Jefferson ES Jefferson Family Science Night 2018

Jefferson Family Science Night 2018

The 20th Annual Jefferson Family Science Night was "the best science night, ever!” as one student exclaimed.  "Fun was had by all, parents were engaged with their children, and inquisitive questions were asked.  It is a testament to the dedication of current and former parents that continues to add to the success of Science Night.  So kudos to Charles Yu (3-D printers), Peter Skewes-Cox, Jr. (Pipettes), Dick Falkard (Conic Tables), and the founders of Science Night, Patricia Caldera and Jean MacCormack.  Thanks to former students who came back to help.  Many thanks to my sidekick parents, Nancy Siu and Erica Junghans (with whom I could not do without).  And last but not least, thank you to teachers and staff who continue to awe me. Their dedication in providing the best possible learning experience for our students is awesome!"

- Leslie Quan, Science Coordinator