Pre-K Program

Pre-K Program

Our Pre-K program exists as an independent entity that is located at Rooftop School. With any questions, any prospective parent is welcome to contact the Early Education Department, located at 555 Franklin Room100-EED, or by calling 415-241-6085. More information about the Early Education Department can be found HERE. All questions regarding Pre-K directed at Rooftop School will not be addressed since the preschool operations, enrollment, etc. are not directly connected to the site it is located on.

The Rooftop School Administration works very hard to foster an inclusive culture and actively finds ways for our preschoolers to participate in the K-8 school happenings. For example, the preschool participates in Rooftop School’s morning circle celebration of learning, Halloween parade, International Festival, Sing-A-Longs, and other notable assemblies. The Pre-K graduation at the end of each year takes place in Rooftop School’s Multipurpose Room.

The Pre-K class has a maximum of 16 children, 1 credentialed teacher, and 2 paraprofessionals. This means our ratio is 16:3. The hours of operation are 7:50AM to 1:50PM. On site childcare is not available for our preschool program since Rooftop’s after school program is not licensed for preschool aged children.

A daily structured routine with planned/teacher-led activities is followed as well as plenty of time for child-led play and exploration of the classroom and its materials. The children are provided breakfast and lunch, but are welcome to bring lunch from home (and/or eat breakfast before they arrive).

There is a “quiet time” at the end of the day where we read stories and then listen to quiet music while we sit or lay on individual mats. Children are welcome to sleep or simply practice staying quiet and relaxing their body and mind.

The classroom’s teaching philosophy is based off of the California Preschool Standards, the “Creative Curriculum” and the “Building Blocks” curriculum. However, our preschool team believes that all children learn differently, that the child knows what they need to learn, and we follow their lead with support and coaching (i.e. we cannot force a child to learn something they are not interested in; we work on internal motivation, independence, confidence, desire to learn, social skills, responsibility, and safety, etc.)

This page was last updated on October 17, 2019