Computer lab/cart reservation calendar

Reserving and Using Computer Labs and Carts at Mission High School


  • HOW TO:
    • You must be logged into your Google-Apps for Education account (the "" account).
    • Check the master lab calendar (at the very bottom of this page) for availability. (the small "down-arrow" at the top right of the calendar lets you select which labs or carts to display)
    • Click on the link for the reservation calendar (links to reservation calendars are immediately after the "using labs and carts" section below") for the lab or cart you want to use.
    • If the period you want to use is available, it will be shown as a gray box.  Click on that box, enter details (optional), then click "save".
    • Your reservation will now appear on your own Google calendar as well as the reservation page.
    • NOTEIf you need to cancel your appointment, you can do that by clicking on the event on your own Google Calendar.  Once you have canceled the appointment, inform Mr. McDonell or Ms. Lum via email to finalize the cancellation.


  • Keep labs and devices clean!  Please leave time at the end of your reservation to spot check devices for cleanliness, and also note if any devices are not working or missing parts (e.g. missing mice, cables, or keyboards in the labs, missing or malfunctioning keys on a keyboard, etc.).
  • Keep carts closed and locked when you are not monitoring them.
  • Notify Ms. Lum of any issues IMMEDIATELY!  If any devices are not working, or if there is any other issue with using the lab, please let Ms. Lum know immediately so that she can address it and make the device and/or space available for use as soon as possible.
  • In carts: return devices to appropriately numbered slots and plug them in!

Lab/Cart reservation calendars

click on the links below to go the the reservation calendars for each lab/cart

Master Lab/Cart Calendar