19-20 Current Year

Health Idol Ranking

  1. Madeleine Rogers (Senior)

  2. Jimmy Luong (Sophomore)

  3. Chloe Wong (Senior)

  4. Chris Cary (Staff)

  5. Eric Mei (Junior)

  6. Keandre Washington (Junior)

  7. Yvonne Qiu (Junior)

  8. Francisco Elia-Benfield (Senior)

  9. Jay Fabian (Freshman)

  10. Kally Cabrera (Senior)

  11. Sam Piechota
  12. Xander Contreras
  13. Nataly Alvarado
  14. Dulce Aguilon
  15. Alex Vanscoy
  16. Sophia Silva
  17. Kat Lushova
  18. Jackson Laymon
  19. Wilson Young
  20. Don Harris
  21. Zyell Amerson


  1. Aleksander Mayorga
  2. David Frischer
  3. Samantha Esquejo
  4. Laniya Bishop
  5. Parker Berry
  6. Asa Sias
  7. Phung Nguyen
  8. Jael Bryant
  9. Jed Peek

Health Idol 17: The Three Fates

This year we have 7 returning contenders. First we have finalist, junior Yvonne Qiu. She is followed by the Three Fates: junior Jed Peek, sophomore Parker Barry, and senior Chloe Wong. These 3 will have the ability to alter challenges as they go along until they are eliminated from the game. Senior Kally Cabrera and sophomore Xander Cotreras are also returning as well as two teachers who got eliminated early last year and are out for vindication: former winner Chris Cary (history) and Don Harris (physical education).

The physical challenge for this round was the broad jump. The genders were rated separately as the results were drastically different. As this is the first round, doing well in either challenge will guarantee you won’t be eliminated first. On top for the guys were senior Wilson Young who jumped 100 inches, sophomore Jimmy Luong with 96 inches, and sophomore Alex Vanscoy who jumped the furthest with 102 inches (but came in 3 rd due to his height advantage). For the gals, we had senior Chloe Wong at 75 inches, followed by a tie with sophomore Sophia Silva (71 inches) and senior Madeleine Rogers (70 inches).

The contestants were also separated into 6 groups by age to compete in a Scattergories challenge. Each group had one minute to list items in a category that started with the same first letter. Many choked under the pressure while others did quite well by comparison. Each group was evaluated separately. Performing the best overall was junior Laniya Bishop [Category Foods starting with T with items like Tuna & Tamales]. Other top winners were sophomore Xander Contreras [Category TV Shows starting with N with items like New Girl & NBC News], senior Francisco Elia-Benfield [Category Careers starting with L with items like Longshoreman & Letter Writer], and Keandre Washington [Category Movies starting with R with items like Rango & Rugrats the Movie].

Sophomores and seniors end up in the top 6 at the start of the competition with sophomores Xander Contreras & Sophia Silva in the top spots, followed by senior Madeleine Rogers, sophomore Jimmy Luong, senior Chloe Wong, and sophomore Alex Vanscoy. Rounding out the top 10 are freshman Jay Fabian, senior Francisco Elia-Benfield, junior Keandre Washington, and teacher Don Harris. This is just round one and everything can easily turn around in a week until scores start to really add up and the competition gets tougher.

Sadly, each round we have to let go of three contestants, and with only two challenges completed so far it can be anyone. The returning contestants all avoided elimination this round, so sadly we are letting go of senior Samantha Esquejo, science teacher David Frischer, and freshman Aleksander Mayorga. Next round will be quite unpredictable as we are switching the order of things and doing the lung capacity and memory tests. The leading Fate elected not to change anything else about the next round. Good luck on the next round to those still remaining!

Health Idol 17 - Round 2

It is round 2 and senior Jackson Laymon, junior Asa Sias, and sophomore Nataly Alvarado are going to have to push themselves in this round to stay in the game since they are the most at risk of elimination.  Fortunately, anything can happen in round 2.  They are going to have to pass the memory and lung capacity tests and it is hard to predict how this will play out.

For the lung capacity test, contestants had to blow into a peak flow 3 times to test for best air flow.  For years, we have made the mistake of taking averages for this challenge, but the proper way to eliminate error is to take the best of 3.  The peak flow is vastly different based on gender so the top 3 for men this year were teachers Chris Cary (800) & Don Harris (770), followed by junior Eric Mei (680).  For women, we have seniors Madeleine Rogers (700) & Chloe Wong (530), freshman Dulce Aguilon (510).  The average has notably lower than in past years and one may suspect that the rising popularity of vaping might have had an impact on this result since cigarettes held little appeal to people with healthy/active lifestyles while vaping has held a broader appeal amongst youth.

The contestants had 1 minute to look at 36 clip art images on a single sheet and try their best to remember as much as they can (it did not have to be in order).  The item that the least amount of people could remember was the paint brush which only 3 people recalled: senior Chloe Wong, sophomore Sophia Silva, and freshman Dulce Aguilon- none of the guys recalled it.  All but two people, remembered Santa Claus.  The top scores this year goes to senior Jackson Laymon with 21 out of 36, which is what he needed to save himself from elimination.  He is followed by junior Eric Mei (20) and sophomore Nataly Alvarado (18), who excelled in both challenges, allowing them to advance on the competition as well.

Senior Madeleine Rogers has taken the lead, right behind her are former champion Chris Cary junior Eric Mei, and senior Chloe Wong.  Also making the top 10 after this round (in order): sophomore Jimmy Luong, freshmen Jay Fabian, sophomore Nataly Alvarado, junior Keandre Washington, senior Francisco Elia-Benfield, sophomore Xander Contreras, and teacher Don Harris.  Freshman Dulce Aguilon & sophomore Nataly Contreras were almost set at 6th & 8th, until Rogers came in at the end to register at 700 on her first shot at the Peak Flow.

Nine people really slipped in this round, and three of them are going to leave the competition.  Only one was a freshman, two juniors & seniors each, and four sophomores.  Three of them are going to go.  The unlucky three whose journey ends here are junior Asa Sias, sophomore Parker Barry, and junior Laniya Bishop.  Barry & Bishop are both returning contenders that went father before, but unfortunately anything can happen- especially in the first two rounds.  The Fates have decided that we will continue as planned with the cryptogram (available for practice online) and the agility run next week.

Health Idol 17 - Round 3

Fighting to stay in the game are junior Zyell Amerson and seniors Jael Bryant and Wilson Young.  This is not the easiest round as they test their agility by doing a T-run which combines their speed and their ability to efficiently change directions.  Even more challenging is the cryptogram where they must decode a bunch of words in the fastest amount of time.


Three girls did under 8 seconds in the T-run.  Battling in top four of the competition are seniors  Madeleine Rogers (7.64 seconds) and Chloe Wong (7.84).  Right behind them was junior and former finalist Yvonne Qiu (7.91 seconds).  For the boys, only one ran it in under 7 seconds, sophomore Jimmy Luong (6.6 seconds).  The next two fastest times were senior Francisco Elia-Benfield (7.11 seconds) and PE teacher Don Harris (7.18 seconds).  It always came as a surprise to see someone zoom past the finish line with a slower time because they took wide turns around the obstacles, or in some cases there was a lack of traction from their foot wear.


The cryptogram turned out to be more challenging than expected.  They had to figure out a list of Thanksgiving related terms. The letter T was already given, allowing contestants to figure out Turkey quickly, but from that point onwards everyone branched off in different directions.  Though most figured out the word Gratitude next, it also ended up being the last word that some people were able to figure out. The quickest time went to junior Yvonne Qiu (4 minutes 31 seconds). Two seniors completed it in under 8 minutes: Madeleine Rogers (7 minutes and 45 seconds) and Jackson Laymon (7 minutes and 52 seconds).


This round only further increased the lead for Madeleine Rogers, but Jimmy Luong’s excellent score put him in second place with senior Chloe Wong firmly in third and history teacher Chris Cary in 4th.  Three juniors follow behind with Eric Mei (5th), Keandre Washington (6th), and Yvonne Qiu (7th) taking their places in the top 10.  Senior Francisco Elia-Benfield (8th), freshman Jay Fabian (9th), and senior Kally Cabrera (10th) complete this group.


Each round we must say good bye to 3 contestants who could not keep up, so we are losing junior Jed Peek, senior Jael Bryant, and freshman Phung Nguyen.  Anything can happen in the next round as we face the dreaded meme challenge where the contestants are broken up in 3 groups of 7 and given an image to write a meme for.  Several judges will go over their responses and rate them accordingly and this can turn things around for anyone. The physical challenge will be the jump rope which will mostly test their endurance and determination as they get one shot to go for as long as they can.  


Junior Zyell Amerson and senior Wilson Young saved themselves in the last round, but will get a chance to fight to stay in the game another round along side PE teacher Don Harris.  We will wait for BSA to be over and the competition will resume the following week.