SPRING 2020 Archive: Distance Learning Info - MLK Students

A Message from Mr. Essien

Week of June 01st, 2020

Cobra Weekly Bulletin

Week of June 01, 2020

Attendance during Distance Learning

Engaging in Distance Learning is required. We do understand that these are stressful times and there may be obstacles at home that make it difficult to attend every virtual class meeting and complete all assignments. We are asking that students engage in Distance Learning to their fullest ability, and that students ask for help from teachers and counselors when needed. If students choose not to participate in Distance Learning (not completing assignments in Google Classroom, not attending virtual class meetings), they will be considered “absent” from school. Please reach out to your teachers or Student Support if you are having trouble engaging in Distance Learning; they are here to help you.

Grading during Distance Learning

Update: April 29, 2020

Board of Education's "New Grading Policy for Distance Learning," April 29, 2020. If you want to read the entire policy, it can be accessed HERE.

  • For students in grades 6 through 12, teachers will assign "Credit / No Credit" for each course. A student who receives "No Credit" may receive "Credit" if the student completes the required work by the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester (earlier for graduating seniors)."


The specifics of how students’ work will be graded is still being discussed by school leaders. Students will get feedback from their teachers on the work they turn in, and they will receive a final grade for this semester based on the work they completed and their level of engagement in Distance Learning. Students grades will not suffer due to circumstances beyond their control that prevent them from completing assignments and participating in their virtual classes.