MHS Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PTSA)

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Letter from the PTSA Board


This year, the PTSA is building our membership and connection with our entire school community. We want to represent each and every student at Mission. 

Become a Member of the PTSA

We invite all parents, caregivers, teachers and students to join. If you haven't already, please take a moment to join by using this link. By joining the PTSA, you are actively supporting local, state and national PTA efforts to improve the well-being of all children and families.

*It is $10 to join. But please don't let the cost be a barrier. We will provide an automatic fee waiver for anyone that requests it: just e-mail and we will manage the membership fee for you. 

Want to get the insider info? Join the PTSA Board. Are you a Black, Indigenous or People of Color parent with a child in 9th grade or 10th grade? We invite you to join the PTSA Board where you'll not only be "in-the-know" about all things Mission High but get to know other parents at the same time as supporting our students. You'll also learn about education policy on the local and state levels. No experience necessary and families from all grades are welcome – all you need is heart and a commitment to our students. 

Connect with us on Facebook or at or e-mail us at

Christine Gomez
VP Membership

PTSA Board of Directors
Melissa Daar Carvajal, President
Martha Broder, President Emeritus
Pilar Mejia, Vice President
Kathy Ramsey, Secretary
Beatrice "Betty" Stewart, Treasurer
Deborah Burdulis, Acting Secretary
Christine Gomez, Membership
Alida "Lee" Fischer, At-large
Alison Brown, Communication