Pioneer Log Cabin Picnic Area in Golden Gate Park

Join us for the McCoppin end of year school picnic on Saturday June 1st from 12pm-3pm at the Pioneer Log Cabin Picnic Area in Golden Gate Park.

There are two BBQ grills in the picnic area and we will be grilling hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers but any additional food and drinks you can bring for your family to enjoy or to share with others would be appreciated (no peanuts please).

There is a large field area for the kids to play so please bring any balls, Frisbees or other outdoor sports equipment you have.  Table space is limited so we recommend bringing along a picnic blanket.

Pioneer Log Cabin picnic area is on the south side of Stow Lake Drive, just after it splits off from JFK Drive. There is no sign marking the Pioneer Log Cabin, though the neighboring building is marked and visible from the street.  Here is a link to the picnic area: https://sfrecpark.org/destination/golden-gate-park/ggp-pioneer-log-cabin-picnic-area/

On Saturdays no cars are allowed on JFK Drive so please allow extra time for parking.

We look forward to seeing you there!  

651 6th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118