freshmen Lauren Marquez & Connie Chou, staff members John Hutchinson & Ian Enriquez, and sophomore Chelcea Guzman. Seidman’s score is about twice of the three contestants behind him, so there is only one thing for the other 28 contestants to do- TAKE HIM DOWN!

Next Showdown

Daniel Fielding vs. Erik Lamp


Round 1

It is the 10th Anniversary of Health Idol and this is the first time that there were no applications.Contestants volunteered (or were volunteered) to be a participant and teachers who knew them determined who will be competing for their class.The first challenge this year was push-ups, which has not been done for several years.This years’ contestants did an average of 41 push-ups. The top scores for this year went to freshman Raymond Liu who did 80 push-ups and senior Kaley Selor who did 54 push-ups. Honorable mentions go to freshman Lauren Marquez and sophomore Chelly Guzman who did 50 push-ups each. Scores for the female contestants are multiplied by 1.4, so the girls mentioned here scored 76 and 70. The other contestants who scored above the 60 point mark are Chelly’s twin sister Chelcea Guzman and reigning Health Idol Christopher Avila.

For the mental challenge this year, Lincoln’s Youth Outreach Workers selected 8 riddles. This is a new challenge for the competition. One example was: If you overtake the person in 2nd place in a race, what position would you be in? Nobody got all the answers correct, but faculty members Susan Akram, Ian Enriquez, and John Hutchinson got 7 of them (each of them got a different answer wrong). 5 other guys answered 6 correctly. They were senior Patrick Warren, junior Nathan Seidman, sophomores Quinnton Barringer & Daniel Fielding, and freshman Ricardo De Leon.

After the first round, senior Kaley Selor has found herself on the top. She is followed by the three adults who excelled in the riddles: counselor Ian Enriquez, assistant principal Susan Akram, and social studies teacher John Hutchinson. In fifth place, with only 0.03 points behind Hutchinson is freshman Lauren Marquez! Rounding out the top 10 are senior and reigning Health Idol Chris Avila, freshman Raymond Liu, junior Nathan Seidman, senior Patrick Warren, and junior Nick Hu.

The twist this year is “The Ten”. There are 10 people who will be participating on the side and waiting for their chance to get into the competition. There are 2 ways for them to make it in. First, they could outlast everyone in their class and gender category. Second, each round a struggling contestant will be tested with a one on one face off against the Ten. This will be the contestant with the lowest rank who still has a member of the Ten from their class and gender category in the competition.

None of The Ten are currently ranked in the top 10 after the first round. However, three of them did score within the top half of the competition. They were counselor Michael Ceely, senior Brianna Caba, and freshman Odiana Ciofalo. Of the three, only Caba is technically ranked within the top 15. This is bad news for senior June Wu because in Round 2, the two of them will have to face off on the jump rope and reaction time test. Their score during this round alone will determine which of them will continue in the competition.