Health Idol Challenges

Challenges for 2020:
Adjustments are optional depending on discrepancies in score.

  • Round 1 (30 contestants)
    • Broad Jump: contestants will compete in a standing broad jump (best of 3). Their score will be the distance jump divided by height.
      • Average- 1.13
      • Record- Stephen Miller, 1.49
      • Adjustments- females [+0.2 (inches) +0.5 (cm)]
  • Scattergories: contestants will compete in one of 5 Scattergories groups (of 6) where they will have one minute to list items of a certain category that start with a specific letter. Contestants get more points for words used less frequently.
    • Record- Connie Chou, 1.73 (bell curve)


  • Round 2 (27 contestants)
    • Lung Capacity: the nurse will measure lung capacity with a peak flow to determine their score by averaging 3 blows.
      • Average- 573 (adjusted)
      • Record- Winfield Ye, 830 (adjusted)
      • Adjustments- Female (+100 & +1.79 for each inch in height below top height), Male (+2.86 for each inch below top height), for every year off from 30 (+2.5)


  • Memory: contestants will be shown a page containing 36 images for one minute and then list as many of them as they can remember.
    • Average- 16
    • Record- Ian Enriquez, 28


  • Round 3 (24 contestants)
    • Agility: contestants will run 35 yards in a T-Test shuttle run, changing directions twice.
    • Average- 7.41 seconds
    • Record- Lance Jackson, 5.9 seconds
    • Adjustments- females (-1 second)


  • Cryptogram: contestants will be timed to complete an easy level cryptogram. If you have not done one before, try a few on
    • Average- 7 minutes
    • Record- Sam Whitfield, 1 min. 44 sec.


  • Round 4 (21 contestants)
    • Coordination: contestants will jump rope to see how much they can do without error.
    • Average- 191
    • Record- Madison Junker, 2060


  • Wit: contestants will be given an image and they must come up with a slogan to create a meme for the photo. These will be judged by the Youth Outreach Workers.
    • Previous Winners- Janna Aniciete & Yvonne Qiu


  • Round 5 (18 contestants)
    • Dexterity: contestants have 12 shots and shooting a ball in a basket.
      • Average- 4
      • Record- Hugh Stickney, 11


  • IQ Test: the contestants will be timed on a 38 question, true or false IQ test.
    • Average- 0.266 seconds
    • Record- Daniel Fielding, 0.182


  • Round 6 (15 contestants)
    • Flexibility: contestants will perform a sit & reach test to determine their score.
      • Average- 37centimeters
      • Record- Taylor Nakayama, 60 centimeters
      • Adjustments- Male (+2cm.), For every decade over 15 (+1cm.)


  • Reaction Time: contestants will perform an on-line reaction time challenge.
    • Average- 0.266 seconds
    • Record- Daniel Fielding, 0.182


  • Round 7 (12 contestants)
    • Pulse Pressure: the nurse will take blood pressure to determine their score. Pulse pressure is the difference between the systolic and diastolic scores.
      • Average- 42.05
      • Record- Kaitlyn Bui, 16
      • Adjustments- Men (-4)


  • Visual/Spatial Test: contestants will have 5 minutes to play a solitaire game of Set puzzle. They must come prepared with an understanding of how to play the game.


  • Round 8 (9 contestants)
    • Upper Body Strength: the male contestants will try to move up and down a peg board scoring one point for each insertion. The female contestants will complete a flexed arm hang.
      • Average- 14 pegs / 39 seconds
      • Record- Ben Mignola, 38 / Clare Delucchi, 105 seconds


  • Logic: contestants will complete a sudoku puzzle, which will also be timed to help determine their score. Each wrong answer is penalized 1 minute of time.
    • Average- 13 minutes
    • Record- Jessica Young, 2 minutes


  • Round 9 (6 contestants)
    • Mile Run: contestants will run a mile to determine their score.
      • Average- 6 minutes 37 seconds
      • Record- Nathan Seidman, 4 minutes 57 seconds
      • Adjustments- Females (-1 min.), Age (-3 sec. per year over 20)


  • Interview: contestants will give a short speech and answer questions to a panel who will evaluate their answers to determine scores.


  • Final Challenge (3 contestants)
    • Improvements: contestants will select a previous challenge to repeat and their score will depend on how much they improve


  • Tuba Ruba: One contestant will wrap a tube around the other, who then has to get a ball from one end of the tube to another!
    • Average- 2 minutes 34 seconds
    • Record- Kaya Lehr-Love, 58 seconds

Cultural Challenge Hall of Shame

Not to focus on the negative, but this challenge resulted in some notable Hall of Shame Awards that are too funny to go unmentioned. The contestants were asked to identify several images and here are the best of the incorrect answers:

Chief Joseph was the final image in the line-up.  Some of the funny incorrect Native American names included Sitting Duck and Crouching Tiger, but the Wrong Kinda Indian Award goes to the person who identified Chief Joseph as Ghandi. 

The Mountain of Hurt Award goes to the person who identified Mount Rushmore as the Himalayas. 

The Malapropism Award goes to the person who identified the Capital Dome as the 16th Chapel (instead of the Sistine Chapel), the second runner up went to the person who called it the Opal Office (instead of the Oval Office). 

The Myopia Award goes to the person who identified the Statue of Liberty as the Eiffel Tower. 

And finally, the Transgendered Awareness Award goes to the two contestants who identified Susan B. Anthony as Thomas Jefferson.