Yearbook (The ALHS Round-Up Yearbook)

Yearbook Pre-Ordering

Current PRICE $95 (in January and February).

Prices keep going up each month into the Spring! (Up to $100!)

Lincoln High's School Order Number is 6355

Website to Order Yearbook:

To pay with cash or check go to Room 239 & speak to Mr. Goncalves.

Yearbook (The ALHS Round-Up Yearbook)

Art asking for people to join the yearbook class

Attention Students!

Help to create the ALHS Yearbook for next school year!  Join the Yearbook Class and be part of a team that will create a unique yearbook that best represents all the diversity that is Lincoln High! As you choose your classes for next school year, choose YEARBOOK on your Course Selection Sheet to be added to the class. 

Email Mr. Goncalves at if you have any questions.  


-Mr. Goncalves

ALHS Yearbook Advisor