Return to In-Person Learning at Malcolm X

Return to In-Person Learning

Mandatory Family Orientation (Virtual)

All families choosing in-person learning must attend a virtual family orientation. The orientation will cover critical health and safety information, what required forms must be submitted by the first day, and what families and students can expect from in-person learning.

Join us on Monday April 12 (reach out for specific times with your child's teacher) for a Mandatory Family Orientation.

Additional virtual orientation days and times as follows:

Tuesday April 13: 9:00am-10:00am (Zoom link available by contacting the school or your child's teacher)

Tuesday April 13: 5:30pm-6:30pm (Zoom link available by contacting the school or your child's teacher)


If you missed the Orientations, you can find the presentation linked here. After reviewing the presentation, please complete the survey on slide 53 to acknowledge you have reviewed the information.


Any further questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 415-695-5950.


In- Person and Hybrid Learning Schedule:

Monday - Friday

PK-5th Grade Start Time: 8:30am

TK-5th Grade End Time (M, T, Th, F): 1:30pm

PK End Time: 2:40pm

Early Release Wednesday (TK-5th) End Time: 12:00pm 

NOTE:  There is NO before or after school being offered at this time.


Distance Learning Schedule:

TK-5th Grade (M, T, Th, F) Start Time: 1:45pm

TK-5th Grade (Wed) Start Time: 2:15pm

TK-5th Grade End Time: 3:45pm

Return Safely Together Overview Page

Arrival and Drop Off

  • Arrive at school between 8:15 am and 8:30am , no later than 8:45 am for K-5, 9am for PreK & TK
  • SFUSD bus will drop off at 8:20 am
  • One adult per family (Masks required, staying 6 feet apart)
  • Staff will screen your child for COVID-19 at the gate entrance
  • PK families need to sign-in
  • No visitors/families are permitted on school property (yard/building) as per COVID-19 protocols
  • Students will proceed to their designated, socially distanced, stable cohort area on the yard
Arrival at yard entrance at Malcolm X Academy


Riding the School Bus Safely (Video link)

Classroon Set Up

Classrooms are setup to keep everyone safe:

  • Desks will be spaced safely apart and face the same direction
  • Students will sit at the same desks each day
  • Students will limit sharing of instructional materials
  • In areas where students gather or wait in line, spots will be marked every 6 feet
  • Students are required to keep their face masks on all day, unless they are eating or drinking 
Sample classroom set up


Eating Meals

  • Schools will provide free lunch and snacks daily. Students may bring food from home, but cannot share it.
  • School lunch and snacks will be delivered directly to each classroom via mobile serving carts.
  • Students will eat in their classroom, or outdoors if possible.
  • Hand-operated water fountains will be disabled. Students are asked to bring a water bottle to school and may refill at water stations.
  • Eating and drinking is the ONLY time students can remove their masks.
  • When not wearing a mask, students need to place their face masks on a clean paper towel or in their pocket.
  • Students must stay in their stable group. 
  • For more information and to see the menu: visit


  • Recess will be outside whenever possible
  • If we can’t be outside, recess will be held indoors, but not include physical activities
  • Face masks MUST be worn during recess
  • Students must stay in their cohort/classes
  • Cohorts/classes will not be playing with other cohorts/classes during recess
Yard at Malcolm X


Dismissal and Going Home

  • (TK-5th) Parents arrive at school between 1:20 pm and 1:30 pm, no later than 1:40 pm for pick up
  • (PK) Parents arrive at school between 2:30pm and 2:40pm, no later than 2:50pm for pick up
  • One adult per family
  • Wait at the entrance to the yard (socially distanced)
  • Do not go inside the school or on the yard. Staff will escort your student out
  • PK families need to sign-out
  • Students permitted to leave on their own will have to provide the school with a signed note from parent.
  • Unfortunately there will be no afterschool program available.

Placement Package and Required Forms

Dear Families,

We are excited to welcome you back to in-person learning. We have received some questions about the information from your placement packet, required forms, and health requirements for students returning to in person. 

If you need access to general information in your packets or to required forms, you can view them on the Placement Packet Page. Everything is on this page except for your child’s specific information. Please refer to our Placement Packet FAQs to get answers to your questions about the placement packets.

Families with students returning to in-person learning will see their Spring Placement Letter in the “Documents” tab of ParentVUE. This letter was also mailed home. The Spring Placement Letter indicates your student’s start date and start time. Please follow up with your school for more details, including the end time of school as this information was still being finalized at the time the letters needed to be mailed.

You can fill out required forms online in ParentVUE or, if you do not have a ParentVUE account, you may bring paper ones to school on the first day.  If you have a ParentVUE account and are having technical difficulties, you may contact the Student and Family Resource Link for assistance.