RMS Sports

RMS Sports

What sports are offered at Roosevelt?

  • Baseball (boys)
  • Softball (girls)
  • Soccer (girls and boys)
  • Basketball (girls and boys)
  • Volleyball (girls)
  • Track

How long is the season for each sport?

Seasons can be between 9 to 13 weeks in length, depending on the sport.  Individual season dates can be found here.  

*Please note that some schedules indicate a “Practice Start Date” that is prior to the start of the school year.  NO sports will have tryouts or practices before the first day of school.

Does every sport require a tryout to get onto the team?  

No, but a few sports do.  Tryouts are not required for Track.

If tryouts are required, when are they held, and how long until players are notified of whether they made it onto the team or not?

Tryouts are generally held three to four weeks prior to the first game of the season.  Tryouts are conducted on the RMS campus or at Rossi (soccer, baseball and softball).  Players will be notified within a few days after tryouts are completed.

How are students and parents notified of tryouts?

Students and parents/caregivers can find information about tryouts in the Roose (weekly communication video presented to students in their Advisory classroom, and made available to parents/caregivers via the website).  Flyers may also be posted at RMS.  

*Special note that Boys Soccer, Softball and Baseball tryouts begin the first or second day of the school year.  In order to participate in tryouts, each player must have a completed Pre-Participation Physical Form (signed by student’s physician)*

Some of the seasons overlap; can my student participate on two teams simultaneously?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.  Your student will need to choose and participate in only one sport at a time.  However, your student could try out for more than one sport, but could only accept a position on one team.

What forms are required to participate in any middle school sport?

All required forms can be found here.  Forms are available in multiple languages.  Specifically, all middle school sports require the following:

What if my student has never played a team sport before, and is interested in participating in a team sport at Roosevelt?

Middle school sports are competitive.  A student may try out for any sport, and coaches will evaluate players with an eye for forming a competitive team.  However, Track does not require tryouts and any student who wants to participate in Track is accepted onto the team.

Where are games played?

Home games are at Roosevelt or Rossi, away games can be played at any location in San Francisco.

What is the mode of transportation for players to games?

For away games, students will either take Muni or a charter bus (for the farther away locations).  If your child travels to an away game via charter bus, and you wish to pick your student up from the game, you will need to complete this form to opt out.  It will need to be given to the coach the day before the game.

What time are practices held?

Practices may be held before or after school, depending on the sport and the coach(es).  Every sport will have a Google Classroom so students can stay informed.  Students will be instructed about practice times and locations at the start of the season.

What equipment does my child need?

Roosevelt provides all equipment but you are free to use your own as long as it is regulation (ex, baseball or softball glove or bat).