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Art Club

Club Leaders:  Aidan Phinney & Rowan Atkinson Advisor: Ms. Stuart
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: RM201
Description: This club will give students the opportunity to express themselves creatively outside of the classroom.

Board Games Club

Club Leadesr:  Jason Lee, Jeffery Li, Johnson Chen, Deon Sum, Jaida DaLuz Advisor: Ms. Dale
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: 
Description:  Bring people who share a common interest together. Make new friends.

Bring Change to Mind

Club Leaders:  Alisa Liu, Ryan Tam, Rachel Poon, Juno Chen, Mahnoor Wani Advisor:  Mr. Barkmeyer
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: RM215
Description: Bring Change to Mind’s High School Program gives teens a platform to share their voices and raise awareness around mental health. Our goal is to empower students to educate one another, and their communities, and to create a culture of peer support within their schools. Together, we’ll fight the stigma around mental illness.

Bulldog Coders

Club Leaders:  Edwin Jiang, Jsaon Setsuwan, Mokdaam Alowdi, Paco Wu, Alson He, Edmond Lee  Advisor: Ms. Burns
Meeting Date/Time:  Location:  A103
Description:  Bulldog Coders provides extra resource time for students to sharpen their skills by doing coding projects, in effect gaining knowledge and up-to-date expertise in the field of technology to boost connections with fellow students at Wallenberg and associated area high schools as well as tech start-ups and tech companies.

Bulldog TV

Club Leaders: Romi Ocadiz, Ryley Sakai, Tian Ouyang, Lawrence Fung, Brian Kong  Advisor: Mr. Trahan
Meeting Date/Time:  Location:  A203
Description:  Bulldog TV club in which we highlight school spirit, clubs, and sport events, and any news related to our school community. SIprepTV is a good example and our inspiration for this club, it is basically St. Ignatius student run news channel. We would like to start working on it to introduce our new student council and school. Our goal is to upload once a week. This club would be on youtube, with the permission of the students who want to participate in this club. We would also have interesting tips to provide skills that they can you use in the future.

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

Club Leader:  Lawrence Fung, Tianlang Ouyang, Angela Feng, Jaida Daluz, Jason Li Advisor: Mr. Chan
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: 
Description:  The purpose of this club is to "recognize and encourage academic achievement and community service". By recognizing and encouraging the academic achievement and community service of students, we keep students motivated in their work to help others and teach them to maintain diligence in life.

Chinese Student Association

Club Leader:  Tiffany Huang, Angela Feng, Audrey Mac, Amber Louie, Dora Zheng  Advisor: Mr. Merrill
Meeting Date/Time:  Location:  RM207
Description:  The Chinese Student Association at Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School strives to strengthen the Chinese-American community. The Chinese Student Association aims to provide Chinese-American students with connections to volunteering, scholarship, and career advancement opportunities; in addition, the Chinese Student Association will promote student leadership and community engagement.

Competitive Games Club

Club Leader:  Jacob Sabes, Cameron Williams, Nathan Burgner, Cam'ron Rollins, Donovan Macnitt  Advisor: Mr. King
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: 
Description:  The purpose of the club is to play competitive games, (meaning they have tournaments, competitions etc.)tabletop games such as Warhammer 40,000 and Age Of Sigmar, as well as video games like, DOTA 2, Counter Strike, League of Legends, Street Fighter, etc. (essentially most Free to play Esports games).
Hopefully we will be able to make a bay area team, and maybe play in competitions.

DIY Club

Club Leader:  Heidi Wong, Jennifer Tan, Jennifer Yu, Amanda Chan, Allison Chan, Christina Chen  Advisor: Ms. Sullivan
Meeting Date/Time: Location:  RM109
Description:  To allow members to create fun projects for themselves and learn about making things through hands on experience with the materials provided. We can brighten up Wallenberg with our creative pieces. Express themselves through arts and crafts.

FIDM Fashion Club

Club Leader:  Jessica Lei, Jennifer Jiang, Jason Lee, Angela Feng, Helen Liu  Advisor: Mr. Laupheimer
Meeting Date/Time:  Location:  RM117
Description:  FIDM Fashion Club works with FIDM college to provide students with fun acitivities, scholarships, and service hour opportunities. It is a great way to make friends and learn more about the fashion industry.


Club Leader:  Tilly Eldar, Tiven Parker, Cassidy Trujillo, Dexter Moore, Haily Caballero-Walsh  Advisor: Ms. Cubilo-Sicarios
Meeting Date/Time: Location:  RM117
Description:  This is an identity club that seeks to create a safe space for students who identify on the LGBTQIAQP+ spectrum. We also aim to create visibility and understanding in the greater Wallenberg community.

Heart In Motion

Club Leader: Mahnoor Wani, Jadan Lee, Nicole Lee, Victor Jin, Isaac Lee Advisor: Mr. Barkemeyer
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: RM215
Description: Earn volunteer hours and internship opportunities to improve your leadership skills

Kapamilya (Filipinx)

Club Leader:  Cassandra Garcia, Lourdes Feria, Angelica Gonzales, Jaywin Bautista, Nico Sarabia  Advisor: Ms. Cubilo-Sicairos
Meeting Date/Time:  Location:  RM119
Description:  This is an identity club with the purpose of building community within Wallenberg, creating safe spaces for students who feel like their culture is erased, and as a place of learning for those who want to learn about the Filipinx culture.

Korean Club

Club Leader:  Ruby Lee, Juno Chen, Ariel Mach, Tiffany Zhou, Jared Palmer  Advisor: Mr. Laupheimer
Meeting Date/Time:  Location:  RM117
Description:  Learn more about the Korean culture

LatinX Club

Club Leader:  Jazmin Lopez, Guadalupe Cruz, Mariana Fuentes  Advisor: Mr. Merrill
Meeting Date/Time:  Location:  RM207
Description:  Get to know outback latinX community and roots

Media Club

Club Leader:  Hailey Caballero Walsh, Cordelia Beavan-Szabo, Meryt Roantree  Advisor: Mr. Walsh
Meeting Date/Time:  Location:  RM205
Description:  The purpose of this club is make anything that is digital and can be beneficial to members and me to do what I like to do...

Mock Trial

Club Leader:  Jazmin Lopez, Jacob Welch, Manhoor Wani  Advisor: Mr. Bromfield
Meeting Date/Time:  Location:  RM213
Description:  getting experience in the law field

Model UN

Club Leader:  Darius Jeffries, Hanna Wai, Douglas Doucet, James Chen, Nathan Macias  Advisor: Mr. Barkemeyer
Meeting Date/Time:  Location:  RM215
Description:  This club focuses on informing it's members about various countries, while practicing debate and argumentative skills. We aim to be a positive and accepting place for students to learn about different cultures, diplomatic policies, while having fun!

Politics Club

Club Leader:  Aidan Phinney, Tian Ouyang, Alex Luu, Ryley Sakai, Romi Ocadiz  Advisor: Mr. Bromfield
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: RM213
Description: This club will give members of the Wallenberg community a safe place to debate politics and build ideas off of each other.

Red Cross Club

Club Leader:  Aaron Huang, Joey Wang, Tracy Zhang, Alex Luu Tian Ouyang  Advisor: Mr. Liu
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: RM A201
Description: To raise awareness of different Red Cross-related topics in the community (outside and in school) such as disaster preparedness and CCPR. We also aim to give our club members opportunities to gain volunteer hours and even get to get CPR certified for free. We also plan to fundraise for disaster response services such as those for wildfires and earthquake.

SF Trek

Club Leader:   Sean Guevara, Tilly Eldar, Meryt Rontree, Dexter Moore  Advisor: Ms. Sullivan
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: RM109
Description:  SF Trek will encourage students to engage with their city through fun physical activities

Singing Club

Club Leader:    Advisor: Mr. Segal
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: Auditorium
Description:  The clubs allows students to express themselves through music. This benefits the wallenberg, the members and broader community because students will perform with Ms. Segals class giving them the opportunity to experience live performance.


Club Leader:  Zenaida Trejo, Juno Chen, Ariel Mach, Jada Fong  Advisor: Mr. Sunada
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: 
Description: We want people to join softball


Club Leader:  Lauren Lee, Helen Liu, Tiffany Huang, Angela Feng, Amber Louie  Advisor: Ms. Sewell
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: RM115
Description: To help support aspca shelters and animals in our local neighborhoods.

Varsity Girls Basketball

Club Leader:  Zenaida Trejo, Kaylie Sumi, Jeome Bondoc, Hannah Ho, Alissa Liu Advisor: Mr. Laupheimer
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: RM117
Description: We want to get people to join basketball

Wallenberg Assisting Shelters (WAS)

Club Leader:  Fanny Chen, Cassandra Garcia, Ariel Mach, Aiden Phinney, Connie Cheng Advisor: Ms. Sewell
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: RM115
Description:  This club focuses on raising funds and getting students involved in helping the homeless population in San Francisco. We aim to provide our members with easy and interactive ways to raise awareness by selling food, talking about issues, and participating in the community.

Wallenberg Smash Club

Club Leader: Joshua De Mesa, Jugo Hayashi, David Wu, Leo Yan, Titus Hinojosa  Advisor: Mr. Morse
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: 
Description: Place to relax and reduce stress for students who want a break from studying and worrying about tests, work, and social status

WomXn Club

Club Leader:   Jasmin Lopez, Dior Hartman, Carly Trinh, Jaela Johnson, Mariana Fuentes  Advisor: Ms. Mosquera
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: RM113
Description: Spread around womxn empowerment and teach everyone who identifies themselves as woman to self love and care about others not just in school but also in our own communities

Youth for Community Engagement (YCE)

Club Leader:  Lawrence Fung, Etienne Tan, Alex Luu, Brandon Chan, Edwin Jiang  Advisor: Ms. Wen
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: RM A201
Description: The purpose of this club is to recruit and train youth to help the elderly community in San Francisco by teaching them how to prevent, prepare for, and cope with emergencies. This club will help teach its members of Wallenberg to be responsible contributors in society.

Youth Advocates for Change

Club Leader:  Amanda Chan, Allison Chan, Ryan Fong, Shibo Jiang, Andrew Li Advisor: Ms. Sewell
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: RM115
Description: Encourage students of Wallenberg to get involved in our school’s community by identifying and advocating for change within Wallenberg and San Francisco. Bring long awaited change in to the Wallenberg community!