Letters from Principal Pope

For McKinley Families with a Konstella Login Only

4/11/20 - Konstella Update from Principal Pope

On Monday, April 13 we will officially start our distance learning phase. The biggest difference is that we now expect students to show up for their Zoom lessons, watch pre-recorded lessons, and complete all assigned work.  Of course, we understand that all of you are juggling many things during this pandemic. The instruction will be synchronous, meaning students are engaging in learning at the same time and asynchronous learning when the teacher and students interact during different times.

4/5/20 - Konstella Update from Principal Pope - Return from Spring Break

I know this Spring Break was not what any of us had planned for, but I hope you got a chance to disconnect and enjoy time as a family. Our teachers took much needed breaks from their computers and many also took the time to attend virtual professional developments and/or do some planning.  During the next couple of weeks, I will host weekly informational Zoom meetings. These sessions will be a time to hear about district updates, where McKinley is in the distance learning trajectory and answer questions. Specifics such as time and date will come via Konstella.

3/27/20 - Konstella Update from Principal Pope - Spring Break Next Week

Next week is Spring Break. There will be no remote learning activities, assignments or meetings held during this week. This will give our teachers and students some well-deserved time to relax and reenergize as we prepare for continued learning from home. We will return to learning on Monday, April, 6th. Please access the district website for additional resources;  Continuity of Learning Website. Though many of our McKinley teachers have already started distance teaching to the required standards, the official start of Teacher-Led Distance Learning will be April 13th. As we build our capacity to teach and learn from afar, we will continue to update parents and students on the changing expectations. I ask that you are flexible and patient while we try new things and hone our craft. 

3/24/20 - Konstella Update from Principal Pope

In the event that schools are still closed on April 13, the district will launch daily distance learning. We define distance learning as students making progress toward academic standards when they are not physically present in schools using a variety of digital and print resources and modes of interaction with their teacher.  McKinley teachers have already begun to teach virtually. If you have not heard from your teacher or your child does not have work to do, access to online resources, or has not joined a Zoom class PLEASE reach out to your child’s classroom teacher. 

3/19/20 - Konstella Update from Principal Pope

We know that there are a lot of questions about the impact that COVID-19 has on education policies. SFUSD is working on how to interpret the CDE guidance on policy. More information will be forthcoming, including information about state-level testing, credit, etc. 

3/17/20 - Konstella Update from Principal Pope

I’m sure you’re getting inundated with resources. All teachers provided work packets for this week. Please know that our teachers are in the process of developing digital supports for your child while at home. Continue to be on the lookout for information coming directly from your child’s teacher.

3/13/20 - Konstella Update from Principal Pope

We know the school closure will cause significant disruption to our daily lives, and we are still working with our staff and the district to ensure that student learning and services are preserved to the greatest extent possible.