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Health Idol Redemption: Round 10

For the first phase of the final round, contestants had to improve on their past performance.  For juniors Sam Whitfield and Mark Huynh, this would be their Redemption Showdown.  Huynh and senior Kaung Hein had a little bit of an advantage because they each have had the second lowest scores in some of the past challenges and have the capacity of making a greater improvement.  Whitfield and teacher Madison Junker have been much more steady in the competition.  Whitfield, however, is coming in with a higher score so Huynh has some ground to gain to stay in the competition.


Whitfield’s lowest scores were in push-ups and the peg board.  Not only was push-ups a little lower, but it is a much easier challenge to push past your limits so he chose push-ups.  Huynh’s lowest were lung capacity and memory, where he scored second to least in both challenges.  He scored lower in lung capacity, but there is little control against the peak flow so memory was the better choice.  Both of them improved their scores by a little bit.  Huynh scored higher, but not enough to catch up with Whitfield and stay in the compeititon.  So Sam Whitfield will be completing round 10.


Reigning Health Idol Junker’s lowest scores were in the pulse pressure and balance challenges.  Though pulse pressure was a bit lower, it is hard to control your pulse pressure and it was a risky gamble, so she went with balance and also improved her score and fell between Whitfield and Huynh.  Hein had a choice between Sudoku and pulse pressure.  The difference in his performance between the two challenges was quite significant so there was no doubt that he would need to learn how to do Sudoku properly.  He killed the challenge and made a significant move.  Junker already had a huge lead so this does not allow him to surpass her score, but it certainly closed the gap.


The final challenge was inspired by escape rooms.  The contestants had to find the password to a computer on a table with condoms and lube.  They answered a series of multiple choice questions (many about Lincoln) which gave them three numbers.  Whitfield was quick to decipher that it was a combination code and that the number on the question sheet was a locker number.  Once he figured out the location of the lockers, everything began to move quickly and the other contestants began to follow suit.  In each locker was an element and once Whitfield was in front of the computer, he immediately figured out that their chemical symbols spelled the password.  It took the other contestants a bit longer to figure it out, but Hein finished in second and Junker came in last.


Sam started this round in 3rd, but having finished the two challenges in 3rd and 1st kept him in third place since he had a lot of catching up to do with the other contestants.  Hein finished in 1st and 2nd while Junker finished in 2nd and 3rd.  Unfortunately for Hein, he needed to come in first in both challenges to take the win and close the gap, so he finishes in 2nd place and Madison Junker has won Health Idol for a second year in a row!

Health Idol Redemption: Round 9

Two of our returning contestants battle it out in this round’s Redemption Showdown.  Deciding on the challenge is junior Ben Mignola, who picked the interview against senior Kaya Lehr-Love.  The last eliminated contestant gets to pick the question and decide who answered the question the best.  This year, the question comes from senior Sim Akuluze who asked, “Is fire dry?  Explain.”  Turns out Ben and Kaya had her two favorite answers.  Ben’s answer came out on top which allows him to continue the round with the mile run.  “We take the example is water wet.  Water itself is not wet, it wets things.  So we can apply the same thing to fire, is that it itself is not dry it is merely a substance.  But fire itself is hot and it can make things hot and it can make things dry, but it itself is not dry.”


For the interview overall, Akuluze preferred the answers that took a stand and did not give an either or alternative.  Other than the showdown contestants, she preferred answers by faculty member and reigning Health Idol Madison Junker and senior Kaung Hein.  Both of whom were already in the top 3 so this is bad news for the contestants trying to edge their way into the final round.


For the mile run, their times are compared to times of people their age and gender.  A lot of the runners in the competition have already been eliminated.  The top time went to Madison Junker who did better than 62% of women her age.  This was followed by junior Mark Huynh who beat out 58% guys his age, then senior Kaung Hein beat 56% of guys his age.  One can conclude that the success of Junker and Hein in these two challenges has put them in the top two after this round.  So the two of them are guaranteed to battle it out in the final round.


As for the remaining contestants, junior Sam Whitfield manages to stay in the top 3 since he started the round with a significant lead on the other contestants.  He will be in the final Redemption Showdown this round, but the question is who will be his challenger.

Unfortunately, despite Mignola’s interview success, his mile time did not measure up and he is also eliminated this round.  This leaves things between PE teacher Chad Chiparo who started this round with a lead over junior Mark Huynh who excelled in the mile run.  Chiparo completed the mile with a leg injury at a much slower time than his previous attempts, so it was enough for Huynh to take the fourth spot and close the gap with Whitfield. 


So only four contestants remain.  The reigning Health Idol and teacher Madison Junker will be defending the title against one of the three new contestants this year: last senior Kaung Sett Hein who jumped into the running at Round 6 after the standing broad jump and Set challenges, junior Sam Whitfield who peaked early in Round 2 with a high balance score and the top pick in the new meme challenge, and finally junior Mark Huynh who also took an early lead in the first two rounds before slipping down and fighting his way back for one more shot at the title.  Who will take the title in the final round of Health Idol?  All the contestants must improve one of their past challenges to prove they deserve the title then fight it out in the first ever escape room style puzzle as they figure out how to hack their way to a victory!

Health Idol Redemption: Round 8

It is the 7th Redemption Showdown and senior Kaya Lehr-Love selected the flexed-arm hang as the challenge against sophomore Chloe Wong.  It proved to be a good choice, as she won the challenge and gets to continue on in the competition- eliminating Wong, who is also the last sophomore in the competition.


For the upper body strength challenges, Fitness Test Scores were applied for comparison.  The women competed in the flexed arm hang and the top score this year went to teacher and front runner Madison Junker with about 51 seconds.  The guys competed on the peg board where each peg moved up or back down on the board scored them a point.  Junior Ben Mignola set the new record at 38, breaking his previous record by 1 movement.  New contestant, junior Mark Huynh, made an impressive start at this challenge with 25 movements while teacher Chad Chiparo beat his previous record by 2 points at 24.


The Tuba Ruba which used to be the final challenge in Health Idol has moved up to round 8 this year.  Tuba Ruba is an 80’s party game where the contestants are wrapped up in a tube and must get a marble from one end to the other.  The contestants were wrapped in similar patterns starting around the shoulder then waist then ending down around the leg and back over the shoulder one last time.  It seems senior Kaya Lehr-Love would have done well with either challenge as she broke the previous record and has now set it at 58.37 seconds.  What was different this year was that everyone competed with a similar pattern where as in previous years, contestants wrapped each other up in as challenging a pattern as they could come up with.  Two other contestants beat the previous record: teacher Chad Chiparo completed it in 1 minute 34.57 seconds and junior Sam Whitfield completed it in 1 minute and 44 seconds.


The round started with a top 3 that had a significant lead over the rest of the contestants.  There was no way the three of them were getting eliminated this round.  We started off with reigning Health Idol and teacher Madison Junker in first, junior Sam Whitfield in second, and senior Kaung Hein in 3rd.  Their rankings did not change this round, but Whitfield performed the best of the three this round, so he closed the gap a little bit on the competition.


The biggest overall movers this round were teacher Chad Chiparo and junior Mark Huynh.  The two of them were already in 4th and 5th place to begin with, but this time they traded places as Chiparo takes a lead over Huynh.  Both of them moved up enough to be able to make the final three, but it will still not be too easy for them.


Eliminated this round are early front runners, seniors Sim Akuluze and Jackson Walker.  Returning contestants senior Kaya Lehr-Love and junior Ben Mignola are facing off in the penultimate Redemption Showdown.  This will be the highest finish for both of them in the competition.  This will not be an easy road for either of them as it is unlikely that they will take a guaranteed spot in the finals.  Their best bet will be to qualify for the final Redemption Challenge and win their way to the finals.  It will be Mignola’s call whether the two of them will compete in the interview or mile run.  May the odds be ever in their favor!

Health Idol Redemption: Round 7

After completing the last round, senior Sim Akuluze did not change in rank from what was previously reported.  Now begins the showdown between senior Carlos Leiva and junior Lilly Jue.  Leiva selected Sudoku to be the challenge and after their time and penalties were counted, Leiva is eliminated and Jue gets to continue on with the competition.


This year’s Sudoku puzzle proved to be more difficult than any in the past year and many of the contestants came in unprepared.  Half of the contestants were not able to solve it correctly and the average time is far off from previous years.  The contestants who were able to solve it were teacher Madison Junker (4 minutes), senior Kaya Lehr-Love (10 minutes), junior Sam Whitfield (11 minutes), teacher Chad Chiparo (14 minutes), and junior Lilly Jue (16 minutes, who technically completed it in half the time after a re-do).


Muscle flexibility is an important component in injury prevention.  This year the top flexibility scores after age and gender considerations are teacher Madison Junker (49), junior Sam Whitfield (43.5), senior Kaung Hein (42), teacher Chad Chiparo (41), and sophomore Chloe Wong (39.5).


Winning both challenges this round has returned our reigning Health Idol Madison Junker to the top.  Last year, former senior Una Chan had won both of those challenges, but with her out of the way there was no competition from this year’s contestants!  Having placed 2nd and 3rd in the challenges, Junior Sam Whitfield moves up to second place causing senior Kaung Hein to slip into 3rd.  This is the first round where some of the contestants have established a strong lead, so these 3 are now guaranteed to make the final 6 no matter what happens in the next round.  It’s up to the other remaining contestants to serve as the dark horse to ruin their plans!  The best bets right now are junior Mark Huynh who is in 4th and teacher Chad Chiparo in 5th, who are very close in score and a little bit of a lead over the rest of the contestants.


Only 10 contestants will be moving on to round 8 so two more contestants are done with the competition.  The next person eliminated from this round is our last freshman, Cameron Louie, who might have survived this round had he felt more prepared to take on the Sudoku.  Junior Lilly Jue is also eliminated.  Even if she had completed the Sudoku in half the time, she would not have been able to surpass Wong’s score to stay in the competition.  This leaves two drama students in the next Redemption Showdown: senior Kaya Lehr-Love (9th) vs. last sophomore Chloe Wong (10th).  Lehr-Love gets to pick what they will be battling over between the flexed-arm hang or tuba ruba!


The “escape” puzzle will now be scheduled for the final round.  The rock wall will also not be coming back this year so the women will compete in the flexed arm hang while the guys will be taking on the peg board once again, which is great news for our peg board titans junior Ben Mignola and teacher Chad Chiparo.  Will it be enough to change their fate?

Health Idol Redemption: Round 6

Before hitting the halfway point there is one Redemption Showdown to settle between seniors JJ Khin and Ariel Wong.  The choices were between the Mensa Award winning puzzle game Set and the standing broad jump.  JJ selected Set as the challenge and won, eliminating Ariel Wong from the competition.  Half of the contestants have now been eliminated and only four of them will reach the final round.


In Set, contestants examine 12 cards with images varying in shape, color, shading, and quantity and find combinations of 3 cards where each of those qualities are consistently the same or different.  Most of the contestants did not prepare of this challenge despite being warned of its complexity.  Some, like senior Kaung Hein, took to it naturally and won the challenge by finding 12 in 5 minutes.  Others benefitted from experience, like junior Sam Whitfield and senior JJ Khin who each found 11 sets in that time frame.

This year, the broad jump challenge was measured in centimeters instead of inches which changed the bonus given to females to +0.5 to their final score.  The score is determined by the distance jumped divided by the height.  The top jumpers this round were senior Kaung Hein with a score of 3.82, followed by teacher Madison Junker with a modified score of 3.49, senior Jackson Walker with 3.47, and junior Ben Mignola with a 3.45.


Winning both challenges this round has propelled Hein straight to the top of the competition, stealing the lead from reigning Health Idol Madison Junker.  Junior Sam Whitfield maintains his third place spot with previous frontrunner, senior Jackson Walker, slipping into 4th place.  Despite having done well this round, Hein’s big jump from 7th to 1st bumps junior Ben Mignola into 5th place.  Junior Mark Huynh finishes in 6th after this round.


Senior Sim Akuluze has not yet completed this round, but at this point her score will not affect the outcome.  So for now, she holds in 7th place.  Her standings will be updated on the website as soon as she finishes the challenges.  Rounding out the top 10 are teacher Chad Chiparo at 8th, sophomore Chloe Wong at 9th, and freshman Cameron Louie in 10th.


Two more people are getting eliminated this round.  First is sophomore Crimson Hartford, and despite being one of the top performers this round we are also losing senior JJ Khin, since most of the people who struggled this round were falling from the top.  The next Redemption Showdown will be decided by senior Carlos Leiva against junior Lilly Jue.  His choices are between Sudoku and flexibility, neither challenge has favored guys in the past. 


We are down to our final freshman and sophomore, and neither one of them have a high enough score to guarantee them survival.  Will Cameron Louie and Chloe Wong survive to see round 8?  The next round will determine who will be the official top 10 of 2018!

Health Idol Redemption: Round 5

We are about to hit our halfway mark and the freshmen and sophomores are struggling to stay in the game.  Only 3 from each grade remain, and they are all in the bottom 10.  The round starts with a sophomore versus freshman showdown between Diego Solano and Laniya Bishop.  As the defender, sophomore Solano gets to select the challenge and he picks the cryptogram challenge.  Solano was off to a quick start until he got stumped by the word “careful” and Bishop took the win and eliminated Solano from the competition.


This year’s cryptogram was about the weather and the word that stumped people the most was “- A - - F U -“, even when people solved for a few of those letters elsewhere in the puzzle, many failed to right them into this word to help them along.  The fastest time was junior Sam Whitfield with 1 minute 44 seconds, followed by teacher Madison Junker with 3 minutes and 12 seconds and senior Jackson Walker with 4 minutes.  The three of them were already in the top 10, so this only strengthens their lead.

The physical challenge this week was lung capacity and the contestants had to use a peak flow to determine their expiratory air flow.  Guys generally have a higher rating and this year the top score went to freshman Cameron Louie with a score of 717.  Senior Carlos Leiva came in second with 610 though sophomore Crimson Hartford’s 523 counts as higher as there is an expected difference of about 100 points between genders.


Reigning Health Idol slips into the lead after this challenge, pushing senior Jackson Walker into second place.  It is, however, prom ticket sales week so this makes Walker this year’s recipient of the Health Idol prom ticket.  Junior Sam Whitfield made a good jump forward this round and almost stole the ticket away from Walker in what would have been an unexpected turn in the competition, but for now he holds in 3rd.  Junior Ben Mignola slips into 4th, bumping teacher Chad Chiparo into 5th place.  Senior Carlos Leiva moves back up into 6th while fellow senior Kaung Sett Hein holds onto 7th.  Rounding out the top 10 are junior Mark Huynh (8th) and senior Sim Akuluze (9th) who slipped down from their top spots, while sophomore Chloe Wong rises back into 10th as the only underclassman in the top 10.


Despite freshman Laniya Bishop’s victory in the showdown, her score does not progress much further this round and she has been eliminated.  Along with her, we are also losing freshman Owen Commins which makes Cameron Louie the last freshman in this year’s competition.  Similarly, only 2 sophmores remain in the competition and they are drama students Chloe Wong and Crimson Hartford.


As for the next Redemption Showdown, it is not yet clear as to who will be competing in it due a student currently on leave.  This will be determined next week.  What do know for sure is that senior Ariel Wong will be doing the showdown against either senior JJ Khin or junior Lilly Jue.  The Set challenge is coming next so contestants will need to go online and learn how to do this, if they don’t already because this can rarely be mastered on the spot.  People can learn to play on the website, setgame.com.

Health Idol Redemption: Round 4

In our third showdown, sophomores Crimson Hartford and Selena Flamenco square off.  As the defender this round, Hartford selected push-ups as the challenge and it paid off.  Hartford is the first defender to survive the Redemption showdown, eliminating Flamenco from the competition.


As for the rest of the contestants on the push-ups challenge.  It has been several years since we have had this challenge and the previous average and record was lost.  However, if memory serves me right the record was set at 120 push-ups and is definitely held by Daniel Jahangard, who was then the captain of the football team.  Coach Chad Chiparo almost came in first place with 68 push-ups this round.  His one mistake was telling fellow teacher Madison Junker how much he did, so she pushed herself to 70 push-ups and came in first!  The other contestants to pass the 60 mark were counselor Preston Yee with 64, senior Kaung Hein with 62, and junior Ben Mignola with 60.


The mental challenge was a reaction time test on a lap top.  Lag time and other issues pushed the average back a bit from previous years, but all contestants completed the challenge on the same lap top.  The top score went to junior Ben Mignola with an average reaction time of 260 milliseconds.  He also hit the fastest individual response time of 15 milliseconds, which made all the difference in the world for his average, stealing the win from senior Kaung Hein at 272 milliseconds.  Mignola’s overall performance this round makes him the highest overall scorer.  The other fast responders were sophomores Crimson Hartford with 274 and Chloe Wong with 276 milliseconds.


After this round, senior Jackson Walker manages to hold on to the 1st place spot with senior Sim Akuluze rising into 2nd and coach Chad Chiparo coming in at 3rd.  We then have a tie for 4th place after a slip from junior Mark Huynh and a gain from reigning Health Idol Madison Junker.  The top 5 are only half a point apart from each other.  Improvements from this round brought junior Ben Mignola into 6th and senior Kaung Hein into 7th.  Junior Sam Whitfield slips into 8th, senior Carlos Leiva slips into 9th, and freshman Cameron Louis slips into 10th place.  The top 9 are all only within 2 points of each other so it is still anyone’s game.


Some of the top challenge scorers this round were also the bottom scorers in the other challenge which definitely affected this round’s eliminations.  The other two contestants leaving the competition are counselor Preston Yee and sophomore Luis Contreras.  It is a very shocking elimination for Yee who had a strong showing in the push-ups challenge.  Things would have ended very differently for him had Junker not pushed her way into the top score for that round.


The three contestants who have survived the previous Redemption Showdowns continue to remain safe, which leaves 2 new people to face it next round.  Defending his spot will be sophomore Diego Solano, who will get to choose whether the challenge will be lung capacity or the cryptogram.  He is also the first guy to experience the Redemption Showdown.  Fighting for a chance to stay in the competition against him will be freshman Laniya Bishop!

Health Idol Redemption: Round 3

Junior Destiny Brown starts off the round by selecting pulse pressure as the showdown challenge against senior JJ Khin.   Brown was among the contestants with the 4th highest scores for the challenge.  Khin, however, took 1st place overall with score far ahead of even the second place contenders.  Khin stays in the competition for this round, and Brown has been eliminated despite what would have been a strong showing in round 3.


Pulse pressure is the measure of how hard your heart is working.  A high pulse pressure puts people at risk for heart disease, but can usually be managed by reducing one’s sodium intake (less salt in your foods) and a healthy lifestyle to counterbalance your cholesterol.  The score is determined by the difference between one’s systolic and diastolic blood pressure scores.  Khin took top score with 22 with coach Chad Chiparo right behind her at 24.  They are followed in third place by freshman Laniya Bishop and junior Lilly Jue at 30.  Junior Ben Mignola wasn’t a far fourth with a score of 32.


People don’t always realize how important it is to exercise memory as it helps train our minds to process information more clearly.  For the memory test, contestants looked at 36 images in a minute and tried to remember as many as they can.  This year’s top score was Carlos Leiva with 23 (63.9% recall).  The seniors dominated this challenge.  In a three way tie for second are seniors Simsolika Akuluze, Kaung Sett Hein, and Jackson Walker with 19 (52.8% recall).  Third place went to sophomore Diego Solano with 19 (50% recall).


Despite junior Mark Huynh starting off with a huge lead this round, senior Jackson Walker soared enough to steal first place from him for this round.  The upperclassmen seize the top 5 with junior Sam Whitfield rising into 3rd, senior Sim Akuluze holding on to 4th, and senior Carlos Leiva rising into 5th.  Reigning Health Idol, teacher Madison Junker, makes her move into 6th place this round with fellow teacher right behind her, Chad Chiparo.  Our freshman frontrunner Cameron Louie slips into 8th place this round with seniors Kaung Hein and Ariel Wong rising to the top ten in 9th and 10th respectively.


JJ Khin’s success keeps her completely out of elimination this round.  What was very unfortunate for people in the bottom half of the competition was the three worst contestants at this round’s challenge were all in the top 10 in the previous round so despite their drop this round, they all remain safe (in fact two of them are still in the top 10).  The two contestants eliminated this round are junior Ainsly Perez and freshman Jed Peek, ending the Peek-Chiparo rivalry (at least for this year). 


Getting a second chance at the Redemption Showdown for next week is sophomore Selena Flamenco, but either way we will be losing a sophomore female because defending her spot in the competition is fellow sophomore Crimson Hartford.  Crimson will get to decide whether push-ups or reaction time will determine their fate.  No defender has successfully secured their spot yet.  Stay tuned next week to see if Crimson breaks the trend or Selena follows the trend of breaking the odds.

Health Idol Redemption: Round 2

Round 2 begins with our first ever Redemption Showdown between senior Ariel Wong and freshman Celina Mac.  They are starting this round at the bottom and must compete against each other in one challenge to determine which one stays and who goes.  Mac chose the balance challenge, and unfortunately for her, Wong was one of the few contestant to pass the minute mark on the Stork Balance Test.  So Ariel Wong continues to compete in round 2 and Mac is eliminated.


The Stork Balance Test entails standing on one foot with both hands on your hips and your foot against your leg.  Time begins when you lift your heel and you must not hop or break contact on any of the three points (hands and foot, though we do extend some leniency here).  The average score this year was 32 seconds.  A small handful of contestants broke the minute mark: Ariel Wong (1 min. 7 sec.), junior Ben Mignola (1 min. 20 sec.), and junior Mark Huynh (1 min. 33 sec.).  Some others came really close!  Junior Sam Whitfield and sophomore Selena Flamenco were both under 4 seconds away.


We also had our first ever make a meme challenge and they were reviewed by 3 members of the Youth Outreach team.  One thing I learned from going over the memes is that it is much stronger if you let the photo deliver the punchline and not write as much.  There were 7 different photos and two contestants got unanimous top votes, and they were juniors Sam Whitfield and Mark Huynh.  Second highest vote-getters include senior Sim Akuluze, sophomore Chloe Wong, and freshman Owen Commins.  The top memes in each photo will be available to be seen in the Wellness Center for those interested.


Junior Mark Huynh scored major points this round after excelling in both challenges which makes him the new front runner with a major lead.  Freshman Cameron Louie and senior Jackson Walker are right on his tail!  The other big gainers this round are juniors Sam Whitfield & Ben Mignola, as well as senior Ariel Wong which will keep her safe this round with the highest jump in rank!  Senior Sim Akuluze moved into the 4th place spot followed by Whitfield & Mignola respectively.  Freshman Owen Commins slips to 7th and senior Carlos Leiva slips into 9th, while reigning Health Idol Madison Junker holds at 8th place.  Rising into 10th place is sophomore Chloe Wong!


Last round the women were hit hard, but this time it is the guys that fell short.  Determination often times surpasses skill as some contestants push to their limits while others are content giving it a go.  This round, we are losing sophomore Martin Baun and junior Annison Van from the competition.  Senior JJ Khin comes close to elimination, but gets a second chance in the next Redemption Showdown against junior Destiny Brown.  Brown will get to decide the challenge between pulse pressure (this is a change from the original schedule of challenges) and the memory test.  Health Idol will resume next week to make room for Brotherhood Sisterhood auditions.

Health Idol Redemption: Round 1

Welcome to Redemption, season 15 of Health Idol.  Three contestants were dropped at the start and replaced at the last minute by counselor and alumni Preston Yee, senior Sim Akuluze, and junior Mark Huynh.  They are entering round 1 without any preparation for the challenges.  Round 1 is the most dangerous round as it can take one little mistake to take people out.  We’ve seen past finalists go out in round 1 so anything can happen.


This is the first year we are trying a new dexterity challenge where contestants had to bounce a ball against a wall 2 yards away, alternating the hands from which they throw and catch.  Although there is no biological predisposition to dexterity, this challenge seemed to favor the males who may have grown up playing catch.  PE coach Chad Chiparo dominated the challenges and made 40 exchanges in 30 seconds.  Three students also broke 30- freshman Jed Peek at 35, junior Mark Huynh at 34, and senior Jackson Walker at 30.


This year marks the return of the Scattergories challenge.  Contestants were separated into 5 groups where they had to write a list matching a category and starting letter.  The 5 contestants that topped their groups were seniors Sim Akuluze, Carlos Leiva, and Jackson Walker, plus freshmen Cameron Louie and Owen Commins.  Cameron received the highest relative score for this challenge, followed by Owen and Carlos respectively.  The hardest proved to be countries that start with S.  Sweden proved to be the most common answer and Saudi Arabia was the most original answer.  No contestant managed to list more than 2 in a minute.  The next hardest was fruits and vegetables that start with M.  Melon was the most common response and the most original responses were mocha bean and mandarin orange.  No contestant manage to list more than 3 in a minute.


So which 3 contestants rose to the top overall after round 1?  Freshman Cameron Louie took the top spot in this first round with senior Jackson Walker and coach Chad Chiparo right at his heels.  All the rankings will be posted in front of the main office and on the Lincoln website.  The top 10 is starting with a good lead over the other contestants and these people include: junior Mark Huynh, senior Kaung Hein, freshman Owen Commins, senior Carlos Leiva, defending champion Madison Junker, freshman Jed Peek, and senior Sim Akuluze.


It seems the sophomores are going to have to step up their game if they are going to survive this competition.  Usually the bottom three are eliminated from the competition and through unfortunate circumstances, the bottom three include teacher Gianne Souza, senior Ariel Wong, and freshman Koey Fung.  This year there will be redemption and one person will get a second chance and put someone else in danger.  The two who have been eliminated are Fung and Souza. 


This means Ariel Wong will be competing in the first redemption showdown against freshman Celina Mac.  Mac will chose between next week’s meme or balance challenges and whichever one of them is ranked higher will stay in the competition and the other will be eliminated.  Good luck to all the remaining contestants!