Black History Month

Wallenberg High School Statement on Black History Month
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‘Every day we provide each and every student the quality instruction and equitable support required to thrive in the 21st century’ - SFUSD Mission Statement 

As we enter February we pause to honor the contributions of Black Americans and reflect on the ways we have failed as a nation to live up to our founding ideals that “all men are created equal.” 

It is important to acknowledge that despite tremendous adversity, Black Americans persist and achieve and impress and survive. In the past year, where we have seen the disproportionate impact of the pandemic, and the disproportionate application of brutal treatment at the hands of the police, we cannot say our work is done. As a school community that exists within a district, a city, a state, and a nation that has not done right by its Black residents, every day we must acknowledge that fact and commit to doing better. 

Let’s all take time this month to find ways we can work to make our community a more inclusive one, and let’s do the work all year ‘round.