School Library


An Interview with our McCoppin Librarian Ms.T. Heffernan

How long have you worked at McCoppin library?

This is my fifth delightful year at McCoppin! We automated the collection and checkout in my second year.

A little about yourself? 

I have a masters in multicultural children's literature as well as a masters in library and information science, along with my teaching credentials.

I am also a mom of two daughters, and was a professional actor for many years before returning to academia. I coordinated a program bringing professional actors into schools as reader volunteers for 10 years. I love literature!

Why is it important to have a library at McCoppin?

I believe strongly that a reader becomes a lifelong learner and a strong participant in community. Infusing our students with a joy in books, a love of reading and a curiosity for information is the greatest gift we could bestow!

How does the library program work?

Each class comes every two weeks for book checkout and read-aloud.

The library is also open every day I am there (Tuesday and Thursday) for Lunch Box Readers so every student has access to the library every day I am onsite!

We also do information skills projects with the 3-5th graders as they do reports and class investigations.

Any fun facts about the library?

We have nearly 9,000 books, which is over 31 books per student - well above the standard for California school libraries!  Part of this large collection includes a sizable number of Chinese language books, and a nice assortment of Spanish language books as well.

Any advice to parents on how they might help their child's reading?

Read, Read, Read! Every night have read-aloud time - read to each other- your reading aloud helps with vocabulary, comprehension and writing skills!

Happy reading!