Dress Code

MHS Dress Code

Effective 2019-20

The MHS community of staff, students, and parents, in order to keep students safe and focused on their academic studies, have agreed upon the dress code detailed below:

  • Students may not wear clothing that has images that promote obscenity or violence.

  • Students may not wear gang attire or carry and/or display gang paraphernalia.

  • All students must wear shirts at all times.

  • All private body parts must be covered: no tops that are overly revealing in the chest or mid area.

  • Students may not wear shorts, skirts or dresses that are overly revealing. One gauge of this is that the length of shorts, skirts and dresses must at minimum fall to the tips of the fingers when the arms are placed at the side of the body.

Our response to students who violate the dress code is to talk to them about the proper attire for school, similar to work attire. Additionally, we will provide MHS t-shirts and sweatpants if need be. We do not send students home. We do not keep students out of class.

This page was last updated on November 19, 2019