What is ELAC?

The ELAC is the English learner Advisory Committee. We are a group of family and community members who want to take an active role in advocating for our English Learning (EL) students. We meet 4 times a year. The meeting dates and locations are to determined by the group. Food, child care and translations are provided at every meeting. We meet to discuss current school events and improving school supports for our EL students, and how to best use our budget to improve the services.This is a great opportunity to provide feedback to our school. Please reach out to Jesus Sicairos (Sicairosj@sfusd.edu) if you are interested in taking a leadership role in supporting our EL students at Wallenberg High School.

Feb 23, 2021 Agenda and Minutes

English Learners Advisory Council (ELAC)



Nominated Members:


  1. Khoa Dinh Tran

  2. Flaviany Cappelle Fein

  3. Fernando Zapata 

  4. Neyfi Estrella


Present:  Jesus Sicairos, Chris Rosenberg, Kari Ngo, Luna Zapata


  • Introductions:

    • Name of person present and name of student attending Wallenberg

    • If you were a color what color would you be today


  • Recommendations for spending for 2021-2022 school year

    • What is the budget:  33,154

    • How can we use it?  Anything that benefits EL students, this year the majority was spent on .4 fte of ELD teacher salaries and supplies

    • Discussed National Geographic Online program and spending on teacher salaries;

    • ELAC recommends continuing to spend the money in part on salaries and supplies;


  • ELPAC testing update

    • What is Elpac Testing; to determine progress on English proficiency;

    • Is it still happening?  Yes, it began 2/21/2021, and will be completed in a few weeks;


  • Parent Input and Concerns: 

    • We will be discussing school support systems/ services


  • Schedule the next ELAC meeting

    • Tuesday, March 23rd 3:30pm

Nov. 18th 2019 Agenda

Library at 5pm

English Learners Advisory Council (ELAC)


ELAC Members:

  1. Fasil Abraha Abede
  2. Huertencia Augillar
  3. Khoa Dinh Tran
  4. Flaviany Cappelle Fein 

● Introductions:

What type of weather best describes how you are feeling right now? 

● Leadership Update:

Updates regarding current admin 

● ELPAC Test (​The English Language Proficiency Assessment for California):

Reviewing the ELPAC ○ What is the ELPAC, and what is used for 

● Afterschool Program as a Support

What we currently offer:
■ Tutoring, Bulldog Podcast, D&D, Cooking
■ Hours

● Parent Input and Concerns:

We will be discussing school support systems/ services in regards to the larger population of English Learning Students at Wallenberg

● Schedule the next ELAC meeting

● Closing:

What is one thing you are looking forward to this holiday season?