15-16 Year Archive

15-16 Year Archive

Round 10

Long time front runner and history teacher Chris Cary is back in the lead for the final round.  He has dominated the season, but has this final hurdle to overcome.  And finally hitting to top 3 this year is junior Una Chan who is hoping to bring in a student win which has not happened since 2012, or better yet a win for the ladies which has not happened since 2006.  In third place is four time winner and wellness counselor Ian Enriquez, who will most likely need to win both challenges to have a shot at another victory.


First, the three contestants had to repeat a previous challenge and hope that they can improve on their scores.  Chan went first with the flexed arm hang with the hopes that it would only be a matter of perseverance in order to succeed and she was right.  She nearly doubled her previous time!  Enriquez went next with jump rope and went from 208 to 211.  It was an improvement, but a very small one.  Finally Cary repeated the pulse pressure challenge.  He went from a 54 to 68, but this is a challenge where you want the number to be lower.


So after the improvement challenge, Enriquez barely affects his score and remains in 3rd.  Cary slips into 2nd place while Chan takes the lead!  The winner will now be decided by tuba ruba where a contestant is wrapped in tubing and then maneuver a marble from one end to the other.


Since Enriquez is in 3rd place, he got to decide the order in which people would complete this challenge.  Chan took on the challenge first and completed it in 2 minutes and 15 seconds which is faster than the average over the last few years!  Enriquez went next and completed it in 2 minutes and 14 seconds.  Despite the faster time, there is definitely no doubt at this point that he will not be the new Health Idol because the difference is far too insignificant to make a difference.


Cary went last and ended up beating the record time when his tubes came untangled, but unfortunately that cannot count.  In his second attempt, he still completed it in 1 minute and 51 seconds and got the top time for the challenge.


So how does this all play out?  Chan’s win raised her score by 1.05 points and Cary’s win raised his score by 1.15 points which is looking good for Cary!  Chan’s loss reduced her score by -0.16 of a point and Cary’s loss reduced his score by -0.94 of a point.  This means Chan’s overall gain this round was 0.44 while Cary has 0.21!  The advantage now shifts over to Chan, but were their scores close enough for Chan to make up ground?


Unfortunately not.  With a score of 9.14, history teacher Chris Cary is the new Health Idol with junior Una Chan finishing in second with 8.41.  This means that this year’s seniors are the first to leave Lincoln without seeing a student win the competition.  This must not continue.  It is time for the Health Idol Revolution 2017!!!

Round 9

Canyon Perry completed the mile run at the start of the round and had the third fastest time among the contestants.  Unfortunately, it was 1 second too slow to maintain his standing after all scores were tallied and he finishes in 9th and sophomore Christian Chun finished in 8th.  This gives junior David Feng (in 7th) the opportunity to ask this year’s interview question.


The round begins with physics teacher Alan Calac, junior Bernice Lam, and freshman Clare Delucchi in the bottom three and they have a lot of gaining to do if they want to stay in the competition.  There is a big gap between them and the top 3 so there is no way for all of them to switch rank, but it is quite possible that one of them can take a spot in the finals.  Also, there is one last staff member trying to get into the game and he will have to take first place in both challenges in order to even have a shot at getting into the competition.


The competition this year started with the Zorb (a giant hamster ball).  The fastest time did go to the teacher trying to get into the competition.  Among the contestants, the fastest times this year were wellness counselor Ian Enriquez (20.8 seconds), freshman Clare Delucchi (21.09 seconds), and history teacher Chris Cary (21.11 seconds).  These scores give hope to the secret staff member and Delucchi to make it into the next round though the likelihood of both of the getting in would be highly unlikely.


This year’s interview question was “What motivates you in life?”  This is a purely subjective challenge and anything can happen.  As it turns out, Feng favored those who talked about family which give the top marks to new parent Chris Cary, soon to be parent Alan Calac, and big sister Una Chan.  His successes in this round guaranteed Cary a spot in the finals while not championing the interview does mean that the last secret staff member will not be joining the competition.


So with Cary back in the first place spot, what does it mean for the remaining contestants?  Both Enriquez and Chan did well in one challenge, but not the other.  This more or less evened out their scores and has kept them in the game.  What the bottom three needed was for one of the top three to do poorly in both challenges.  Chan slips into 2nd and Enriquez in 3rd as we go into the finals.


So we are saying good-bye to Calac in 4th, Delucchi in 5th, and Lam in 6th.  We almost had a freshman in the finals, so it with great sadness to see Delucchi eliminated in part to a very subjective challenge.  Fortunately for her, we have never had a sophomore winner either and she will have a second shot at it next year!


Next up, the contestants are going to have to select a challenge in which they must improve on their score and possibly face the tuba ruba.  Left in the competition are Chris Cary who has held on to the 1st place spot for 6 out of the 9 rounds of competition, Ian Enriquez who is a 4 time Health Idol title holder, and Una Chan who in undefeated in her class and plagued by the Zorb which has eliminated her in previous years.


Congratulations to the final three!!!

Round 8

The three students fighting their way out of the bottom 3 are junior Bernice Lam and seniors Canyon Perry & Connie Chou.  However, due to an injury, Chou will not be able to continue in the competition.  In her place, sophomore Christian Chun will get one more chance.  Unfortunately, he is coming in with a lower score than most and will likely have to win both the mile run and Sudoku challenges in order to continue to round 9.


New standards are being applied to the mile run this year which indicate that men in their 20s having more of an edge.  In previous years, the research implied that a decline in speed started in their 20s instead of 30s.  This year, the closest person to peak running age is the unknown teacher who is still fighting to get in the game.  Three runners finished in under 6 minutes this year.  In first is history teacher Chris Cary with 5:22 and right behind him is sophomore Christian Chun with 5:25.  Fortunately for Chun, he is a larger age handicap than Cary and will be scoring in first place for this challenge.  In 3rd is our unidentified teacher with 5:44.  The next fastest times are 6:51 (physics teacher Alan Calac) and 6:52 (freshman Clare Delucchi).  With the age and gender handicap, Delucchi comes in at only 4 seconds behind the unidentified teacher.


In Sudoku, junior Una Chan completed the puzzle in 3 minute and 1 second!  She was followed by wellness counselor Ian Enriquez who completed it in 3 minutes and 38 seconds.  Coming in third was junior Bernice Lam who completed it in 5 minutes 11 seconds, but she did make one careless mistake.  Her penalty did add to her time, but not enough to affect her placement in the challenge.


The current top three, Enriquez, Chan, and Cary, each did very well in one challenge and found themselves in the bottom of the other challenge.  This kept their scores pretty level and with the lead they already possessed, they remained in the top 3.  Cary & Chan moved up in score while Enriquez slipped which put Una Chan in the first place spot over Enriquez then Cary.  This is the first time this year that a student has taken the first place spot!


Right under Cary is the last staff member trying to get into the competition.  The next round will be his last shot at getting into the competition.  He has competed before and surpassed his previous performance.  Very close behind him in the official 4th place spot is freshman Clare Delucchi who has a very real chance of making it into the final round.  This is something only one other freshman has ever accomplished!


Going into this round, many of the contestants were pretty close in score.  In fact, junior Bernice Lam did well enough to jump out of danger into the 5th place spot.  Chun was not able to succeed at Sudoku and senior Canyon Perry was unable to complete the mile run due to illness so they are both eliminated with rank pending.  So who takes the final spot?  Did junior David Feng slip up and lose the lead he has maintained for so long?  Or did Calac do enough to maintain his 6th place spot for another round?


Alan Calac stays in the game, making the final six three teachers and three female students from different grades.  In the next round, they will be doing the Zorb and facing the interview which puts their fate in the hands of a former contestant.

Round 7

Starting in the bottom 3 this round are sophomores Mariq Alejandro and Kaya Lehr-Love, along with senior Canyon Perry.  Within this group is one of the teachers who is trying to earn a spot in the competition.  The four of them must do well in the memory and upper body challenges this round if they have any hopes of making it to the next round. 


For the first time ever, the men competed in a peg board challenge.  The contestants score a point for every peg insertion they make while climbing and going back down.  Setting the record is senior Canyon Perry who climbed up and down twice, getting 24 points.  One of the teachers trying to get into the competition tied him.  They both tried a second time with the hope of beating that score, but neither succeeded with Canyon doing 16 and the other teacher doing 9.  Coming in 3rd was physics teacher Alan Calac with 14.


The women did the flexed arm hang.  Former records are not accessible at this time.  The top scores this year went to freshman Clare Delucchi who did 1 minute and 45 seconds and junior Bernice Lam who did 1 minute and 5 seconds.


All the contestants did the memory challenge where they got to look at 36 images for a minute and try to remember as much as possible.  The counselor trying to get into the competition was the former record holder and broke his record this year and had an 86.1% recall.  The top scoring contestants are junior Una Chan (66.7%), sophomore Christian Chun (61.1%), and senior Connie Chou (55.6%).  Average recall for this competition is 47.2%, meaning that the contestants tend to remember less than half of what they are shown.


So how did our bottom three perform in this round?  Unfortunately for the 2 sophomores and the teacher trying to get into the competition, their scores were in the bottom 3 this round which sealed their fate.  Mariq Alejandro and Kaya Lehr-Love are eliminated.  Right after them is history teacher Chris Cary who has held on to the lead for half of the competition.  Fortunately for him, his score was so high going into this round that he is still very much safe although he is no longer in the #1 spot.  Senior Canyon Perry’s record setting peg board has the opportunity to save him.  Sophomore Christian Chun was right above him, but his memory score kept his points from dropping.  Slipping below them instead is senior Kaitlyn Bui who is now out of the competition.


Cary now slips into 3rd place while junior Una Chan and the counselor who set the memory record battle it out for first.  In this case, wellness counselor Ian Enriquez succeeded and is entering the competition in the 1st place spot with Chan holding 2nd.  This means an additional person is getting eliminated this round giving Perry yet another hurdle to stay in the game.  Fortunately for him, his point increase was much higher than Chun’s so Christian Chun has also been eliminated and there are no longer any sophomores in the competition!


Only one teacher remains who is trying to get into the competition and he is currently in the middle of the pack.  As we enter the mile run and Sudoku round, our bottom three are senior Canyon Perry (9th), junior Bernice Lam (8th), and senior Connie Chou (7th).  The upperclassmen are now battling for the prom ticket so bring your shoes tomorrow for the mile run because this is your last chance to win this secondary prize!

Round 6

This year faculty members are competing to steal a spot in the competition, but 2 of them are currently within the bottom 3 for this round and may be the first staff members to lose their chance to get in the game for good.  The bottom three that are fighting for their spots this round are sophomores Jennifer Castile & Mariq Alejandro, along with senior Brian Chew.  This round includes our first ever vertical jump challenge and our SET Mensa challenge. 


The challenge started with the vertical jump.  Setting the record at 27 inches are sophomore Mariq Alejandro and physics teacher Alan Calac.  One of the teachers trying to get into the competition was just half an inch below them followed by history teacher Chris Cary at 25.5 inches.  The top female score was sophomore Jennifer Castile at 21 inches.  Her score when compared to the other females in the competition gave her more points in this round when compared to the male top scores.  This may be what she needs to continue on in the game.


Set is a Mensa award winning visual spatial challenge that we have been doing for several years now.  The contestants have 5 minutes to spot as many sets as possible and junior Una Chan smashed the record with 21 sets!  She is followed by the former record holder trying to get in the competition with 15 sets this year and another teacher trying to get in the game with 11 sets.  They are followed by Calac at 9 sets then Cary and freshman Clare Delucchi with 8 sets.


Cary does well enough overall to retain his spot at 1st, however Una Chan is the big mover this round with her dominance in the Set challenge which puts her in a close 2nd place.  Junior David Feng slips down to 3rd place with Calac jumping back up into the 4th place slot thanks to his performance in both challenges.


Rounding out the top 10 are senior Connie Chan (5th), freshman Clare Delucchi (6th), junior Bernice Lam (7th), senior Kaitlyn Bui (8th), sophomore Christian Chun (9th), and senior Canyon Perry (10th)!  Of the 5 people battling to get out of the bottom 3, four of them actually improved their score this round.  However that only impeded their own efforts since it kept any of them from getting a good enough lead to guarantee their safety as none of them broke into the top 10 this round.


So what is the fate of our struggling contestants?  One contestant did slip beneath them.  Freshman Rocky Marania has been eliminated which means at least one of the bottom 3 will survive.  The one member of the bottom three whose score did not go up is senior Brian Chew, so he has been eliminated as well.  One of the staff members did not clear the bottom three and will be getting a pink slip while the other did save himself with a strong jump and even stronger performance in Set.  So which sophomore stay in the game?  Both Alejandro and Castile were the top jump scorers for their gender with Castile scoring a little better by comparison.  In Set Alejandro found one more set than Castile, but also entered the round with a higher score.  So the final eliminated contestant is Jennifer Castile.


The bottom three in the upcoming round are sophomores Mariq Alejandro & Kaya Lehr-Love along with senior Canyon Perry.  The next challenges include memory and our first ever peg board challenge.  It remains to see how this new challenge will pan out, but this next round will determine the top 10 for the year!

Round 5

Freshman Rocky Marania and Seniors Kyle Selor & Brian Chew have their work cut out for them as they much test their flexibility in order to survive this round.  This is not a challenge that has been historically favorable for guys so it will not be easy.  Their best hope is the new word challenge based on Scattergories.


The women dominated the flexibility challenge with only one male staff member not in the competition scoring within their range and a second staff member tying to the bottom of their range.  The top 3 scores went to senior Connie Chou with a score of 52 inches, juniors Bernice Lam with 50.5 inches and Una Chan at 48.5 inches.  This challenge came at a great time for the ladies, potentially guaranteeing all of them spot in the next round.


For Scattergories, the contestants were broken up into 4 groups based on age.  Each group was given a letter and category.  They had one minute to list as many items that fit that category and started with the given letter.  If nobody else listed that item, you get more points for it.  The freshmen/sophomore group got typical male names starting with M, and freshman Rocky Marania scored on top of the group which is exactly what he needs to possibly survive another round.  The sophomore/junior group got animals starting with the letter L, and sophomore Kaya Lehr-Love took the win for that group.  The junior/senior group got TV shows starting with the letter S, and Connie Chou took another win this round for that group.  The finally, the faculty members had movies starting with the letter C.  This was the tightest of the matches and physics teacher Alan Calac came out on top.


After the dust settled from the round, history teacher Chris Cary (1st) and junior David Feng (2nd) remain in the top two spots.  The flexibility challenge brought new faces into the top 4, senior Connie Chou (3rd) and junior Bernice Lam (4th).  They bumped junior Una Chan down to 5th and freshman Clare Delucchi to 6th.  This is the first time we are seeing Delucchi out of the top 3, so hopefully she turns things back around in the next round.


Rounding out the top 10 are physics teacher Alan Calac (7th), senior Canyon Perry (8th), senior Kaitlyn Bui (9th), and new to the top 10 this round is sophomore Kaya Lehr-Love (10th).  Both Bui and Lehr-Love have been at risk for elimination earlier in the competition, but they are turning things around and hopefully can maintain their streak and keep moving upwards!


So how did our bottom three guys do this round?  Rocky Marania’s win in Scattergories combined with an above average performance for flexibility not only saved him this round, but he is also not starting in the bottom 3 in the next round.  Senior Brian Chew came in second for his group in Scattergories and did just below average in flexibility.  This was actually enough to save him for another round.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for senior Kyle Selor who is eliminated this round.


Along with Selor, we are also losing sophomore Tatsuya Aizawa and junior Alec Baud (who came very close to taking out his advisory teacher from the competition this round).  With that said, expect the first faculty member/s to be eliminated in the next round.  Fighting to survive the bottom are sophomore Jennifer Castile, senior Brian Chew, and sophomore Mariq Alejandro.  They will have to reach for the sky and tackle the Set challenge.  Any new contestant who has not gone online to learn Set is just asking to be eliminated.  Check out the free daily puzzles at www.setgame.com to learn the game or you will be sent packing in round 6!

Round 4

Sophomores Michelle Rojas and Kaya Lehr-Love are starting in the bottom 3 this round with senior Kaitlyn Bui.  This could be the first all-female elimination unless they are able to turn things around this round.  Hopefully, their lifestyle shows in their pulse pressure scores.  They will also be doing a reaction time test online.


As it turns out, senior Kaitlyn Bui scored the best pulse pressure score by a lot!  Her blood pressure was 103/87 and she has set a new record score for the competition.  This is traditionally a stronger challenge for the females, so this is exactly what she needed to save herself from elimination.  Pulse pressure is the difference between the two numbers in the blood pressure score and tells us how hard the heart is working.  Junior Bernice Lam had the second best blood pressure at 122/87 followed by junior David Feng with 117/79.  A lot of people have been sick recently, so that could explain the higher pressure rates this year.


As for the reaction time challenge, nobody got close to the current record.  Everyone scored over 0.2 seconds, but the overall average was faster than previous years.  The top time this year went to senior Connie Chou with 0.206 of a second.  She is followed by sophomore Kaya Lehr-Love at 0.209.  She tied one of the faculty members trying to get into the competition and also did exactly what she needed to do to save herself from elimination.  The third top score went to junior Alec Baud with 0.21 of a second.


The top 3 in the competition have a pretty huge lead.  Although history teacher Chris Cary took a hit this round, he still remains in 1st place.  Junior David Feng did excellent in both challenges this round and moves into 2nd place.  Freshman Clare Delucchi slips back into 3rd, but had two faculty members trying to get into the competition right ahead of her.  Closing in at 4th place is junior Una Chan.


Junior Bernice Lam is one of the big movers this round and moves up to 5th place above senior Canyon Perry who holds on to his 6th place spot.  Physics teacher Alan Calac moves up to 7th place and the biggest mover this round is senior Kaitlyn Bui who jumps from at risk all the way to the 8th place spot.  Rounding out the top 10 are senior Connie Chou in 9th and sophomore Christian Chun back in 10th.


So who is going out this round?  With both Bui & Lehr-Love improving their scores, they jump above a few players who will be eliminated instead.  Sophomore Michelle Rojas was not able to get out of the bottom 3 this round and has been eliminated.  The three biggest droppers this round started off from high enough scores to save them from being eliminated.  Instead we will be losing two freshman from the competition: Corine Kano-Dumlao and Ben Mignola.  The freshmen had a good start in the competition, and Clare Delucchi has consistently maintained herself in the top three.  However, there is only one other freshman left in the competition, and that is Rocky Marania who will be starting the next round in the bottom of the pack.


The next round will be flexibility and a word challenge.  This may be another good round for the females in the competition, especially with the bottom 3 being all guys.  Along with Rocky are seniors Kyle Selor and Brian Chew.  Above them are four sophomores, so we will see who will make it past the halfway point of the competitions.  The bad news is that no staff member has been eliminated yet, but the good news is that Cary and Feng have a pretty strong hold in the rankings that they might prevent any other staff member from getting into the game.

Round 3

Junior Bernice Lam has to battle once again to stay in the competition.  In the last round, she was the sole survivor among the bottom 3 and this time she is facing it with freshman Ben Mignola and senior Kaitlyn Bui.  The challenges they face are the curl ups and a counting challenge.  Essentially, we are moving from a subtraction to an addition challenge.  Will any of them survive and will a new faculty member join the competition for a third round in a row?


This round the contestants had 2 minutes to do as many curl ups as possible.  The previous challenge average was 86 and this year’s contestants raised the bar with an average of 91.  No record was broken, but the high score of the year was 132.  This was done by one of the faculty members still fighting to get into the game.  The next highest score was freshman Clare Delucchi at 130 who is already on top, and she is followed by another faculty member trying to get into the game at 127.  Other notable scores were junior David Feng with 124, and history teacher Chris Cary and junior Bernice Lam with 123!  This is likely what Bernice needs to survive yet another round.


In the counting challenge, contestants had to count how many times each of 3 symbols appeared in a chart with multiple symbols.  The contestants had 90 seconds to complete the task and it proved to be an easy challenge for most.  More than half of the contestants scored a perfect score in no time at all.  On one hand, that means this challenge will not be advancing anyone by much on the score chart, but those who made mistakes are going to be hit quite hard by this challenge.  Therefore, the curl-ups will be moving people up while the counting challenge will be taking people down.


In 13 years of Health Idol, we have never had a challenge do so much damage in the middle of the competition.  Carelessness has never been so costly.  The 4 who made the most mistakes include freshman Olvin Cruz, sophomores Christian Chun and Jason Tan, and senior Jenny Lee.  Three of them will be eliminated despite both sophomores starting in the top 10.  This saved all 3 who started in the bottom this round!  The one whose overall performance will keep him in for another round is sophomore and returning contestant Christian Chun.


With two anonymous staff members doing very well this round, the question remains whether or not they have done enough to take the number one spot.  If they do, they would be taking out sophomore Michelle Rojas from the competition who is in the new bottom three with sophomore Kaya Lehr-Love and senior Kaitlyn Bui.  Fortunately for them, history teacher Cary held the lead followed by freshman Delucchi and junior Feng.  The three of them have begun to establish a sizable lead from their competitors.  They are followed by junior Una Chan then entering the top ten for the first time is sophomore Tatsuya Aizawa.  He comes in 5th, edging out senior Canyon Perry by only 0.01.  In fact, their ranks only flipped after the final contestant (senior Connie Chou, 9th) completed the challenges.  Still ahead of her are sophomore Jennifer Castile (7th) and physics teacher Alan Calac (8th).  And also new to the top 10 is junior Bernice Lam (10th)!


So now we head into the 4th round with 3 other faculty members still lurking from within the top 10, just waiting for their chance to strike.  Can the contestants save themselves for another round or will things just get even more difficult?  With three females in the bottom, will we see the first all female elimination or will some of them pull through?

Round 2

It is round 2 and freshman Zoe Gnass, junior Bernice Lam, and senior Mason Kearns are going to have to battle to stay in the competition.  With all the juniors eliminated in the last round, Bernice has a lot to prove for her class.  There are also too many faculty members lurking at the top which could take out an extra contestant.  This round is jump rope and a new subtraction challenge, so anything can happen.  However, there are good odds that at the end of the round there will be a new contestant.


The jump rope record was set only a couple of years ago at 1,081 with a competition average of about 187.  People take for granted that this is not just a challenge of coordination, but one of endurance as well.  This year, 3 contestants broke 400.  Senior Connie Chou did 410, but two faculty members not yet in the competition scored 596 and 996.  If either of them were among those lurking at the top, this could guarantee a first place rank for one of them!


In the math challenge, the contestants were given a three digit number that they had to continuously subtract by 7 over 30 seconds time.  The challenge is trickier than it sounds.  The time pressure broke 5 contestants who got the very first calculation wrong with a sixth person messing up the second calculation.  The top score went to sophomore Jason Tan who went from 984 to 886, a total of 14 subtractions.  Senior Brian Chew and junior Una Chan each did 13 subtractions while junior David Feng and an anonymous faculty member did 12.


Looking at the official contestants, Bernice Lam fell into this round’s top 10 scorers and does save herself from elimination.  Ignoring the top two jump ropers who did perform on top over all, the top 3 contestants for the round are sophomore Christian Chun, followed by juniors Una Chan and David Feng.  Getting eliminated this round are freshman Zoe Gnass, senior Mason Kearns, and junior Tammy Li.

Based on overall scores, we do have a new contestant entering the competition- history teacher Chris Cary who did 596 jump ropes and 12 subtractions this round, and has two other faculty members lurking right beneath him.  Rounding out the top 5 from 2nd on down are junior David Feng, freshman Clare Delucchi, physics teacher Alan Calac, and sophomore Jason Tan.


The rest of the top 10 are returning sophomore Christian Chun (6th), senior Canyon Perry (7th), returning junior Una Chan (8th), sophomore Jennifer Castile (9th), and returning senior Connie Chou (10th).  Not only are there 3 sophomores in the top 10, but they are the only class that has not yet lost anyone in the competition.


Unfortunately, we do have another faculty member entering the contest which means he is taking somebody else out.  We lost the first freshman because of this last week and it looks like we will be losing another freshman this week.  This time it is Jack Savoie in a very close call with each entered score the ranking kept on flipping between himself, junior Tammy Li, and freshman Ben Mignola.  In this case, it is Ben’s lucky day as he lives to see Round 3 by only 0.005 of a point, but along with him senior Kaitlyn Bui and junior Bernice Lam will be fighting to stay in the game!


Round 3 brings us the return of the timed curl-ups challenge and a new visual counting test.  Will another faculty member enter the game or will the students finally catch a break?  There is a four time Health Idol winner on their tail as well as a recent ironman completer.  This year may be the toughest competition indeed.

Round 1

It is year 13 of Health Idol and there are 30 students competing without any sign of staff.  However, the faculty are out there, waiting for their chance to strike.  This year, 6 staff members are lurking on the horizon and must rank in 1st place during one of the rounds to officially enter the competition.  If they do, they will eliminate an additional contestant from the competition.


This year was a rough start for the juniors, as three of them drop out of the competition.  Emily Zheng, Darren Dezewiecki, and Dylan Powell drop out and are replaced by Tammy Li, David Feng, and Alec Baud who have been given no advanced notice of the challenges ahead.


The competition started with a standing broad jump.  This is the first time it is being done for Health Idol and scores were adjusted for height.  The longest jump was executed by one of the mysterious staff members at 103 inches and also received the top adjusted score.  Senior Kyle Selor came in second at 96, followed by sophomore Mariq Alejandro and another faculty member at 95.  After the adjusted scores, however, it was Mariq in second and senior Canyon Perry in third.  Selor is also passed by a third faculty member and junior David Feng.  Due to a disparity in gender scores, it was decided to score them separately.  The longest jumpers for the women were senior Connie Chou at 74 inches, freshman Clare Delucchi at 70, and sophomore Jennifer Castile at 69.


This was followed by a nutrition quiz where another faculty member took the top score at 83%.  At 75%, we have freshman Clare Delucchi and sophomore Jason Tan with two other faculty members!  This year the average score for the quiz was lower despite having a lowest score of 25% compared to previous years where people did not get anything correct.


This was a bad start for our juniors.  Not only did three of the starting juniors quit at the start, three other juniors have been eliminated and it was not any of the three who just joined the competition this week!  After the first round, we have lost Hector Alvarez, Hector Gomez, and Nine Sirikittikul!  The competition for the prom ticket has just gotten a little bit tighter.


There is another problem for the students, one of the faculty members did finish in first place this round so physics teacher Alan Calac is now in the game and in first place!  This means he eliminates another contestant- freshman Charles Peacock!  Students beware because there are 3 other faculty members within the top 5 scores who can easily take more of you out sooner than later.  Only one student sits between them and that is freshman Clare Delucchi in 2nd place!


This may be the year that a freshman or sophomore wins the competition because half of the top 10 are underclassmen and it would have been 6, but Calac edged out freshman Rocky Marania from starting in the top 10.  In third place is senior Connie Chou who has competed in Health Idol for all four years!  She is followed by junior David Feng who just joined the competition without any preparation then sophomore Jennifer Castile in 5th place.  Completing the top 10 are sophomores Jason Tan and Mariq Alejandro (who Calac specifically brought into the competition), senior Canyon Perry, freshman Olvin Cruz, and senior Kyle Selor.


Round 2 is usually the last time we see a dramatic change in the overall rankings which is good news for the contestants who are going to have to fight their way from the rear.  Good luck to senior Mason Kearns, junior Bernice Lam, and freshman Zoe Gnass.