Academy Afterschool Program - THE WOLFPACK

YMCA Urban Services Afterschool Program

The Academy Afterschool Program (Wolfpack) is a partnership between The Academy SF and YMCA Urban Services

The Wolfpack seeks to foster high academic achievement in its students, in addition to promoting healthy living and personal development through the arts. The role of the Team Leader is that of a facilitator.  By offering individual support to students with their homework and coursework.

Program Outline

Online Learning: (M-Th)

  • To provide as rich academic experience for students making up or taking extra courses for high school credit. Offering one-on-one and group discussion and suggesting outside reading as a way of supplementing the online course material

  • To achieve a 100% course completion rate for enrolled  students.

  •  Each 11th & 12th grader are given the opportunity to complete courses  to obtain HS diploma.


Cooking Class: (Mon-Wed)

  • To provide a rich life/health skills activity

  • Give opportunity of leadership

  • Learn basic fundamental practices of the kitchen

  • Expand and have an open mind of different cultures and foods

  • Create healthy eating habits and learn about nutritional food value


Health Skills: (Wed-Fri)

  • To provide a place where the youth could get active through exercise and fitness activities

  • Give an understanding to the students of healthy choices and nutrition

  • Students will learn about healthy food choices

  • Eat Right! Food Pyramid


Graffiti/Art/ Self Expression Class:(Tues – Thur )

  • This activity gives an opportunity for the youth to express themselves

  • Allows the students to use their creativity and find an outlet of expression

  • Self expression

  • Rap

  • Free Spoken Word

  • Free writing


Mentoring/Tutoring the Academy Athletes: (All Week)

  • Keeping the Students and Academy athletes grades on check with weekly progress reports

  • Check in’s with teachers and counselors

  • Check in’s with Academy Athletic Director

  • Students attend tutoring in the library everyday before Activity or practice.