Important Announcements

Important announcements to start the year

New plans and policies for 2019 - 2020

 Cell Phones: Bin or Backpack

At The Academy we prioritize student learning and safety.  In order to ensure they stay safe and learn as much as possible, teachers and staff will be enforcing no cell phones during class.  When students enter the classroom they will be offered a choice: bin or backpack. They will silence your phone (no vibrate) place it in their backpack or place it in the classroom bin until the end of class.  The bins will look different in each classroom. If students are struggling to manage their technology use in class, they will be given two warnings. How teachers give the warnings may look different in each classroom.  If students have been given two warnings and they are still using their phone, we will contact their family so we can support students best. 

**We especially need help from parents to please call the main office in case of emergency, or you need to get an urgent message to your student.  If you text or call your student during class time, they will be expected to ignore it and respond during passing time or at lunch  

Morning Tardies

Sometimes, morning tardies (being late for school) get put in the computer as absences because attendance has been taken before students arrive to class.  In order to ensure the school and families know that students attended first period, we are asking students to sign a tardy log when they arrive late. Most of the classrooms will be using the form pictured here.  Each student’s’ 1st period teachers will let them know what the procedure is for signing in.  


This year Advisory class will look different! We will have Club Advisory.  On August, 30th (Friday) students will get a description of all the clubs that they are being offered.  Students will rank 3 advisories that they are interested in being a part of. And the following week students will be assigned to one of their choices. Then, halfway through the year, students will rank their choices again. If students did not  get assigned to their first or second choice, they will receive priority in the second round. The expectations for Club Advisory are that students arrive on time and participate in all activities like they do in all of their classes.

After School Hours

After school, students will go to one of four places:

  1. Off-Campus/Home

  2. The Wolf Den

  3. A teacher’s classroom

  4. Practice (outside of the main building)

Athletes will store their personal belongings in the locker room (locks will be provided)

Families, please make sure students complete all your forms and documents for ASP and athletics!