What to Expect During the 1st Week of School

Here is what families can expect during the first week of school.
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Families, we know many of you are wondering what school will look like for your students on the first day and over the course of the first few weeks.  We want to share a general idea of what you can expect:


  • On the first day of school, Monday, August 17th, all teachers will reach out to families in their classes, through a phone call, to make a connection with your student and yourself.   The goal of this 1st day call will be to get to know you and make sure you have what you need for school to begin.  


  • Teachers will be taking attendance each day at school.  Talking with your teacher on the phone, communicating through a text message, or joining a class on Zoom or Google Hangout (synchronous learning) are all ways that a student is marked being present at school.
  • Attendance will be taken everyday by the teacher, just like when your student is in the school building.


  • Over the course of the rest of the first week, you and your student will experience more one on one phone check ins, along with synchronous learning schedules beginning.  This will depend on their grade level.  Not all students will start with synchronous learning on the same day, due to the fact that we will be distributing technology to students who have it, over the course of the first week of school.


  • Your student’s teacher will let you know what your student’s schedule will look for the first week of school and how it will change, as we move into the second and third weeks of school.
  • Our goal is that by the third week of school, your student’s instructional schedule will be set, including having specialist instruction, including Library Time, STEAM lab time, and Visual and Performing Arts (depending on their grade level).
  • Your teacher will share the specific Zoom or Google Hangout links with you and your student, which will give your student access to synchronous learning, online classroom instruction.


  • Your student will also receive access to a Learning Management System, which will help organize all of their online assignments and learning tasks.


  • For Kindergarten through 2nd grade students, your student’s Learning Management System will be Seesaw.
  • For 3rd  - 5th grade students, your student’s Learning Management System will be Google Classroom.


  • All important links for your child’s online instruction will be shared through the Learning Management System.
  • These Learning Management Systems will also be a place where teachers can message you and your student and you can message them back.