Volunteer Options


There are many ways to volunteer at DFES. What is your passion? What can you do? Let us know! (who they call/email?)

Below are some ways you can help.


There are may events/activities that need volunteers:

  • The "Seeds of Success" Annual Giving Campaign
  • The "Seeds of Success" Walk-a-thon and Field Day (October)
  • The "Seeds of Success" Auction (March)
  • Other fundraising talents, such as grant writing or other.


  • DFES public website (www.dfes-k5.org) and/or School Pages (DFES secure, internal website) content management/maintenance
  • Tuesday mornings (8-9 am): help with weekly school communication distribution
  • General technology support (hardware, networking, maintenance, Multipurpose Room sound system, etc.)
  • Graphic design expertise; large printer (at home/work) for posters/signs, promoting events
  • Photography: take pictures in classroom settings and at events for use in our promotional materials
  • Marketing, writing: Help with website, tour materials, etc.

Community Events/Community Participation

  • Help coordinating community events (family dinner nights, staff appreciation, etc.)
  • Gardening
  • School Tours (for prospective new families)
  • Volunteering in library, classrooms, main office
  • Being a Room Parent
  • Lunchtime assistance - help watching kids, directing activities on the yard
  • Food - help cater and/or organize food portion at DFES events
  • Legislative/advocacy - learn about important legislative issues locally, in Sacramento and nationally and inform DFES community about key issues
  • Misc./something to do at home: stuffing envelopes, applying stickers, sorting, etc.