Wellness Center

A Unique Resource

Everett Middle School is proud to be able to provide our students with a Wellness Center, modeled after our High School Wellness Center initiatives. Our Wellness Center is fortunate to have the following staff:

  • 2 full-time School Social Workers

  • Academic Counselors

  • part-time Nurse

  • part-time Master's level interns

Students and staff alike use the facility to engage in Restorative Circles, or to continue the advocacy work of our Gay-Straight Alliance. The space also provides confidential, private one-on-one therapy sessions.

Ask any student how valuable the Wellness Center is to our site and you'll be sure to hear a whole litany of reasons beyond this description.

What We Offer

The Wellness Center provides:

  • Group therapy sessions for young people who are struggling with various issues including: grief and loss, divorce/separation, family members who are incarcerated, extreme anger, acculturation, nutrition/body image, and other challenges that occur in middle school

  • Individualized therapy

  • Wellness/Support groups for teachers

  • Peer mediation

  • Mentoring (Everett employee to student)

  • Restorative Justice/Alternatives to Suspension

  • Referrals to appropriate Community Based Organizations

Wellness Contact

Bridget Early, Wellness Staff

Meghan Graber, Wellness Staff (on Sabbatical 2019-2020 School year)

Margaret (Meg) Yagi, Counselor