Lowell's Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)

Lowell's Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)

Revised Spring 2018


  • Build on acquired knowledge across the curriculum

  • Master the academic and participatory skills necessary for success

  • Explore real world connections to the curriculum

Creative and Critical Thinkers

  • Apply higher-order thinking skills to address issues across the curriculum

  • Develop models to aid in understanding complex problems

  • Evaluate the validity and credibility of claims, data, and sources

Effective Communicators

  • Listen actively, read analytically and critically, speak and write clearly and confidently

  • Use digital, print, and artistic media proficiently and with integrity

  • Interact with social media responsibly and constructively

Self-Directed Learners

  • Establish priorities and use time efficiently

  • Advocate for their educational experience and success

  • Practice habits of positive mental, physical, and social health

  • Act with honesty and integrity

Positive and Productive Citizens

  • Contribute time, energy, and talent to improve the quality of life locally and globally

  • Help promote an equitable and just society

  • Engage respectfully and civilly with people of varying backgrounds and perspectives