13-14 Year Archive

13-14 Year Archive

Health Idol Final Round

In the final round, three contestants must prove their right to hold the title of Health Idol.  In the lead is junior Amber Sevilla who held the top spot at the start of the competition, and after a little slip she is back on top of her game.  In 2nd place is music teacher Tristan Arnold who has systematically eliminated his own students and come out from the bottom of the pack for the last two rounds to go after his final student.  In 3rd is another teacher, Peer Resources’ Morgan Wallace who has competed in Health Idol for the last few years, but this is his first time to make the final round.


The first challenge is to improve upon a previous challenge.  Sevilla is at a disadvantage in first place as she has less to improve upon than the other two who have been close to the bottom in a couple of challenges.  Wallace went first and repeated the reaction time challenge.  After a strong start, he slipped twice but still improved his bell curve score by 1.47!  Arnold repeated the memory challenge.  Initially, he did not approach that challenge with much effort so there would be no doubt that he would achieve an improvement.  His bell score improved by 2.29!  Finally, Sevilla was the only one who went for a physical challenge, the curl-ups.  She went slow and steady the first time around, so she expected to improve and she did so by 1.11.  All three improved and Arnold’s performance put him in first place after this challenge.


The final challenge was the Tuba Ruba.  The contestants wrapped a long tube around each other in which a marble is placed in one end.  The contestant must then move the marble from one end to the other.  Arnold went first and solved the puzzle in 2 minutes and 15 seconds which is better than last year’s average of 2 minutes 37 seconds.  Wallace went next and finished it in 1 minute and 45 seconds!  The scores were entered after the two of them completed the task and it was not enough for Wallace to pull past Arnold to be a title contender.


So it is now between Arnold and Sevilla.  Arnold would be the second staff member or Sevilla would be the second female to ever win the title.  As Sevilla worked the marble through the tube, it found its way back to the beginning and cost her some time.  She completed the puzzle in 3 minutes and 51 seconds.  The time bumps her into third below Morgan Wallace.

And the winner of the 11th annual Health Idol competition is Tristan Arnold!


Health Idol Round 9

Only 6 people remain.  Starting at first is Shannon Do whose freshman mile time got her eliminated before the final 3 by only one second and no freshman had finished that high in the ranking ever since.  In second place is Amber Sevilla who started at the top of the pack from the very beginning and after slipping down during the middle has found herself back in contention.  In third place is senior Nathan Seidman who has set many of the Health Idol records, including the mile run and has been a force to be reckoned with.  In fourth is peer resource teacher Morgan Wallace who has found himself in round 9 many times before, but never the final 3.  In fifth is cheerleader Connie Chou who has outdone herself this year and continues to struggle while juggling many school leadership roles.  And finally, music teacher Tristan Arnold who is new to the competition this year, but also found himself in first place on occasion.  However, he has been lingering at the bottom of the pack for the last couple of rounds and has scraped by and eliminated his own students in the process.  The scores are close so it is anyone’s game.


is the Miles round as contestants have to run a mile and get interviewed by the last eliminated player, Miles Gong.  The first contestants to run the mile were Do and Arnold from both ends of the rankings.  Arnold ended up running the fastest mile out of this year’s contestants at 6 minutes and 4 seconds while unfortunately Do ran the slowest mile.  This truly opens the door to anything happening this round.  The other four were unable to run the mile on the first day for a variety of reasons.


On day 2 Wallace and Chou completed the mile run and ended up with the second and third fastest times this round.  With the bottom 3 having the top 3 mile times, this means that absolutely anything can happen with the rankings!  By day 3 Sevilla completed the mile and Seidman’s procrastination got the best of him and decided to just drop out of the competition despite being assured of the fastest mile time.  We decided not to push him to stay because quitting isn’t an attribute befitting a health idol.


The mile run alone did not switch the rankings so the interviews will ultimately determine who stays and goes.  Miles asked how they would help someone with a drug problem and 2 people stood out for showing support and suggesting alternate activities without judgment over use.  Arnold and Sevilla scored on top of the interview in that order and are the top 2 going to the next round, but in reverse order.  The player coming in third and continuing to the final round is Morgan Wallace, eliminating junior Do and sophomore Chou!


Seidman had asked if his previous scores could be used for this round, but it did not seem fair to have him possibly qualify based on assumed performance.  Had his scores from last year been used he would have ended up in 4th place overall with Wallace in 5th place and Shannon Do would have been in the final 3.



Health Idol Round 8

It has been a tough road for the bottom 3 in the last few rounds as they have faced elimination time and again.  Will this bottom 3 face the same fate or will they put up a strong enough fight to stay in the game?  From the bottom up, we have music teacher Tristan Arnold who has found himself in the top 4 a couple of times in the competition, then there is junior Quinn Barringer who has been competing for the last 3 years and the only contestant who has not been within the top 6 this year, and finally Connie Chou who is the last sophomore left in the competition.


The first challenge for the round was the Zorb, a giant inflatable hamster ball of sorts.  The contestants raced down the track and back and this year it was the adults that dominated the challenge.  Peer resource teacher Morgan Wallace had the fastest time at 17.35 seconds- setting a new record for the second round in a row!  This time assures that he will be continuing to the next round!  In second place is Tristan Arnold at 18.45 seconds, this bumps him up slightly in the rankings but is no guarantee that he will make it to the next round.  Junior Shannon Do finishes in third with 19.57 seconds and also guarantees that she will continue into the next round.  Although frontrunner junior Amber Sevilla and second place contestant senior Nathan Seidman finished in 7th and 8th respectively in this challenge, their current score is high enough to guarantee their spots in the next round!


With only 2 spots left for the 5 other contestants, the second challenge is an online reaction time test that will determine their fate.  The fastest time went to junior Shannon Do with 0.206 seconds which propels her to first place!  This is a huge move for Do who lingered below the top 7 for most of the competition and having just missed the top 3 her freshman year by just 1 second!  In second place is sophomore Connie Chou with 0.21 seconds.  Despite her 6th place finish in the Zorb, this was enough to get her out of the bottom 3 and into the next round! 


Only one spot remains for the top 6 and with someone finally surviving the bottom 3, there will be a surprise.  Finishing in 9th is the last freshman Una Chan.  She put up an impressive fight through the competition, but coming in last for the Zorb and 7th in reaction time dropped her out of the running.  Coming in 5th for both challenges this round is neither good nor bad, but it does mean that your overall score will not help you move either way.  So with that result, junior Quinn Barringer has also been eliminated in 8th, being locked out by the Health Idol 7 who have dominated the rankings this year.


Only one spot remains and it will go to either junior Miles Gong who is one of only 3 contestants to have held the top spot in the competition this year or his advisory teacher Tristan Arnold who just eliminated one of his music students by a fraction of a point in the previous round.  Gong had a 4th place finish with the Zorbs, but came in 8th for reaction time.  Arnold’s 2nd place finish with the Zorb did bump him into 7th overall (just below Gong) and he needed at least a 3rd place finish for the reaction time to stay in the game.  He did it in 0.213 seconds and managed the biggest upset of the competition by eliminating frontrunner Gong by 0.29 points!


Health Idol Round 7

With only 12 contestants remaining, this round will determine who will finish in 10th place.  Senior Anthony Chiu has a little bit of ground to gain in order to survive this round.  However, for the other two contestants in the bottom three, all is still fair game.  Junior Erik Lamp and freshman Tammy Li are currently in the danger zone, but the point differences are not too great.  If junior Quinn Barringer or music teacher Tristan Arnold slip up this round, anything can happen.


The first challenge for the round was pulse pressure.  This is in part genetics, but it is also another part diet.  The contestants’ blood pressure is taken to determine how hard their hearts are working.  This record was formerly held by French teacher Kevin Doherty, but this year two contestants broke the record!  First, Tammy Li beat the record by 8 points, but it is Peer Resource teacher Morgan Wallace who now holds the new record by beating Doherty by 13 points!  Coming in third place this round is a tie between juniors Amber Sevilla and Erik Lamp.  After this round, Li rises into 9th place as Arnold slips into 10th, but their scores are extremely close.  Lamp also raises his score, but not enough to affect his rank.


The second challenge was Sudoku and this year’s puzzle proves to be a bit more challenging that ones in the past.  In fact, only 3 of the contestants were able to solve it.  In first place is junior Shannon Do and only a second behind her was junior Amber Sevilla.  Three minutes behind them was junior Quinn Barringer. 


The biggest movers this round to move up in rank are Morgan Wallace, Amber Sevilla, and Shannon Do (in that order).  All of whom move up in rank, returning Sevilla to 1st place once again with Do in 3rd and Wallace in 4th.  The top two guys for last couple rounds were the big movers downwards.  Senior Nathan Seidman’s previous high score cushioned him enough to only fall into 2nd place, but junior Miles Gong slipped down to 6th!


There was definitely a lot of movement in the ranking this round, more so than in the last few.  Freshman Una Chan slips down to 5th, sophomore Connie Chan slips down to 7th, and junior Quinn Barringer rises to 8th.  Sadly for the bottom three, most of the movement was confined to the upper ranks.  Both Anthony Chiu and Erik Lamp failed to move in rank this round and are eliminated.  Now the scores for Arnold and Li are only 0.08 apart, with Arnold slipping back past her after Sudoku into 9th place and safety- thus eliminating his student Tammy Li.


Only 9 contestants remain and all grades are still represented!  The fates of the underclassmen lie solely on freshman Una Chan and sophomore Connie Chou.  Can they hold strong and make into the top 6 where all the women were shut out from in the previous year?  This next round, the contestants will be entering the Zorb, a giant inflatable “hamster ball” in the most fun challenge in the competition and their reaction time will be tested as we get closer to discovering who will be the new Health Idol.


Health Idol Round 6

Only half of the contestants remain and the juniors are dominating the competition with 5 of them still being in the game!  At this point, 3 players have never received a deduction in their scores: senior Nathan Seidman, junior Miles Gong, and music teacher Tristan Arnold.  The big question is whether the flexibility challenge will be downfall for all of the males in the competition.  To worsen the challenge, the bottom 3 this round are all guys and this will not be the easiest challenge to recover.  They are freshman Hamza Alaudi, sophomore Jonas Xie, and senior Anthony Chiu.


The first challenge was Sit & Reach.  The contestants had to extend one leg against the measuring device and stretch forward and try again on the other leg.  This challenge was definitely dominated by the females.  Top score went to junior fencer Shannon Do with 53 centimeters with sophomore cheerleader Connie Chou right behind her at 52.  Junior Amber Sevilla came in 3rd with 48.5.  Most of the guys came in below average with the exception of senior Anthony Chiu and junior Erik Lamp.  This gives Chiu some hope to make the seventh round, but bad news for the other two.


The second challenge was Set- an award winning IQ game.   The contestants have 5 minutes to find as many sets as possible.  This year the contestants averaged about 2 less than previous years.  Four students took the top marks and did about double the average.  Shannon Do once again came out on top with 11 sets.  Freshman Una Chan found 9 while juniors Amber Sevilla and Quinn Barringer found 8. 

Thanks to Quinn’s performance in Set, he is the only male contestant whose score did not go down in this round, thus ending the positive streak for Seidman, Gong, and Arnold.  Due to very high scores, Seidman and Gong still maintained the top two spots in the competiton.  Thanks to a strong showing in both challenges, Una Chan slips back up to 3rd, Amber Sevilla in 4th, and Shannon Do rises up to 5th place.  Thanks to her strong flexibility score, Connie Chou just slips one spot down to 6th while teachers Morgan Wallace and Tristan Arnold drop down to 7th and 8th. 


Since freshman Hamza Alaudi and sophomore Jonas Xie failed to improve their scores in this round, they have both been eliminated despite performing in the middle of the pack for this round with Xie in 7th and Alaudi in 8th.  Senior Anthony Chiu actually finished 11th in this round, but having started off with a higher score than the other two in this round he manages to stay alive as another contestant slips below him in the overall ranks.  Instead of him, we are losing assistant principal Susan Akram.

Only 12 contestants remain and almost half of them are juniors!  In their way is senior Nathan Seidman who still has a good lead on the competition, but things may change as they face the pulse pressure and Sudoku round!  As for the bottom, Anthony Chiu has a tough road ahead if he wants to stay in the game, but for the other contestants in the bottom 3 things are not so bad.  The scores are closer than in the last rounds and we could be in for some surprises!


Health Idol Round 5

Despite performing well in round 4, the circumstances did not line up for any of them and they were eliminated.  The odds are no better for the current bottom dwellers of this round: sophomore Ricardo De Leon, senior Eleanor Amidei, and freshman Hamza Alaudi.  In this round, the competitors performed 2 minutes of curl-ups and 2 days of a voting poll to determine social support and/or determination.


Social support is one of the primary factors in developing a healthy self-esteem.  Arguably, many online polls can be a matter of determination which is also a key factor in success.  With that said, the three people who excelled in this challenge were frontrunner Nathan Seidman (senior), newcomer Tammy Li (freshman), and three time contestant and record holder for this challenge Shannon Do (junior).  All remaining contestants performed within the average range.  Unfortunately for the bottom 3, all of them fell below the average mark for this challenge.


For the curl-ups challenge, the contestants had 2 minutes to complete as many curl-ups (similar to sit-ups) as possible.  Juniors Miles Gong and Quinn Barringer moved quite rapidly and barely took a break.  Gong set the record for this first time challenge at 150 with Barringer right behind at 145.  A third junior, Erik Lamp was not too far behind with 137.  Once again, the bottom 3 all performed below the average mark.  Their only hope for survival is if some of the other players immediately above them slipped up.  Two of the three contestants above them were Tammy Li and Shannon Do which pretty much leaves hope for only one possible survivor.


Nathan Seidman saw the biggest increase in score this round which is bad news for his competitors since he already started this round in the lead spot.  In fact, he scored more than twice the amount of points of any other contestant this round.  The other players who raised their scores (in order) were Miles Gong (who was already in 2nd), Tammy Li (moving 4 spots up to 11th), Shannon Do (moving 3 spots up to 10th), and Quinn Barringer (moving 1 spot up to 8th).


Other movers this round include music teacher Tristan Arnold who skips over junior Connie Chou then Peer Resources teacher Morgan Wallace into 3rd place and former front runner Amber Sevilla (junior) who passes freshman Una Chan and into 6th place.


After all is said and done Ricardo De Leon & Eleanor Amidei were not able to move up in rank and got eliminated in this round.  However, it is good news for freshman Hamza Alaudi because sophomore Kaitlin Li slipped below him and got eliminated this round.  The odds will not be in his favor for the next round as he has a lot of ground to cover if he expects to survive.  The same is true for sophomore Jonas Xie who also has a big gap to overcome.


We are now at the halfway point and gaps are beginning to form between the contestants.  Each round will be a struggle for the stragglers, but who will surprise us, will there be another upset or will this be the year Seidman takes the title?


Health Idol Round 4

Once again, the round starts with sophomore Brandon Vargas at the bottom of the pack fighting to stay in the game.  Along with him are staff members Joel Balzer and Reid Russell.  Will they overcome their odds and stay for another round?  This time they are completing an agility run with is very good for Vargas who is on the track team and the other is a cultural identification test which may favor the adults.

For the cultural challenge, the contestants had to identify 8 people and 8 locations.  The record holder for this challenge is Peer Resource teacher Morgan Wallace who got 14 out of 16.  This year, he set a new record with a perfect score of 16 out of 16!  The adults definitely dominated this challenge.  Both Russell and Balzer were right behind Wallace.  Both of them missed Stonestown and incorrectly identified Kim Jong-un as Kim Jong-il, however Russell did recognize Stonestown as a local mall.  Also missing 2 was music teacher Tristan Arnold.  The highest ranked students were right behind him, senior Eleanor Amidei and junior Erik Lamp.  The least recognized was civil rights activist Angela Davis who was recognized by 3 adults.

For the agility run, the contestants had to run 35 meters during which they make one sharp right turn and a u-turn before crossing the finish line.  The current record of 5.9 seconds is held by senior Lance Jackson who is not in the competition this year.  The fastest time this year went to senior Nathan Seidman at 7 seconds.  He is also the current record holder for the mile run.  Other notable times were junior Quinn Barringer at 7.4 seconds and Peer Resource teacher Morgan Wallace at 7.5 seconds!

This round went to the men of the competition.  The top 8 scorers were all guys: Wallace, Seidman, Arnold, Lamp, junior Miles Gong, sophomore Jonas Xie, Barringer, and senior Anthony Chiu.  This propelled 3 of the guys into the top 10 for the first time with Lamp in 8th, Barringer in 9th, and Xie in 10th.  Seidman and Gong have a sizable lead in the competition as they sit in the top 2 spots.  Meanwhile, a cluster of 5 with strong marks continue to pose a possible threat: Wallace (3rd), sophomore Connie Chou (4th), Arnold (5th), freshman Una Chan (6th), and junior Amber Sevilla (7th) who slipped from the top 3 for now.

So how did the bottom 3 perform?  Quite well, actually.  None of them were in the bottom 3 for the round.  However, the bottom 3 all started off in the top 10 so the drop in their overall scores will not be sending any of them out of the competition.  Of the three, the top performer was dean Joel Balzer who finished 11th overall in the round.  Vargas and Russell were in the bottom 2.  Balzer’s hope was that someone who started off low in the rankings messed up enough to slip below him, but that was not the case.  Balzer finishes the competition in 19th.

So who will be starting at the bottom in the next round?  It is another sophomore track team member, Ricardo De Leon.  Will he overcome this handicap and make it past the halfway point of the competition?  Stay tuned as contestants do sit-ups and a social support challenge to stay in the game!

Health Idol Round 3

In round 3, the contestants completed a memory test and the Stork Balance Test.  The three contestants in greatest danger of elimination this round were sophomore Brandon Vargas, math teacher Kenyatta Scott, and freshman Sedina Velic.  In the last round, none of the bottom three improved enough to make it to this round, but will these three suffer the same fate?


For the memory challenge, the contestants looked at 36 images for 1 minute.  They then had to do their best to recall as many of them as possible.  Scoring at the top of the challenge was junior Amber Sevilla who got 69% (the record is 78%).  Senior Nathan Seidman tied her, but his descriptions of the images were not as specific as hers.  Other notable scorers were freshman Una Chan who got 67% and Peer Resource teacher Morgan Wallace with 61%.


For the Stork Balance Test, the contestants had to put their hands on their waist and one foot against their leg, then lift up on to the ball of their foot.  Very few contestants in the past have past the one minute mark, but this year a few of them have figured it out.  The top scorer for this year was junior Miles Gong with 1 minute and 29 seconds.  Sophomore Connie Chou also made an impressive finish with 1 minute and 23 seconds.  Music teacher Tristan Arnold and senior Nathan Seidman did quite well with 1 minute and 10 seconds.  Junior Erik Lamp came really close to a minute with 57 seconds which was still an impressive mark for the challenge.


Things are beginning to change at the top of ranking as junior Gong steals the top spot from junior Amber Sevilla who slips into third.  Senior Nathan Seidman jumps up to second and sophomore Connie Chou creeps into 4th, bumping freshman Una Chan into the 5th place spot and out of the top 4 for the first time this competition.  School staff Tristan Arnold, Morgan Wallace, and Susan Akram take 6th thru 8th.  All 8 have been in the top 8 for the whole competition so far!  Junior Shannon Do moves into 9th.  Her score has been gradually increasing throughout the competition as have the scores of the top 6 contenders!


Sophomore Brandon Vargas performed well enough in the memory test to avoid elimination this round, but he will be starting round 4 at the very bottom once again and will have to fight even harder to stay in the game.


Unfortunately, the same is not true for his fellow competitors, freshman Sedina Velic and math teacher Kenyatta Scott who were unable to raise their scores enough to survive.  Joining them in elimination is senior Skyler Huang.


In the next round, the contestants will be facing the agility run and cultural knowledge test.  Along with Vargas, two staff members are bringing up the rear and must prove themselves in the next round in order to stay in the competition.  They are dean Joel Balzer and career teacher Reid Russell.  The top half of the competitors have been holding strong, so will anyone breakthrough and steal one of the top 9 spots when it really counts?


Health Idol Round 2

The second round of Health Idol began with a word puzzle.  The contestants were given the word “Reconcile” and they had to utilize those letters to come up with words containing 3 or more letters.  Points were given based on the number of letters used.  The winner of the challenge was music teacher Tristan Arnold who scored 128, a whole 20 points higher than any of the other contestants.  The only other person to score above 100 was senior Anthony Chiu with 108 points.  In 3rd place with 98 points were seniors Nathan Seidman & Eleanor Amidei and junior Shannon Do.  A few contestants figured out that it was within the rules to use the word “Reconcile”, but only one contestant came up with a 7-point word and it was Shannon Do with “Reclone”.

Next up the male contestants had to compete in the pull-ups challenge while the female contestants competed in the flexed arm hang.  The truth is that this challenge is not something that can be easily done by the human body without practice and the male and female anatomies differ enough to mandate a different challenge for the genders.  In fact, a couple of contestants were not able to score at all.  The highest number of pull-ups went to junior Miles Gong who completed 32.  The other notable contestant was Skylar Huang who was one of two contestants who did dead hang pull-ups which results in their total being multiplied by 1.3.  He completed 20 and scored 26 points for the challenge.  For the flexed arm hang, junior Amber Sevilla scored on top with 36.2 seconds and senior Samatha del Castillo also did well with 33.8 seconds.

After the results were tabulated, the top 3 are all from the same advisory class!  Amber Sevilla retains the top spot with Miles Gong right behind her.  In third place is their advisory teacher, Tristan Arnold.  Freshman Una Chan holds on at 4th place which is a strong showing for an underclassman!  The three best scores in this round were Arnold, senior Nathan Seidman who rose to 6th place, and Gong. The only new face in the top 10 is senior Anthony Chiu who was the fourth biggest mover this round.

The round began with senior Samantha del Castillo at the bottom of the pack.  She was a last minute replacement and did not get a chance to prepare for this competition, but she did do well this round.  Did she do enough to stay in?  Right above her were freshmen Juan Torres and junior Penelope Kim.  Both of them did slip down this round and both of them are eliminated.  Other big slips this round were math teacher Kenyatta Scott, freshman Sedina Velic, and sophomore Brandon Vargas.  However, none of them slipped low enough for elimination and Samantha del Castillo is eliminated.

In the next round the contestant will be facing the balance and memory challenges.  Starting from the bottom in the next round are the three survivors who slipped in this round: Vargas, Scott, and Velic.  None of the bottom 3 survived the last round, so will these three have a change of luck and continue in the competition?  Stay tuned and find out!

Health Idol Round 1

It is the 11th year of Health Idol and it is time for a fresh start.  30 contestants, no returning champion, and no twists.  This year will be a straight forward competition for the title.  There are some returning contestants of note, namely math teacher Kenyatta Scott who finished in second place during the 1st competition and senior Nathan Seidman who set multiple records during last year’s competition.  One of those records was for jump rope which will be the first physical challenge of the year.

With jump rope starting off the competition this year, all eyes were on Nathan Seidman who set a new record last year after going over 1000 jumps non-stop.  It did not happen again this year.  Our top jumpers were sophomore Connie Chou who completed 526 and junior Amber Sevilla with 441.  Some of the other notable contestant who went over 300 include sophomore Kaitlin Li (388), freshman Una Chan (373) and junior Miles Gong (319).

We also started off this year’s competition with a nutrition quiz that was recycled from several years ago.  It is important for our health idol to have the knowledge to back up their title.  Nobody scored a 10 out 10 this year, however 2 contestants nearly did.  The first question was about fast food calories and if McDonald’s had not reduced their milk shake calories since the last time this quiz was administered both assistant principal Susah Akram and math teacher Kenyatta Scott would have received a perfect score.  Also thrown off by the McDonald’s question and scoring 9 out of 10 were peer resource teacher Morgan Wallace and juniors Miles Gong & Amber Sevilla.  One more person also scored 9 out of 10 and that was freshman Una Chan.

So who made the top ten to start the competition.  With the repeating names above it is no surprise to find the top three being Amber Sevilla, Una Chan, and Miles Gong.  Sophomore Kaitlin Li actually tied with Gong for third place.  Staff members Morgan Wallace and Susan Akram follow in 5th and 6th.  Sophomore Connie Chou is in 7th, music teacher Tristan Arnold in 8th, senior Nathan Seidman in 9th and junior Shannon Do in 10th.

A big challenge throughout the years has been a lack of participation from senior and faculty females.  Recent research revealed a declining interest in competition for females which explains the difficulty in the competition.  Several senior girls toyed around with the possibility of joining the competition, one of whom got all the answers correct on the nutrition quiz, but she ultimately decided not to compete!  It was the nutrition quiz that ultimately decided who would be eliminated this round.  The first elimination of the round was senior Jiayi Ma, followed by junior Chelly Guzman and freshman Min Zaw.

Entering round two we have senior Samantha del Castillo, freshman Juan Torres, and sophomore Penelope Kim fighting to survive the next round.  With the dreaded pull-ups and flexed-arm hang coming, who will be strong enough to continue in the competition?