Integrated arts curriculum

Integrated arts curriculum

Exposing students to a variety of visual and performance arts expands their minds and their academic experience. This exposure enhances their knowledge of other cultures and allows their natural creativity to flourish. Our students receive a well-rounded arts experience, including dance, art and music.


Art is an integral part of the daily classroom activities in all grades. In addition each classroom in grades 1-5 has a weekly class from a visiting art teacher for 12 weeks of the school year. Our kindergarteners receive weekly art classes. Daniel Webster recently completed the first phase of a partnership with that resulted in over twenty large scale masterpiece prints being donated and installed around the campus.


Singing is a big part of the drama program for grades K-2. Mr. G is super high energy and really gets the kids to perform for our holiday and year end performances. We also have hands on music instruction with Noel Toso for our students in grades 3-5.

Dance and Drama

SFUSD funds 30-35 minute dance/drama classes for all students, K-5. Our instructors come through Young Imaginations and inspires participation in even the most reluctant dancers!