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9th Grade


DESCRIPTION  NGSS Physics is a U.C. approved laboratory course. It provides a basic introduction to physics in addition to the laboratory and process skills necessary for success in high school science. It builds a conceptual base that will give students a strong foundation for future work in other sciences, such as biology, chemistry, astronomy, and environmental science, as well as reinforcement of the fundamentals of Algebra. NGSS Guidelines


10th Grade


PREREQUISITES Students should have successfully completed of Algebra 1 and have received a grade of C or higher in their most recent high school English course.

DESCRIPTION Chemistry is both the oldest practical craft continuously utilized by humans and the most newly organized of the major sciences. It is immediately important as both the source and the solution to the environmental crises blighting our planet. Understanding and knowing how to manipulate chemistry is a matter of global, species, and even personal survival. Students will study atomic and molecular structure, chemical binds, the conservation of matter and stoichiometry, gases, acids, bases, salts, solutions, chemical thermodynamics, reaction rates, chemical equilibrium, organic chemistry and biochemistry, nuclear processes, and environmental chemistry. 20-25% percent of the class is lab work.

11th and 12th Grade


DESCRIPTION Biology coursework covers the Nature of Life, cells, genetics, evolution, and the human body systems. This course will follow the NGSS Guidelines.






DESCRIPTION  The topics in this class and lab are based on the AP College Board requirements. 25% of class time is laboratory work. Topics covered in depth: atoms, molecules, and ions; atomic structure and periodicity; bonding; liquids, solids and gases; stoichiometry; solutions; thermochemistry; chemical kinetics; chemical equilibrium; electrochemistry; chemical reactions.

PREREQUISITES  Students should have received a grade of B or higher in Advanced Algebra, and successfully completed Chemistry. Recommendations from math and science teachers are required.