16-17 Year Archive

16-17 Year Archive

Health Idol Phantasmic 5: Round 9

Only six remain: three staff and three seniors, three men and three women.  Frontrunner Madison Junker, last year’s last student standing Una Chan, and reigning Idol Chris Cary are starting the round with a solid lead.  In fact, it is highly improbable that either women will not continue to the final round.  The only forseeable possibility is if Cary blows one of the challenges enough and someone from the bottom three excels at this round’s challenges that there may be an upset.  The most likely candidate is returning senior Bernice Lam who is currently holding the 4th place position.


The first challenge was Sudoku.  The women dominated the challenge with Una Chan setting the record at 2 minutes and 17 seconds.  Madison Junker came in second with 3 minutes and 55 seconds and Bernice Lam in third with 4 minutes and 25 seconds.  This has likely sealed the fate of most of our contestants.  Junker and Chan are guaranteed to make the final round.  The gap between Cary and Lam has been significantly diminished in this challenge, making room for an upset.  And finally the odds for senior Kevin Nguyen and teacher Stephen Miller making it to the next round are highly unlikely.


The second challenge was the vertical jump.  Men do 26% better at this challenge than women and it definitely showed in the results.  The three adults dominated this challenge and all jumped over 2 feet with Cary doing 2 feet 2 inches, Miller doing 2 feet 1.5 inches and Junker doing 2 feet 0.5 inches.  Gender considerations did not do much to help the students in this challenge.


Junker, Chan, and Miller ended up being the three contestants who increased their scores in this round.  However, it was not enough to do good for Miller.  The ranking does not change after this round.  Miller finishes in 6th, Nguyen in 5th, and Lam in 4th.  So congratulations to the Health Idol final 3: Madison Junker, Una Chan, and Chris Cary!


The odds are against Cary to take the win this year, but if he dominates the final round it could still happen.  So the odds are looking good for a possible female Health Idol winner which has not happened in over a decade!  The contestants will have to improve upon a previous challenge in both the physical and mental aspects of the competition to win the title next week.  May the odds be ever in your favor!

Health Idol Phantasmic 5: Round 8

Only one sophomore (Lindsey Wong) and junior (Christian Chun) remains in the competition and they are respectively starting in 7th and 9th place this round.  The top 3 have a huge lead and will come out of this challenge unscathed, so it is really down to the bottom 6 to fight for their spots.


The first challenge was an interview question from the last eliminated contestant, Kaya Lehr-Love.  She asked, “Would life be meaningless if we can live forever?”  Her favorite responses were more out of the box.  Senior Bernice Lam talked about the brief moments in life that continue to be special, senior Kevin Nguyen talked about reconceptualizing destiny, and teacher Stephen Miller talked about the importance of connection and reflection.  These 3 were all a part of middle 3 in the rank which improves their odds of cracking the top 3 and preventing the bottom 3 from continuing in the competition.


Second challenge was the often dreaded mile run.  An age and gender calculator is used to determine a score for each contestant.  Coming out on top (and nearly reaching the contest record) is junior Christian Chun who ran the mile in 5 minutes and 4 seconds.  Teacher Chris Cary came in second with 5 minutes and 30 seconds.  The two of them skewed the scores with their impressive times.  The only other contestant to score positive points this round was senior Bernice Lam who finished in 6 minutes and 41 seconds.


Despite some drops in scores, the top 3 remain where they are at after this round with teacher Madison Junker in first, senior Una Chan in second, and reigning Idol Chris Cary in third.  Senior Bernice Lam strengthens her 4th period spot which could lead to an all female final three if she can oust Cary.  We haven’t had a female Idol winner in 11 years!  Senior Kevin Nguyen slips into 5th after doing well in both challenges.


Senior David Feng and sophomore Lindsey Wong are eliminated in 9th and 8th places respectively.  The final elimination came down to the interview question.  If either contestant placed even one spot higher or lower we would have had a different result.  Unfortunately, we are losing our last junior Christian Chun.  Leaving 3 seniors and 3 teachers battling it out for the title!


For round 9, we have bumped Sudoku over to this round and we will also do a vertical jump challenge.  Good luck to all the remaining contestants!

Health Idol Phantasmic 5: Round 7

The round starts with senior David Chou in danger, along with returning contestants sophomore Clare Delucchi and junior Kaya Lehr-Love.  The three of them will have the extra hurdle of having a fourth contestant eliminated by the Phantasmic Five and the other remaining sophomore Lindsey Wong would be next in line.


Set was the first challenge this round.  This is a Mensa award winning visual puzzle that the contestants needed to prepare for in order to get a good result.  Senior Una Chan is a returning record holder for this challenge and all though she did not break her record this year, she still took the top result by finding 15 sets.  Returning senior Bernice Lam found 11 and current front runner Madison Junker found 9.  This only increases the lead Junker and Chan have on the rest of the contestants.


For the dexterity challenge, the contestants had 12 shots to toss a ball into a basket.  Tied at first this year with a 75% accuracy are sophomore Lindsey Wong and returning champion Chris Cary.  The next highest score went to returning senior David Feng with a 50% accuracy followed by physics teacher Stephen Miller with 42% accuracy.  This could help Wong stay alive in the competition, but Cary’s tie will definitely get in the way of her progress.


Junker, Chan, and Cary manage to hold on to the top three spots in that order.  They are maintaining a pretty hefty lead that will be a challenge for the remaining contestants to break into final round.  Tied in 4th place are Stephen Miller and Bernice Lam.  Lam made it this far last year and this is a big improvement for Miller.  In 6th is senior Kevin Nguyen. 


Of the three in most danger, two of them did not get a good enough score to take them out of the red. David Chou and Clare Delucchi are eliminated.  One of last round top 10 actually dropped between them, so this is also the end for counselor Sophia Ng.  The Phantasmic Five have one last person to eliminate from the game and that person will end the year in 10th place.


Sophomore Lindsey Wong rose in ranks to 7th place.  She could have made 5th if it was not for the last minute tie by Cary!  In 8th is Phantasmic Five member David Feng.  This means one of the two remaining juniors will be eliminated.  The person finishing in 10th is Kaya Lehr-Love, which makes Christian Chun the last junior standing for the third year in a row.  Wong is the last sophomore standing and the two of them are in danger of elimination in the next round.  So who is next?  The challenge for next round are not yet determined so anything can happen!

Health Idol Phantasmic 5: Round 6

In the last round, teacher Chad Chiparo and sophomore Izabelle Brown were given a second chance to continue on in the competition, but the cost is that 4 people will be eliminated in rounds 6 and 7.  The good news for Chiparo is that this is the jump rope round which he got the top score in last year and was hoping to break the record this year which was set at 1081 about 4 years ago.  The other challenge is reaction time.  Also in danger are senior David Chou and Phantasmic 5 sophomore Ben Mignola.


The competition started with the jump rope and although Chiparo stumbled, he still did 480 and finished in 4th place.  He was beat by senior Bernice Lam with 506, reigning Health Idol Chris Cary with 976, and new record holder Madison Junker who did 2,060!  Due to this insane outlier result, these four were the only contestants to receive positive points for this challenge which was still significantly reduced due to the record breaking move.


As for the reaction time challenge, this was not a strong year for the contestants.  However, due to the large outlier in jump rope, the results for this challenge will have a much stronger impact for the other contestants.  Only two contestants scored below 0.2 seconds and they were staff members Sophia Ng 0.194 and Madison Junker 0.195.  Senior David Feng scored a 0.211 and was the only other notable score of the round.  The other contestants who scored above average this year included David Chou (senior), Kaya Lehr-Love (junior), Izabelle Brown (sophomore), Bernice Lam (senior), Christian Chun (junior), and Lindsey Wong (sophomore).


This was the first round that frontrunner Una Chan has stumbled, but her huge lead still earned her this season’s prom ticket.  If it wasn’t for Madison Junker’s phenomenal lead-stealing performance this round, she would have still been in first.  History teacher Chris Cary steals back the third place spot from physics teacher Stephen Miller, who is closely followed by senior Kevin Nguyen and junior Christian Chun.  Returning seniors Bernice Lam and David Feng are currently holding 7th and 8th.  Counselor Sophia Ng’s reaction time win comes at the perfect time to put her in 9th, right above sophomore Lindsey Wong. 


This was not a good round for sophomores Ben Mignola and Ethan Angeles who are the first to go this round.  Due to the outlier jump rope score, teacher Chad Chiparo is also eliminated when in any other year his score would have saved him.  Unfortunately, reaction time did not do enough to save sophomore Izabelle Brown.  The next round will determine the top 10 and the round includes dexterity and the Set Game.  If you want to stay in the game and don’t know Set, you must practice at http://www.setgame.com/set/puzzle_frame.htm.  This is not a challenge easily picked up at the last minute.

Health Idol Phantasmic 5: Round 5

Round 5 is the toughest round to be at the bottom because if the Phantasmic Five is not eliminated as a group, they will enter the game and take out some extra players.  At the bottom are sophomores Rocky Marania and Izabelle Brown, along with freshman Leela Wong.  The three of them must do well in both challenges in order to survive to the second half of the competition.


Both challenges this round is new to the competition and all the contestants came unprepared and unfamiliar with what they were about to do.  The first was the mobility squat where the contestants had to complete three timed squats with their toes only 2 inches from the wall.  It is a balance challenge as the contestants had to adjust their center of balance behind them in order not to fall over while completing the squats.  Many contestants were not physically able to complete the challenge and had to be adapted as a separate category.  Teacher Madison Junker was able to complete them correctly in under 3 seconds.  The three students who were able to do it in under 4 seconds include sophomore Ben Mignola (Phantasmic Five), freshman Leela Wong, and senior David Feng (Phantasmic Five).


The second challenge was a cryptogram where students had to figure out a sentence by decoding missing letters that have been replaced with numbers.  What added to the challenge was that it included a pun so the sentence was not as straight forward as it could have been.  There was also a problem in this challenge as some contestants who came in later accidentally saw what the other students were working on and therefore scored much better times than anyone else.  The three fastest times were otherwise defending Health Idol Chris Cary, frontrunner Una Chan, and returning senior Bernice Lam.


The Phantasmic Five finished in 13 overall and will be entering the competition.  Unfortunately, junior Mariq Alejandro was not able to improve his score and senior Brian Thoi had a drop after this round which will prevent them from entering the competition.  As for the bottom three, Izabelle Brown scored in the top half for both challenges while the other two only did so for one.  Leela Wong scored very high for the mobility score and Rocky Marania still managed an overall improvement thanks to doing well in the cryptogram, but neither was enough to save them from elimination.  Unfortunately, this was not a good round for the Elen Zhu whose drop to elimination marks the end for all the freshmen.


The three entering Phantasmic 5 members would be eliminating Izabelle Brown (10th), Anton Arellano (12th), and Chad Chiparo (teacher).  However, due to the problems scoring a couple of contestants this round we have decided to give two of them a second chance so 4 people will be eliminated in the next two rounds instead.  So the first victim of the Phantasmic 5 will be Anton Arellano.

Health Idol Phantasmic 5: Round 4

The round begins with freshman Katinka Kieliger, sophomores Michael Cen and Rocky Marania, and junior Dante Cui battling to stay in the competition.  The challenges include quick arithmetic and an agility run.  It’ll only take under 40 seconds to complete both challenges so their fate lies in what they can accomplish in under a minute.


The agility run has a T-shaped track where they run up a path, turn right on a cone, make a U-turn around another cone before sprinting to the finish line.  The fastest guys this year are junior Christian Chun and senior Kevin Nguyen who respectively finished in 6.5 and 6.52 seconds.  Junior Mariq Alejandro of the Phantasmic 5 finished in third with 6.55 seconds.  However, sophomore Lindsey Wong finished in 6.96 seconds which is likely a record for females in this competition, and she even slowed down before crossing the finish line!


For the arithmetic challenge, contestants were given a number that they had 30 seconds to repeatedly subtract 7 from.  The time pressure threw several people off and 15% of the contestants did not score a point- mostly seniors and all boys.  The top score this round went to returning champion and history teacher Chris Cary with 13 subtractions.  Seniors Una Chan and Brian Thoi of the Phantasmic 5 completed 12 and other staff members Stephen Miller (also of the Phantasmic 5) and Sophia Ng each did 10.


The biggest movers this round include sophomore Lindsey Wong, junior Christian Chun, seniors Kevin Nguyen and Una Chan, and physics teacher Stephen Miller.  The top 5 contestants are now Chan, defending Idol Cary, Nguyen, teacher Madison Junker, and Lindsey Wong.  Rounding out the top 10 are sophomore Clare Delucchi, junior Chun, PE teacher Chad Chiparo, freshman Elen Zhu, and junior Kaya Lehr-Love.


As for the four who were fighting to rise above to safety, they remain in the bottom four so three of them have been eliminated: sophomore Michael Cen, junior Dante Cui, and freshman Katinka Kieliger are out.  Sophomore Rocky Marania is still in the game, but this is the toughest round to be in the bottom because this will mark the end of 8 people who have been competing.  Either the Phantasmic 5 is eliminated and 3 people go as usual or they break into the competition and eliminate several more people to take their place.  At this point, one of the Phantasmic 5 would have been the first to go this round so it is highly unlikely that he will get back in.  The Phantasmic 5 are currently in 13th place which is a pretty good place to be.  Freshman Leela Wong and sophomore Izabelle Brown are now in the bottom 3 at this particularly challenging time.  Right above them is one of the Phantasmic 5, so if they do get into the competition his teammates would eliminate him unless he is able to make a move.  This next round is a new balance test and the cryptogram.  This is a big elimination round so you will want to be prepared!

Health Idol Phantasmic 5: Round 3

The round begins with freshman Nick Wiley and junior Dante Cui fighting for survival once again.  Joining them at great risk are freshman Martin Koulikov and sophomore Michael Cen.  If they don’t shape up, we could be looking at an all-male elimination.  Pulse pressure has not been the best challenge for men in general and the nutrition quiz has always been particularly tough, but a Health Idol needs to know what that are talking about.  Scores were altered after the last round after closer scrutiny to the cultural challenge where junior Christian Chun scored a few more points than originally noted.


The nutrition quiz was particurly tough this year, but it was Christian Chun who came out on top with getting 9 out of 12 answer correct.  Chun and senior Brian Thoi were the only ones who got the unhealthiest soda question.  Most people identified cola as the worst, but root beer (and fruit sodas other than lemon-lime) usually have higher sugar content.  The question that only one person got right was that the Big Mac has a much lower sodium count than grilled chicken or the quarter-pounder at McDonald’s.  Only sophomore Lindsey Wong got that question correct.  After Chun, 5 people scored an 8 out of 12: staff members Chris Cary & Sophia Ng and seniors Una Chan, David Chou, and Kevin Nguyen.


For pulse pressure, we take people’s blood pressure and subtract the diastolic number from the systolic number to see how hard the heart is working.  The lower the score the better and physics teacher Stephen Miller had the best result this year with 21 (followed by junior JJ Khin at 22 who is still completing challenges).  Coming in second with 26 were PE teacher Chad Chiparo and senior Brian Thoi.  Coming in third with 30 were government teacher Kaija Tircuit, senior Una Chan, and sophomore Lindsey Wong.


The biggest movers this round were physics teacher Stephen Miller who keeps the Phantasmic 5 in the running and senior Una Chan who maintains the lead in the competition.  Teacher Madison Junker maintains second place with current Health Idol Chris Cary creeping into 3rd, above sophomore Clare Delucchi.  Enter the top 5 all the way in 5th is senior Kevin Nguyen followed by teacher Chad Chiparo.


Freshman Nick Wiley fell right in the middle of the pack this round, which was not enough for him to stay in the competition.  Falling out right after him is freshman Martin Koulikov which takes all the freshmen boys out of the competition.  Fortunately for Cen and Cui, their scores were enough to move them into safety which surprisingly eliminates teacher Kaija Tircuit from the competition!  Anything can happen in this competition, but the four who will be fighting for safety next round around along with Cen and Cui are freshman Katinka Kieliger and sophomore Rocky Marania.  There is someone from the Phantasmic 5 below all four of them, but his team might bail him out in the next round.

Health Idol Phantasmic 5: Round 2

We start this round with sophomore Vanessa Huang dropping out of the competition and she is quickly replaced by Izabelle Brown who performed about as well in the first round challenges.  We also have a battle of survival between two freshmen Gordon Liang & Nick Wiley vs. two juniors Dante Cui & Lexi Wong.  It is possible for all four to survive this round, but it won’t be easy with the upper body and cultural challenges.


The round started with the cultural challenge where contestants look at 16 images that they must try to identify.  Many of these mental challenges understandably tougher for the freshmen, but sophomores tend to keep up.  This year’s challenged included four walls in honor of BSA: the Berlin Wall, the Vietnam War Memorial in DC, the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, and the San Francisco Women’s Building in the Mission.  Our only 90% went to senior Una Chan.  She is followed by 3 adults from the competition: Stephen Miller (87%), Sophia Ng (78%), and Chris Cary (75%).  Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj were identified by 94% of contestants while only 9% recognized top board game Pandemic.  Also on the bottom were Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.  While also on top were film Life of Pi and Ivanka Trump.


The men had to compete in a peg board climbing challenge where a point is given every time a peg is inserted upward or downward.  Last year’s record set by PE coach Chad Chiparo was 24.  This year he scored 22 and was tied by senior David Feng who doubled his score from last year.  Breaking the record is sophomore climber Ben Mignola with 37!  There was a larger group of contestants trying it this year and dropped the average from 11 to 9.  Flexed arm hang record holder, sophomore Clare Delucchi was in the competition again this year and also did not tie her record.  She did maintain a top score though with 97 seconds.  Also passing a minute was teacher Madison Junker with 67 seconds.  The next highest scores were freshmen Leela Wong (45) and Elen Zhu (44).


Delucchi and Phantasmic 5 members Miller and Mignola are the big movers this round with both Delucchi and Mignola breaking into the top 10.  This puts the Phantasmic 5 where they want to be to do a mass elimination at the end of round 5.  Senior Una Chan has moved past teacher Madison Junker, who both remain as our top 2 with Delucchi in 3rd.  Reigning Idol Chris Cary stays at 4th with senior Anton Arellano moving into 5th.  The remaining top 10 (in order) include Elen Zhu, junior Christian Chun, Izabelle Brown, junior Kaya Lehr-Love, and Sophia Ng.  As for last round’s bottom 4, two of them dodged the bullet and will survive to the next round.  Unfortunately, we are losing Gordon Liang and Lexi Wong from the competition.  Junior JJ Khin is also eliminated this round, saving freshman Nick Wiley by just 0.03 of a point.  Cui & Wiley are still on the bottom and must fight another round, along with freshman Martin Koulikov and sophomore Michael Cen.  Will it be an all male elimination in the next round or will they be able to save themselves?

Health Idol Phantasmic 5: Round 1

It is the 14th season of Health Idol and this time the twist is the Phantasmic 5.  There is  a group of 5 contestants that must average high enough over 5 rounds to get into the competition.  This includes last year’s contestants Stephen Miller (Physics), David Feng (senior), Mariq Alejandro (junior), and Ben Mignola (sophomore).  Initially the 5th was senior Bernice Lam, but the lack of follow through from the senior girls has put her officially in the game.  Replacing her in the 5 is youth outreach worker Brian Thoi.


The first challenge this year is the memory test where the contestants look at 36 images for a minute and have to remember as much as possible.  The highest scorer in round 1 is junior Christian Chun who got a 69% recall.  In second with a 58% recall is sophomore Lindsey Wong.  In third with a 56% recall are teachers Chris Cary and Madison Junker, senior David Feng, and sophomore Rocky Marania.  This is the first year of competition for Wong and Junker.


The physical challenge is the sit and reach.  The top scores for flexibility go to Madison Junker, seniors Una Chan and Bernice Lam in that order.  Guys rarely place in this challenge, but the top game came in 4th place tied with freshman Katinka Kieliger and junior JJ Khin (who is replacing Juliana Sansano who never showed).  Following them are two more guys, seniors David Chou and Anton Arellano.


At the end of round 1, our top three are Madison Junker and returning frontrunners from last year Una Chan and Christian Chun.  It looks like they may have a good shot at lasting for the long haul.  In 4th is the reigning Idol, Chris Cary, and is followed by another former contestants Bernice Lam in 5th and Rocky Marania in 6th.  The top 10 are rounded out by a bunch of new faces to the competition Anton Arellano (7th), Katinka Kieliger (8th), Lindsey Wong (9th), and freshman Elen Zhu (10th).  It is only round 1 and the biggest change in ranking usually occurs in round 2.


The Phantasmic 5 is in 20th place with senior David Feng carrying the team.  They will need to improve at this rate or they will be eliminated in round 4.  So who will be the first to leave the competition.  It has always been tough recruiting senior girls to the competition, but this year there were many who signed up.  Unfortunately they either quit or never showed.  Between Jennifer Jimenez, Alejandra Sipion, Precious Amaechi, and Amara Jordan we could have had a real competitor, but willpower and determination has always been a major factor to win the title.  Along with them, we are also losing teacher Reid Russell and junior Sean Eshia, this just wasn’t the challenge for them to start with.  Remembering just one more item or reaching one more centimeter was all the difference.  In the greatest danger in the next round are juniors Lexi Wong and Dante Cui, along with freshman Gordon Liang.  Will they be able to turn their fate around in the next round?  We shall soon see.