Wellness Center

Balboa High's Wellness Center

Balboa's Wellness Clinic is a unique partnership between SFUSD's Wellness Initiative and the San Francisco Department of Health. We are the only Wellness Center in San Francisco High Schools that has a full-service, full-time DPH clinic embedded within our center.

What that means is that Balboa students can access fully comprehensive medical and mental health services on site without ever having to go off-campus!



The mission of the Wellness Program at each school site is to improve the health, well-being, and educational outcomes of San Francisco’s high school students through the provision of coordinated health, mental health, substance abuse and other support services at the school site. More info: www.sfwellness.org 




Wellness Coordinator: Jason Gee
School District Nurse: Terra Clark
Community Health Outreach Worker (CHOW): Angie Moreno
RAMS Therapist (part-time): Claire Frawley

DPH Clinic Team

Nurse Practitioner: Shannon Wirth
Medical Assistant: Eva Cardoza-Corral
Behavioral Health Clinician: John Fernandez
Eligibility Worker: Doris Tsanakas
Health Educator: Victor Travis
PrEP Casemanager (Mon 8am-12noon only): Gustavo Banuelos



DPH Clinic medical services include both general health and reproductive health.  General health includes sports physicals and immunizations (depending on coverage/insurance), pap smears, etc.  Reproductive care includes it all!  STI testing, HIV testing, pregnancy testing, IUD insertions, Implant insertions (Nexplanon) , Depo Provera shots, vaginal rings, oral contraceptive pills, and condoms. General health requires parental consent, reproductive health does not require parental consent (per California Minor Consent law).

SFUSD Wellness Team Services include assessments, case management, crisis management, support groups, school-based nursing services, youth employment, referrals to the DPH clinic, community based organizations and other youth enrichment programs.



COVID-19 Updates

Due to the global pandemic and SFUSD school site closures, the DPH Clinic at Balboa High School is currently unavailable to students. DPH clinic staff have been reassigned to various clinics throughout the city. Students can still access these services through any open DPH youth clinic in the city, but they will have to be referred out by a Balboa SFUSD Wellness team member.

The SFUSD based Wellness Team (Jay, Angie, Terra, Claire) remain ready to assist and are moving towards a virtual platform. Currently we are working on a website, hosting open Wellness hours for students/staff and website content related to health. Angie is currently being trained on how to design the website and we hope to be rolling it out soon.