Presidio Early Education School

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    Early Education (PreK, TK)
  • Principal

    • Carolyne Cook
  • Hours

    Mo - Fr: 7:45 am-5:45 pm
    • PreK-TK & OST 

      • M-F 7:45am-5:45pm
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    Please call our school office for information about touring our site.

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  • About Presidio Early Education School

    At Presidio Early Education School, we serve Infants, Toddlers, PreK, TK, and School Age students through age 11.

    We are inspired by the vision and values of the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education, where every child’s intellectual, emotional, social and moral potentials are cultivated and guided through exploration of the community and the environment.

    We have a diverse population of students and staff from all over San Francisco and beyond. Enrollment preference is given to families who live or work in the Presidio National Park. All of our age groups utilize the Presidio National Park to enhance their curriculum experiences.

  • After School Programs

    We provide part-day preschool education (3 hours and 45 minutes); part-time preschool education and child care (4 to 6.5 hours); full-time preschool education and child care (6.5 to over 10 hours); school-age out-of-school-time care (3 to 4 hours) and full-time care during winter, spring and summer breaks.
  • Special Education Programs

    • Integrated General Education Class (PK only)
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General education entry grade seats per application: 17%
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    387 Moraga Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94129
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Presidio Early Education School

Grades Infants, Toddlers, PreK, TK, and school age students through age 11

387 Moraga Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94129

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TK hours are from 8:00am-2:00pm